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Hello and welcome (back) to the festival of Wild Wealth. 

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Now for today’s artist of abundance… 


Divinely connected. Deliciously devoted. Undeniably ethereal. 

Chloe is a true Earth angel, dedicated to the collective expansion and awakening of the world.

Online she goes by Mojo Minx, an Instagram feed that came highly recommended to me by a friend over a year ago. Since then Chloe’s in-depth, incredibly inspiring posts have been lighting up my feed and transforming the way I think. And recently she birthed The Mojo Mecca, an online space devoted to spreading medicinal messages for all minxes seeking more mojo. 

For me, Chloe is the epitome of abundance. Living in true connection with the Earth, she understands that life is about receiving not taking, and that the only thing holding us back from experiencing wild wealth is our own self-imposed limitations.

Welcome Chloe. 

What does ABUNDANCE mean to you?

Abundance is gratitude.

When we shift our perception from seeing to appreciating, all becomes abundant. And all is alright. That’s not to say there isn’t work to do and many issues that need addressing on this planet, but if we can become more appreciative of the abundance which is already inside us (the mere realisation that you are actually ALIVE experiencing life inside this intricately-designed human form), then it becomes easier to view the whole world from this grateful point-of-view, which naturally causes us to create as least harm possible and to experience this life to the fullest.

What is the one thing you wish every human being knew about ABUNDANCE?

The nature of life is abundant. Look at the way plants grow – abundantly sourced with the elements of sun, water and earth.There is boundless opportunity for each one of our lives…if we can surrender all of our blockages to receiving this abundance. Abundance comes when you ‘get out of your own way’. That means, when you stop letting those destructive, fearful, insecure thoughts dominate your mind. It’s hard and tedious as it means being really present whenever these energies come in… but if you can:

1. See them clearly 

What are they saying to you?  (e.g ‘you’re worthless, that’s too hard, that’s too expensive)

What affect do they have on your body? (e.g sluggish, bad digestion, headache)

Where do they come from? (Try to think about specific experiences that may have caused these energies to stick)

2. Speak them out!! Write them out! Scream!

Do whatever you have to do to shake yourself clean of these thoughts. And keep doing it every time they come in.

A powerful insight that I’ve learned this year is that these destructive thoughts/emotions are NOT ACTUALLY YOU. They are the accumulation of past experiences and emotions that you didn’t release at the time and therefore have let fester into greater/more powerful presence in your mind. Look at them from a birds-eye-view and don’t be so attached to what they’re telling you.

Abundance can move faster/with greater force in your life when you stop believing those limiting thoughts.Usually more self-work (e.g silence, meditation, spending time alone, yoga etc…) help in seeing one’s self more clearly too, so they will recognise what patterns are playing out in them!


How would you suggest someone goes about attracting more wealth into their experience?

Know what you want. DECIDE what you want. And get really clear on it. How much wealth do you desire? (Be generous with yourself!)

Write out all the ways you can attain this wealth.

Write out all the reasons why you want this wealth. Really check yourself on this one. Honestly, what are your intentions for using this new-found wealth? What are you wanting to create with it?

Check in and see where you’re at with feeling ‘worthy’. Do you feel like you deserve wealth? What have been your patterns in the past of giving and receiving money and abundance? 

If you’ve got some issues there, keep praying and setting the intention to be tested on this. Ask to be put in situations that will allow you to reconfirm your worth and rise above the limiting unworthy belief systems! This will help you shift out of that pattern and will create a more flowing stream of wealth to you.

What do you believe is the biggest block preventing people from receiving abundance?

I think I’ve answered this in the questions above – but basically self-doubt!! Clinging to the ‘ideas’ one’s mind creates about how reality is and not being willing to expand or shift out of these.

We all get caught in spirals of thinking/doing/believing the same things over and over again. We are innately creatures of habit and comfort. But the abundance begins when we feel our EXPANSIVENESS outside of that bubble we created for ourself!

Do you have a simple daily practice to leading a “richer” life?

I think just shifting up your ‘routines’ as much as possible. I have (in the past) been really caught in daily habits/routines that kept me in the same spiral rather than helping me evolve.

So just keep changing little bits of your day, of your thoughts, of your perception. It all helps in expanding how you operate in the world. Richness begins from the richness of daily experience. As I said in the first question, gratitude is the constant way to feeling rich + abundant. Keep creating more and more moments of gratitude in your day and you’ll be on an abundant track.


Quick recap Chloe slattery 1

Ditch the self doubt.

Expand your belief system

And be grateful – always!

Connect more with Chloe:

chloe slattery

Website: www.mojomecca.com

Instagram: @mojo_minx

Facebook: www.facebook.com/themojomecca

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