2015: A Wrap Up

2015, you were nothing like I expected! 

How silly of me to think you would be though. If there’s anything I’ve learnt over my last few revolutions around the sun, it’s to expect the unexpected. After all, the Universe has the power to deliver in far juicer, magical and mesmerising ways than I ever could. Life always feels better when I leave it completely to her.

(Read my 10 Lessons from 2015

I entered into this year with a single guiding word: WILD. 

To be honest, before sitting down to write this post I probably wouldn’t have said my 2015 embodied this four-letter word at all.

Okay okay, so I …

  • Stripped bare for a naked couples yoga session
  • Spent 3 weeks solo in a bush shed looking after some pups
  • Held my first ever yoga retreat (without even being to one myself!)
  • Wrote an eBook in less than 2 weeks
  • Dove deeply into my spirituality (dabbling in aura reading, lucid dreaming…)

But honestly, in the moment of these wild sounding adventures, none of it really felt that way. At least not in the “on-the-seat-of-my-pants-blood-puming-adrenalin-racing” kind of way (yep, not even baring my lady bits to strangers in a small, dimly lit yoga room).

To be completely frank, all of it (each and every bit) just felt GOOD!

And that, my friends, was what my 2015 was hinged upon. Not breaking boundaires, pushing through fear and attempting to whip my inner wild child out whenever the moment permitted (or didn’t permit!) like I thought it would. But simply following what felt good.

Because “good” is where all the juice of life lies. It’s synonymous with wild (and crazy, free, abundant, loving, open, present….).

I’ve learnt that in order to feel the way I want to feel, I don’t have to endure extreme discomfort or anxiety. I don’t have to stretch myself to my limits or dwell in a deep space of fear before the good stuff comes.

And as the Universe would have it, on this road to feeling good shit just naturally got wild anyway!


Oh there’s been a few. Life is highlights.

I’ve come into the belief that you can make anything a highlight if you choose to perceive it that way. so ofcourse 2015 was filled with a shit tinne of them!

But our respect for your tim and by busily typing fingers I’ve decided to narrow it down. Here’s the BIG highlights of my year.



About 2 years ago, single Meg started calling a man into her life.  She wanted someone who could make her laugh. Someone who was passionately passionate and open. Someone who was passionate about life, who knew what they wanted and wouldn’t even let her get in the way of it. Someone who listened and supported her. She wanted someone who would listen, support and acknowledge her words even if they didn’t understand them. Someone who was walking their own path, but who she could expand alongside holding his hand along the way.

And now, a year after being with a beautiful human I get to call “mine”, I’m thanking the Universe for exceeding “single Meg’s” requests. Every day I am in awe of how much LOVE I feel for this guy. In fact, I’m constantly surprised and just how freaking good it feels to be around him.

Thank you for constantly giving me an excuse to be happy. Can’t wait to expand even more with you by my side in 2016.

And by far, this man, and all the things we co-create have been the biggest highlight of 2015. 


Celebrating the love of two very special people on an island known for it’s beauty and people. Of course this was “up there” for 2015. Read the whole post here.

Wanderlust – Cockatoo Island: 

high vibe peopl

Getting drunk off downward dogs and dancing, being thrown around by strangers in what they were calling “acro” yoga, and buying an all black onsie and taking to the crowds like a yogic inspired cat woman  – this weekend was incredible!

Sydney with my gals: 


Karla, Kristen and Meg – a threesome made possible only by this glorious thing we call the internet.

Our friendship began in 2014, an less than 12 months later we were heading to Sydney for our first girls weekend.

Gabby Bernstein. Bondi Sunrises. Hot Cacao’s. Sauna Sessions. Naughty chats –  It sure was a trip that took our relationship to a whole new level. And it’s been on the rise ever sine.

Big love and appreciation for these two. So thrilled to have decided to have walked to this path with you guys long before we met.

Naked Couples Yoga: 

rosie reed

As intimidating and ridiculous stripping off and making shapes in a room full of strangers sounds, losing my nude yoga virginity was truly the most MAGICAL experience.

Although I was exposing every little bit of myself to my man and 14 other people, I struggle to think of a time where I’ve felt more safe, more authentic, more connected. I left vibrating pure appreciation.

Appreciation for my man – for being so open, loving and adventurous. For choosing to completely embrace and anchor deeply into every situation my curiosities may lead us!

Appreciation for the human body – After seeing parts of the anatomy from angles I’ve never witnessed them before, I left in awe of these incredible vessels we get to call home. My favourite thing about yoga is how it connects me to me. Going naked connected me even deeper.

In Australia and want to give it a try? Rosie Rees is doing another tour in 2016. Follow here to stay updated.

Wildly Wealthy: 


I’m devoted to feeling good. And earlier this year it felt really good to buckle down for two weeks and write an eBook.

And as the Universe would have it, it felt pretty damn good when a whole lot of people enjoyed the message I was sharing. My favourite part of creating “Wildly Wealthy” though, has been the ever-growing Facebook community which I spontaneously decided to bring to life.

Talk about a bunch of women who are committed to expanding, learning and living their most abundant life. I love hanging out in this space as much as I can. So if you’re yet to join the group, grab a copy of the book and then come on over.

Events & Retreat: 

yoga play

January 2015 saw me hold my very first event. And now nearly a year on I’ve held space on 6 more occasions PLUS run my very own yoga retreat.

This online world is incredible. Helping me span my voice and message across the seas. But I am so apperceive to have the ability to connect with  “real life” humans, in the flesh. To hold and squeeze those who show up to learn more about themselves and reconnect with what feels good to them.

I love it so much I’ve already got a few workshops locked in for 2016. Keep reading for the info!

Hello 2016

2016, is a hop, skip and a jump away. And I’ve been building lots of momentum leading up to its’ arrival. Here’s what’s already on the cards.

Group Coaching Journey 

I’m a BIG believer in the power of community and connection. Over the past years I’ve felt how strongly the presence of supportive people around me has helped keep me flowing fluidly in the direction of my dreams. And so, I want to help create this sense of support for YOU.

And so, this year in a bid to help create this sense of support for YOU, I’m introducing Group Coaching Journeys. My intention is to offer my utmost attention to an intimate, inspired and eager group of women so that they can build powerful momentum towards what they really, really crave!

  • 8 week Group Coaching Journey
  • 6 women (plus me)
  • 4 x Group Calls*
  • 2 x Solo Skype Calls (Worth $150)
  • Mini Facebook Support Group (just the 7 of us!)
  • Investment: $220 (AUD)

The first journey is already BOOKED OUT for January – March. But if you are eager for a support team of empowered, enthusiast humans sometime in 2016, email meg@adventuringhome.com to  jump on the waitlist for the next round (most likely Feb – April). 


I’ve got an exciting course in the works at the moment. I feel like she’ll be making her way out into the world sometime in early 2016.

Think: Practical step-by-step support program to “mastering your energy” and transforming your reality. 

Join my mailing list to say updated.


Meditate and Manifest w/ Meg: For all the Brisbane locals, I’ll be holding a regular free monthly meet-up starting January 2016, for those wanting to infuse more joy into their lives. This will simply be a mixture of meditation and conversation, with a fresh topics up for discussion every month. For all details head to the Facebook event page. 

Ignite Your Reality: 

How did you go at holding onto your “New Year’s Resolutions” this year?
Has 2015 felt as gloriously magical as you would have liked?

No? Maybe you want a little help moving into 2016 with clarity, commitment and excitement.

There’s an art getting what you want, and the beauty of it is that it doesn’t take hard work.

The beautiful people at  Work-Shop Brisbane have invited me to share some powerful tools and practices you can use to move quickly in the direction of your desire next year. For tickets and all other details jump over here.


I’ll be hitting up Sydney in February for the inaugural #RadLivin’ event. Think: Music festival meets uplifting, motivational conference. Yep – my kinda event!

Would love to dance alongside you in the “mosh pit” or take notes alongside you while listening to the wonderful Connie Chapman or Oscar and Chris from Pedestrian TV. Plus I’ll be taking to the stage to interview Jamie Green from  One Night Stand, so come along and wave at me from the crowd!

Come get yo’ tickets here.


And so, THAT was my 2015. 

Before you go though, I want to give the biggest of thanks to YOU. Thank you for being here, for committing to infusing more joy into your life. And joining me for this crazy-beautiful ride. 

See you in 2016 Beautiful People.



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  1. I love you! You rock!! And what a year!

    Looking forward to many more adventures.


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