Saturday 8th June
10 am – 5pm 
Gold Coast Hinterland 
A one day retreat for 20-somethings ready to uncover their magic
and sprinkle it over the planet! 

I see you! 

+ You’re 20-Something (either on paper or in your heart!)
+ You know there’s more to life than this 3D world
+ You’re done following convention
+ You’re sick of hiding who you really are with those around you!
+ You’re ready to completely own YOU & serve your unique essence up to the world!

Beautiful One, this retreat is for you!

A whole day devoted to remembering your power, owning your unique essence & learning how to take it out into “real life” (yep, being YOU in front of your family!!!). All whilst surrounded by a circle of your 20-Something sisters walking this same path!

This isn’t going to be your “normal” retreat. Cause we millennials don’t like following the crowd, right?! 

This is going to be a unique experience like no other. A magical day dripping in connection, remembering, embodiment & CELEBRATION.

A sneak peek of what’s going to go down: 

+ Welcome Circle
+ Morning Movement
+ Solo & group workshops
+ Lush vegetarian/ vegan lunch
+ Cacao Ceremony & Dance celebration
+ And a whole lotta surprises!

Payment Options: 

Price: $99

Or save the FEE and transfer straight to me.

Payment via bank transfer.

Name: Meg O’Sullivan
BSB: 923100
Account Number: 43563178
Reference: Your name!

Once you’ve made your deposit OR full payment, send me an email to let me know!

The future is in our hands, dear Ones!
The time for hiding is over.
The planet can only change when we as individuals choose to rise up!
The time is NOW!
There’s no other option but to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU!

Cannot wait to play with you all!

Big love,


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