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A space devoted to the mastery of your energy and the creation of your ideal reality.

Meg O'Sullivan


I’m Meg O’Sullivan.

Writer. Life Coach. Yoga Teacher. Metaphysician.

AND my mission is to help you experience all that your desire. 


Life is simple and works a little something like this:

The thoughts we think determine how we feel.

 How we feel determines our vibration. 

 And our vibration determines our reality.

In order to live our purpose, I believe this is all we need to know.

We live in an infinitely-supportive and forever abundant Universe. 

There is no such thing as lack.

Our purpose is to expand joyfully. 

Our only job is to FEEL GOOD.

We don’t have to work hard to get what we want. 

Experiencing what we desire has nothing to do with effort and everything to do with energy.

And it’s here you’re going to learn just how to MASTER this ENERGY of yours to experience all that you want. 



I’m an eternally curious, 20-something Scorpio who’s been asking questions of the world since she was this* high (*hand currently half a metre off the Earth). Two years ago this insatiable curiosity of mine led me into the rabbit hole which is the health and wellness realm.  After transforming my diet and my drinking habits (swapping my Pinot Grigio for Green juice) life exploded with amazing-ness! Soon enough this transformation was not simply bound to what I was putting in my body, but more importantly grew to encompass what I was feeding my mind.

I started this space 18 months ago as a way to express my newfound connection with Self and love of life. And since then as I’ve expanded and evolved (exponentially!) so has She. Adventuring Home began has a hub of inspiration and motivation, now She’s a space completely devoted to all things metaphysical (You know? Energy, The Law of Attraction and the like!). What hasn’t changed though is Her continuing ability to connect me with incredible human beings from all over the world (like YOU!) and infuse my life with meaning, purpose and joy!

life-these-daysMORE ABOUT ME…

Growing up I wanted to be a masseuse then a vet then a psychologist. Now I’m just aiming for aligned. These days my only goal is feeling good. *This I actually hold a degree in! 

When I’m not writing, yoga teaching or eating, you can find me watching Abraham and Bashar Youtube clips on repeat. (They are the ultimate Masters of Metaphysics!) 

I am a devoted plant eater. My favourite gift of Mother Nature’s being the gloriously multipurposeful coconut.

I adore the smell of books, lavender and stormy afternoons. In fact, I’m known for my sense of scent.

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Enough about me. There’s a few things I know about YOU that I’d love to share… 

You are Source energy incarnate. The same stuff that holds the stars in the sky and the planets in alignment exists within You.

Joy and abundance are your natural states. You don’t need to work your ass off to experience them – they are there for you whenever you choose.

You have created each and every experience you have had. You are never a victim of the world. You always have a choice.

You are a Being of infinite potentiality.

Anything you desire can be yours. And I can help you make that happen.


You’re ready to start experiencing your innate abundance and creating a life in alignment with your biggest, most beautiful desires, here’s what you can do now…

Let’s start Adventuring Home, shall we? 

Big Love Meg x

Professional Bio:Meg O'Sullivan

Meg O’Sullivan is a Life Coach, Yoga teacher, metaphysician and crazy-passionate writer. Her mission is help people master their energy so that they can experience all that they desire.

In her yoga classes, workshops, retreats, events and coaching sessions, she works to connect people with their innate creative power and inspire them to follow their highest excitement (in every single moment!).

She is a lover of all things mystical and mysterious, and believes swearing is the key to self-empowerment and that dancing is the perfect elixir for a depleted soul.

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