Abundant Beings: Alex Counter

WW-OnSaleTo celebrate the launch of my new eBook Wildly Wealthy: 7 days to insane abundance ( On Sale next Monday), I’m throwing a (virtual) party! Well, it’s more like a 5 day festival.

I’ve rounded up a handful of headliners – all artists of abundance. And for the next week each of them will be taking over the blog, gifting you with their wisdom and experience.

This festival is of Wild Wealth. The intention is to help you become the most Abundant Being you can. So without further adieu,

Let the festivities begin. 

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count beFirst to the stage is a long-time friend of mine.

My soul brother, my teacher, my guide, my friend, my birthday twin.

Rapper, songwriter, metaphysician and all-round glorious human Being – this man truly embodies creative power, dedicating his existence to following his excitement and expanding his potential.

Being born on exactly the same day, our lives seem to magically mirror each others again and again. I’m eternally grateful to have this guy travelling beside me on my path and unbelievably excited to finally share him with you in this space.

Abundance to him, is our natural spiritual state, something always within our own power. 

Please welcome and enjoy the Divinity of Alex “Count Be” Counter! 

What does ABUNDANCE mean to you?

Abundance, means having what you need when you need it, Knowing what you need to know when you need to know it, Being with who you need to be with when you need to be with them, and being where you need to be when you need to be there.

And trusting that what needs to come will come at the appropriate time, not just before, or just after, simply when it is necessary.

What is the one thing you wish every human being knew about ABUNDANCE?

That the universe is a conscious being who is orchestrating itself into the perfect unfoldment of your dreams and desires, and your only work, is to become the version of yourself who would experience those dreams and desires.

Meg: That, my friends, is PURE MAGIC! 

How would you suggest someone goes about attracting more wealth into their experience?

Make a list as specific as possible, of all the emotions you would feel if you had everything you wanted. Then know and trust you can achieve consistently every single one of those emotion in its fullest form, even in the absence of the physical condition you thought was necessary to achieve that emotion.

To the best of your ability begin allowing yourself to accomplish those emotions simply because you can choose to and you prefer to feel that way.

As physical reality is a reflection of your inner state, the improved energy state you have created within must reflect back to you an improved outer condition.

count be 1

What do you believe is the biggest block preventing people from receiving abundance?

When the path to fulfilling a desire is unclear we can become fixated on how, who, when and where it will happen. This fixation to question’s we don’t have the answer to leaves us discouraged and resistant.

By withdrawing your attention to the how, who, when and where and focusing your attention on what you want and why you want it. You will create an energy state within yourself that is a co-operative and harmonious to the energy state of your desire, and in the harmonization of those energy’s they must come together. The powerful law of Attraction makes is so.

Do you have a simple daily practice to leading a “richer” life?

More and more every day, letting go of, shedding, petering out, fading away, ignoring, withdrawing attention to, all thoughts which do not feel good to think.

And… Exaggerating, milking, practicing, promoting, basking in, appreciating, emphasizing, giving more air time to, thinking as much as possible good feeling thoughts.

QUICK RECAP: count be 2


Focus your attention on what your desire.

Align your feelings with what you desire.


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Watch him in action here and here.

And if you have any q’s for him pop them in the comments below, I’ll get him to swing by and answer them. 

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Wishing you love, light and (of course) abundance! 

Big Love Meg x

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