5 Things I’m Lovin’

Spring Loves

I feel like I hit you with a lot of heavy stuff in this space.

So today I’m keeping it light with a list. Cause who doesn’t love a list?

Here are five lil’ thangs that currently have me giddy with excitement.

 1. The Law of Attraction


I’m only a quarter of the way through this book, yet already it’s transforming the way I think, breathe and create. 

It’s a reaffirming my belief in the role I play as sole creator of my existence. And this snippet is something special.

“You are here to create the world around you that you choose, while you allow the world – as others choose it to be – to exist, also. And while their choices in no way hinder your own choices, your attention to what they are choosing does affect your vibration, and therefore your own point of attraction.” 

Basically it’s saying, concentrate on creating a reality that feels good for you. Concentrate on things you wish to experience and only those things. Do not focus your attention on the decisions of others which you yourself do not wish to experience, as any concentration on these will inevitably bring them into your existence.

Choose your thoughts wisely.

2. She is Radiant Toolkit + Q&A Workshop

she-is-radiant_the-collection-promo-1024x1024I’ve raved about this lady before (her last creation inspired me to write my most popular post yet). And now she’s gone and done it again (and again!). Claire Baker has birthed another two uber-inspiring and super supportive resources, helping women to create their best possible life. 

And as far as I’m concerned they’ve come at just the right time. As us Aussies glide closer to the summer months, our body insecurities are beginning to grow. After hiding behind the safety of our clothes for the last part of the year, we now face the dread of having to strip down and show a whole lot more skin than many of us are comfortable with. I can feel it in the air as this part of the year draws closer. The energy of us women as a collective has begun to shift.

In our bid for the perfect beach bod, we are welcoming a heap of stress, anxiety and deprivation. 

But Claire’s got us covered.

No, her creations don’t contain magical tricks to a 6 pack or losing weight. Instead of attempting to perfect your body in time for Summer, Claire encourages you to befriend it. She helps you realise your potential for good health and vitality, which will allow you to relax into the Sunny Season without the ridiculous pressure to carve out a body of perfection before you even think about treading foot on the golden sands.

If the idea of Summer and stripping down sends you a little cray cray, Claire’s collection is a must.  Jump over here to grab it for yourself.

3. Bread. Yes, I said bread!


For about a year I didn’t eat bread. I’d sworn off gluten, but still didn’t even like the idea of eating bread sans the big G. 

But recently as I was browsing the aisles of my local organic supermarket (where I spend way too much of my life), I felt a pull to the fridge and found myself reaching for a loaf of bread. Organic Sprouted Ezekiel, to be precise. Not gluten free, but organic, sprouted and super delicious. And ever since that fateful day, I’ve been gobbling up this dense, doughy goodness on the reg.

Look! I couldn’t even wait to take a photo of this slice before having a nibble.

4. Vienda Maria’s 10 Weeks of Free Mentoring Program


You may have seen me taking part in the beautiful Vienda Maria’s #10daysoffree last week on Instagram. This woman is the epitome of freedom. A gypseter (gypsy + jet setter) she travels the worlds exploring, adventuring and sprinkling her magic on whoever is lucky enough to share in her presence. I recently caught up with this lady and can tell you, her life reflects exactly what she preaches. She’s pure freedom, fun and feeling incarnate.

And now she is offering to teach you how to do exactly that – embrace a life of complete freedom – with her new mentoring program 10 Weeks of Free. I am so inspired by this woman and how she chooses to create her life. In a society where it’s so easy to follow the crowd and get caught up in all the “shoulds”, Vienda is a shining beacon of light.

Craving more freedom, more fun, more feeling?

I beg you to follow this light. Find out all about what Vienda’s offering here. But be quick it starts 11th October.

5. My new pendulum


I’ve been interested in the chakras for a while. I adore Belinda Davidson’s Chakra Cleanse and also wearing different colours or eating specific foods to stimulate the energy centres I think need some extra lovin’.

But I must admit I always find it quite difficult to feel into which ones are a lil’ off.

Then I discovered the trusty ole’ pendulum. A super fun, tangible tool to uncovering chakric health. All you do it lie down and place the pendulum above each of your chakras. The more it spins, the more open the chakra.

So exciting to be able to see with my own eyes which part of my energy need a little more attention. And I’ve been busting it out for a whole bunch of family and friends too. It’s hard for them to label it woowoo when they can see the pendulum spinning unassisted for themselves. Bam! 

If you haven’t got a pendulum in your energy healing arsenal as of yet, I recommend you invest (I got mine for under $20).

You turn.

So now I’ve shared with you some of my loves so far this Spring, it’s time for you to give me a sneak peak into what’s got you all giddy.

What is it that’s currently bringing beauty and bliss into your life? 

Big Love Meg x

10 Comments to “5 Things I’m Lovin’”

  1. Kelly says:

    Ive just moved to the Sunshine Coast so Im excited about discovering lots of new things to love! So far, Im loving The Sunflower Hotel at the Noosa Farmers Market, the gorgeous National Park walk around the headlands, a little cafe called 10 Hastings Street that (thankfully) makes a good Byron Chai and Acai bowls, and finally, creating a new beautiful place to call home with my love :) Thanks for asking and sharing Meg! Im excited to check out a few on your list too! xxx

    • Kelly! So excited for you and your big move. I’m sure it was sad for you to leave beautiful Byron but your lovin’ list sounds delightful. Thank you for sharing lovely! xx

  2. Ollie Neveu says:

    Coutn me in for avo on toast! So delicious.We are heading into Autumn here in London so I’m all about the soup, scarfs and snugging on the couch with my fur kids right now.

  3. Brandy says:

    Hi Meg.

    I am totally new to crystals and recently bought my first just a few weeks ago. I am also starting to look more into Chakras. I am very interested in clearing any blocked chakras,,but I don’t know where to start in feeling what is blocked over any other, so I love that you spoke about your new pendulum. I totally want one! But, now my question, where is the best place to buy one? How do i know which is the best to get?

    Thank you!


    • Brandy! I just bought one from my local crystal/ healing shop. They had a whole bunch, each made with a different crystal. I just chose the one that I most felt drawn too! xx

  4. Chelsea says:

    Hi Meg!

    I absolutely loved this list. I’ve been meaning to get a copy of The Law Of Attraction. Like you I am GF + went off bread for ages but am slowly finding some awesome breads that are GF + actually taste amazeballs! I recently brought a pendulum after having some really powerful hypnotherapy sessions which included moving a pendulum with the power of my mind. I’m so keen to try using it for chakra and energy healing. Will have to check our Belinda’s chakra cleanse!! I’ve been meaning to for weeks actually;) Taking all this as a sign. Have an awesome weekend. Really love your blog! It’s taken me so long to write, but I’ve been following for a while. Love your vibe + message. Chelsea xx

    • Thanks you Chelsea!!!

      And yes I think that’s definitely the sign you need to get onto Belinda’s cleanse. It’s something very special. Thanks again for connecting here. <3 xx

  5. This post has me grinning ear to ear – thank YOU for including me amongst so much goodness x

  6. I love that everything you’ve included I’ve either got, heard or read about!
    Claire is amazing and I’ve been meaning to get into the She Is Radiant kit that I bought a while back now.
    I’ve known about LoA for a while but haven’t gotten around to reading the book, it looks like it’s definitely worth the time and effort!
    I came across Belinda Davidson and Vienda Maria late last year and they’re pretty awesome too!
    Can’t wait to see what your next list has. :-)

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