A 6 week online adventure devoted to removing your mask(s), uncovering your magic & sprinkling your essence all over our planet. 

You’re 20-Something (ish!) and you know there’s more to life than this 3D world.

You’re done following convention.

You’re sick of hiding who you really are with those around you!

And you’re busting to understand what your unique magic is so that you can serve it up to our planet.

BUT… you’re fucking scared.

You’re scared of…

Δ Being rejected
Δ Not fitting in
Δ Letting go of the life you thought was for you
Δ Starting all over again
Δ Walking away from a career/ relationship/ existence that there isn’t anything “wrong” with (other than the fact it doesn’t set your soul on fire!)
Δ Being judged/ misunderstood/ ridiculed
Δ The uncertainty of taking the path less trodden
Δ Being the REAL you in front of your family
Δ Truly being SEEEEEEN
Δ Putting it all on the line for what you love
Δ Going for what you want & failing
Δ Going for what you want & succeeding

Yep, even though the mask you’ve been conditioned to wear is getting tight, itchy & so fucking uncomfortable, you’re shit scared to take it off because you don’t know what’s next.

Wanna know what’s scarier than being rejected/ starting all over again/ truly being seen? 

Getting to the end of your life and realising you starved yourself & the world of your magic!

Stepping away from the life you thought was for you & into the life that your Soul is screaming for is freaking awkward & uncomfortable (Trust me, I’ve done it!).

But you know what’s riddled with more pain & anxiety?

Living a life that is NOT truly yours to live.
Showing up each day in your work, relationships & entire life with a mask dutifully pasted on your face.

Trust me, sister.
I’ve lived both. 

I was a straight-A nerd who used to get all her validation from achieving. 

My entire high school/ university career was spent voluntarily caged in my room, studying.

I had my life planned out. Get good grades. Do my Masters. Become a clinical psychologist. Work hard. Really hard. Cause that’s the way you succeed in life.

Then one day in late 2012 (almost at the end of my degree), I accidentally* wandered across Melissa Ambrosini’s website.

This woman was writing about health & wellness & something called “self-love”. And I spent the next 3 hours diving into every blog post she’d ever written.

*I no longer believe in accidents.

In those few hours, I realised 3 very fucking life-changing things…

  1. I didn’t have to spend my life living for the weekend.
  2. Following what felt good wasn’t “irresponsible” it was NECESSARY! 
  3. I could wipe the vision I had for my life clean & start again.

And so I did.

I didn’t go on to study my honours & masters so I could become a clinical psychologist & open my own practice
(as planned).
I stopped getting drunk and placing all my expectations on the weekend to bring me JOY
(even though I’d done this for years).
I gave up playing the smart, good-girl that everyone knew me as
(despite having practised this for a decade or more).

And instead, I did what was NOT expected of me.

I stayed at my casual job, started a blog, quit drinking, revolutionised my diet and started devoting life to discovering myself.

Yes, I was met with resistance.
Yes, it was awkward explaining to people why I no longer ate meat or drank my usual bottle of Pink champagne.
Yes, friends drifted away and I felt alienated from the humans I grew up with. 

But once I’d had a taste for this path, there was no turning back.

I wasn’t willing to contort myself into the box I had previously thought was ME! 

Now 6 years later I…

Δ  Run my own successful business
Δ  Have a wellness community of over 1500 people
Δ  Journey with an absolute KING of man in both life & business
Δ Am super clear on my gifts, passions & purpose 
Δ  Travel on the reg
Δ Am comfortable showing up in my TRUTH wherever I am 
Δ  Have incredibly juicy connections with humans on a similar path
Δ  Am deeply rooted in my Spirituality

Δ  Experience unbelievable freedom
Δ  Live life completely on my terms

There is no part of my life that requires a mask. I have created an existence where I can be unapologetically me & spend my days sprinkling my magic across our planet.

And I want this for you too!  

And this is why 20-Something & Spiritual: The Mentorship was born.

20-Something & Spiritual: The Mentorship is a 6 week adventure for humans ready to serve the planet by being in their magic.
(That’s YOU, right?) 

This mentorship will support you to…

  • Remove the mask(s) you’ve hidden behind to fit in & feel safe
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Uncover your personal blueprint of magic
  • Tune into the animal & elemental realm for guidance & support
  • Get clear on how you can align your work, relationships & entire life with the REAL YOU!
  • Understand how to be of best service to our planet & live a life devoted to being in your magic.

What’s included:

  • Weekly Group Sharing Circles
  • 2 x Private Mentoring Sessions
  • Weekly content (eBOOKS, videos, meditations & more)
  • Access to Facebook Family
  • Sisterhood (you’ll journey beside 9 other women)
  • And lots of surprises along the way

The time is NOW, sister.
Stop starving yourself & the world of your magic.
Invest in YOU & the future you are actually here to live.

Payment Options 

OPTION #1: Normal: $499
(1 x payment)

(Deposit: $299 + 2 x payments $150)


The adventure begins 15th July.



  1. I’ve NEVER done anything like this before. I’m a little nervous. Do you think this is still for me?
    If you felt your heart expand/ belly flutter/ shoulders relax whilst reading this page… YES! This is for you!
    Trust your gut, sister. Nerves ALWAYS precede expansion, change & growth! Something BIG is coming for you.
  2. When will the weekly calls be?
    Sunday evenings at 7 pm (AEST)
  3. What if I can’t make the calls?
    You’ll receive the call recording within 24 hours. But the true magic will be in being with us LIVE.
  4. How will I access all the content?
    Each week’s content will be uploaded on the Facebook community & in a shared Google Drive every Sunday night after our weekly gathering.
  5. What if I don’t have Facebook?
    Get it! Just for these 6 weeks, so you can dance with us in the community group.
  6. Will I have access to all the content & videos after our 6 weeks together?
    Of course. You’ll have lifetime access to the resources & content.
  7. I’m not in Australia, can I still join?
    YASSSSSSSS! It might just mean you’ll have to get up at an odd hour to join our weekly call or catch the recording.

If there’s another question or two hot on your heart, please reach out. meg@adventuringhome.com

So it’s time to take of your mask, uncover your magic & sprinkle your essence all over our planet.

No more sitting comfy & starving yourself of alignment.

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