Abundant Beings: Em (The Gratitude Butterly)

Woah! It’s the final day of the Wildly Wealthy pre-launch festival…already! 

If you’re just jumping on board now, well you’ve missed out. Kidding! You can check out the other abundant headliners we’ve had take the stage here, here, here, and here.

I’ve been buzzing all week long seeing you soak up the words of my wise and wealthy friends. And it gives me a whole lot of excitement to introduce you to our final act.

This lovely little butterfly understands that experiencing what we desire is founded in an energy of appreciation. She’s all for aligning with the Universe ( my kinda human!) and prioritising feel-good thoughts and vibrations. 

Welcome Em a.k.a. The Gratitude Butterfly.

Em Gratitude

What does ABUNDANCE mean to you?

Abundance to me, means you are living in balance with the Universe. That all your needs are being nourished in a way that makes your heart sing with joy. To feel love of the world in your body, mind and soul.

What is the one thing you wish every human being knew about ABUNDANCE?

That whoever you are; whatever walk of life you may be from – You are the one in-charge of your own Abundance and Prosperity! Also that abundance isn’t just about being rich – it is about having joy in all areas of your life – e.g. Health, Relationships, Creativity.

How would you suggest someone goes about attracting more wealth into their experience?

Look at your Thoughts!! They can be your best friend or worst enemy. Abundance is a high vibrational energy and you will find it hard to hold it in your life if it is already chock full of low vibes. They do not mix! Take note at what your main thoughts are throughout the day. (Especially surrounding the topic of which you are wanting to be more abundant in your life – e.g. health) If you find that they are leaning more towards the negative side of life – then it is time to change your thought pattern from a negative to a positive one. One of the best ways to do this is to practice Gratitude! The more you find fault in something – the more faults you will find. Same goes for Gratitude. The more you are grateful, the more you will find things to be grateful about. Thus changing your thought pattern to see the good rather than the bad – you will raise your personal vibration and Abundance will come flowing into your life.

Em Gratitude Butterfly

What do you believe is the biggest block preventing people from receiving abundance?

That people are working against the Universe, rather than with it. If you want Abundance to flow into your life you need to make your part in the process flow smoothly. It is a like attracts like situation. For example: You are wanting Abundance in your life; financially. You ask the Universe for more abundance and riches to flow into your life. But you are always complaining that you don’t have enough money and you curse your bank balance – feeling stressed and let down with its amount. You say things like: I never have enough… I am poor… I need to work harder to make money. All these are negative messages to the Universe – whether you intend them to be or not. Now remember that like attracts like – so if you are all about the negatives of your financial situation and your low bank balance – the Universe will hear these and be like – “Oh you are saying you need to work harder for money? You never have enough? Your bank balance is always low? Ok cool. Well if that is what you want. Here you go!” The Universe doesn’t play games. If it hears you say you need to work harder for money – so it will give you situations that you can still get your abundance; but you need to work really hard for it. The Universe doesn’t make it hard for you. You make it hard for you! Your thoughts and your words makes a big difference in getting what you want!

Do you have a simple daily practice to leading a “richer” life.?

Practice Gratitude daily! Every morning when I am eating breakfast I write out a list of all I am thankful in my life every day. Always at the top of my list are: My family, friends and my dog Timmy; My Healthy & Wellbeing, and the Abundance and Prosperity I experience every day. In the evening I go for a walk along the beach, I reflect and let the Universe know what I am thankful for from my day. It always leaves me with a smile on my face and joy in my heart – as I know that through the big and the small things the Universe has my back. And what could be richer than that!


Em (Gratitude Butterfly)QUICK RECAP:


It’s ALL about gratitude.

Choose to work WITH the Universe, not against Her. 

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And that, my friends, is officially a wrap! What a wonderful week of wild, wise and wealthy Beings we’ve had. 

Infinitely appreciative to each one of my artists of abundance. Counter, Chloe, Tessa, Vienda and Em – Thank you.

Now if you’ve been partying here all week long, I’ve got an inkling your view of your finances may have transformed. Don’t worry if  you haven’t made millions yet, or are still seeing the bills pile up. Next week you can get your step-by-step guide to manifesting abundance.

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Big Love Meg x

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  1. Justyna says:

    Thank you for such an amazing pre-launch party. Every word I read truly shifted something instead. For a long time I knew I had I to change my way of thinking, which is why I am starting now! There are so many things I am thankful for and want to live a life of abundance. I want to stop focusing on the negative and the lack, and embrace what I’ve got and put more good out there. thank you again Meg and all the contributors.

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