Abundant Beings: Ezzie Spencer

"I believe prosperity is one expression of a woman's power." The beautiful human behind these words has made it her mission to guide women towards an experience of abundance, encouraging them to embrace their femininity and sensuality along the way.  She's a human right lawyer turned... READ MORE

Abundant Beings: Travis Eric

If you frequent this space a lot, you'll know I am Abraham obsessed. When I'm not writing, eating, teaching or practicing yoga, you would most likely find me somewhere in my house attached to my laptop watching hours and hours of Abraham on Youtube. And that is exactly how I discovered... READ MORE

Abundant Beings: Em (The Gratitude Butterly)

Woah! It's the final day of the Wildly Wealthy pre-launch festival...already!  If you're just jumping on board now, well you've missed out. Kidding! You can check out the other abundant headliners we've had take the stage here, here, here, and here. I've been buzzing all week long seeing... READ MORE

Abundant Beings: Vienda Maria

Wandering the globe. Following her inspirations. Existing with intense freedom and wild abandon. Vienda lives a lifestyle that depends on a belief in abundance - and a strong belief she has indeed.  I've watched on in awe of this woman (both online and in person) as she communicates so... READ MORE

Abundant Beings: Tessa Ridley

A few months ago I was tagged in one of Tessa's Instagram images by a friend. From the first sentence of the post's BIG (very, very BIG) caption, this woman had me hooked! And with over 19K Instagram followers, it seems I'm not the only one keen to lap up her ever word.  Tessa is a... READ MORE