2014: Wrappin’ It Up


2014, pardon my French, but holy FUCK you were a BIG one.

Packed full of inspiration. Overflowing with juice. Brimming with adventure.

I’m not a big one for labels, but I’ve got no qualms in calling you….MY BEST YEAR YET. 

Time for a bit of a recap.

This year I….

Started this blog. Quit my job. Met my tribe. Finished my Yoga Teacher training. Taught my first of many yoga classes. Visited Bali. Wrote an eBook. Went the entire year without getting DRUNK. Became obsessed with Coconut Chai then Soy Chai then back again to Coconut Chai. Jumped out of a plane. Coached a handful of awesome women. Fell even more deeply in love with the sun. “Moshed” to Jack Johnson. Snuggled up to my Divine Feminine. Fire twirled and tribal danced. Spent hours in meditation. Manifested some unbelievable new relationships. Started a love affair with the humble coffee enema. Slept numerous nights under the stars (in the comfort of my own backyard!). Kneed myself in the face and gave myself a nose bleed on a public trampoline. Loosened my (very tight) grip on health and wellness. Danced, crawled and gyrated blindfolded in a room full of beautiful, spirited women. Cured my eczema. Deepened my smiles lines. Became obsessed with Bashar and Abraham Hicks (Thereby opening myself up to the possibility of ET’s). Stepped into my truth more than ever before. And felt a whole lot of amazing.

Woah. It’s been a wild, wacky and wonderful year.


Bright Eyed & BLog Hearted

bskt yoga

yoga drumming


My word of the year was…


Coming into 2014 I held the intention of finding my tribe – those people that “just get me” – and before the New Year’s confetti had even had time to settle, there they were. Beautiful, boisterous women with big, bad-ass desires. Sweet, soulful sisters ready to hold space for my entire Being.

It was the connections I created with these ladies (and myself) that allowed me to truly dive into all that this year had to offer. As direct products of my prayers, these amazing ladies taught me to trust in the Universe, to ask and remain open to receive. Plus they brought a shit-tonne of joy, laughter, giggles, intensity, soul, creativity, comfort, support, nurturing and love into my life.


2014’s biggest learning’s were….

1. It’s not all in the doing.

Having been a “do-er” for as long as I can remember, I have never felt all that comfortable surrendering my plans, letting go of my goals, averting my gaze and entire focus from the action required in life.  Yet this year I learnt that there must be as much (if not MORE) Being as there is Doing,  as much Yin as there is Yang, as much feminine as there is masculine, for our desires to come into physical form.

So I began a beautiful relationship with my Divine Feminine energy, luring her into the forefront of my life – surrendering, opening and allowing.

Ahhhhh. And everything just got EASE-Y. 

From my blog and yoga practice to my love life and relationship with money, I no longer felt like I was grasping, striving or pulling for a certain outcome. I realised that creation is simply a dance between the elements of Yin and Yang, and I learnt to balance my energy between the two.

2. I am the creator of my reality.

Having, all within the space of 12months, manifested into my life a ridiculously fun relationship, a bunch of beautiful soul sisters , a trip to Bali, a bunch of odd casual jobs, yoga teaching opportunities and the sun from out from behind the clouds on a few gloomy days (to name but a few). I have NO DOUBT  in my mind that I am the creator of my reality.

A lesson that will continue to influence the thoughts I choose each and every day for the rest of my life. 

3. Routine is boring. Structure sucks. 

I entered into 2014 grasping onto a morning routine that wasn’t making me happy, desperately attempting to carve out a sense of structure in my life.

Then after a few early morning melt-downs, I realised these things were not helping me feel how I desired to feel (Free, Open & Connected) but leaving me feeling restricted, overwhelmed and stressed. So I fucked off my morning routine and quit scheduling my yoga practice and meditation. In fact, I agreed to no longer act out of fear (“I’ll lose my spiritual-ness if I forget to meditate”), to let go of all my planning and only “do” if it felt good. (Thank you Ms La Porte).

For me, routine is boring – a desperate attempt at creating a sense of certainty in my life.

I’ve realised I crave magic. And magic only exists in uncertainty. 



photo 1

I am immensely grateful for… 

Myself// I am incredibly connected to and adoring of the woman I choose to be everyday. My authenticity, eagerness and unwavering smile continue to surprise me on the reg. I am in constant awe of myself and my ability to follow my excitement, throw myself deep into the unknown and surrender to whatever experience I receive. I am infinitely grateful to the part of me that recognises it’s connection to Source, the part that stirred this shift in my consciousness.

All those that inspire me// Rachel MacDonald. Danielle La Porte. Esther Hicks. Tara Bliss. Counter.

All those that challenge me// Mum. Libby.

All those that allow me to be the person I choose to be// Dad. Ellie. Jacob. Counter. Kristen. Shannon. Che. Tash. Lisa. Karla. Em.

You// Although I adore writing (period). I get such a kick out of knowing that YOU are reading my words. I thank YOU for showing up, drinking in my words (or simply staring at the screen) and sharing in my journey with me.

I am unbelievably grateful for your presence, not only in this space, but in this world. Yes, whoever you are, wherever you are, I am thankful for YOU!

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Peace Out 2014

Full of exploration and adventure, connection and curiosity, you’ve been KILLER. But now I’m brewing with excitement for the New Year, on edge with anticipation for all that She holds (Hint: A whole lot of SUBSTANCE).

Bring on 2015.

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. 


Big Love Meg x





Reflection is a very powerful tool.

If there were things that didn’t quite work out for you this year, if you don’t seem to be in the place that you had envisioned, if your goals lay untouched and your checklists unticked.There is only one very important thing to do .


Accept that the year that was, was exactly where you needed to be. It has brought you to these words, which will hopefully spark something within you. Which are now working their magic within you, stirring your Soul, preparing your incredible Being for your BEST YEAR yet.

5 Comments to “2014: Wrappin’ It Up”

  1. Kristen says:

    Awesome wrap up Meg! What a year!

    Love you!


  2. Lisa says:

    Magic is the first word that comes to mind when I read this post Meg. For you are truly magical – and it is no surprise that you have manifested a year of magic – magic connections and magic moments. So blessed to have shared some of those moments with you. Merry Christmas to you my magical friend. xx

  3. Carly says:

    Totally inspired by this post beautiful Meg. You radiate all that is good and free and possible.
    Congratulations on all you have created.
    Taking heed from you I intuitively choose ‘ connection and joy’ as my 2015 intention :-) xxx

  4. Chloe says:

    Wow hearing about your year has inspired the pants off me! It sounds like it was an amazing year for you Meg – I am so happy for you. I hope you have a Happy New Year and I can’t wait to see what you bring in 2015 xo

  5. Wow Meg!! What a great year! I love how your are able to make the words come to life on the page. Thank you for that and for always sharing great wisdom.

    I love that you said “Magic only exists in uncertainty.” – I have had problems with uncertainty in the past and I am practicing letting go. I had many “Ah-ha” moments in reading this post. Thank you!

    Brandy xo

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