Abundant Beings: Ezzie Spencer

Ezzie Spencer - Abundant Being

“I believe prosperity is one expression of a woman’s power.”

The beautiful human behind these words has made it her mission to guide women towards an experience of abundance, encouraging them to embrace their femininity and sensuality along the way. 

She’s a human right lawyer turned lovely lunar lady, who now helps people find peace and prosperity by following the moon’s cycle (Download her free lunar calendar here!).

She embodies all that she teaches – oozing the perfect combination of softness and success.

As you know, I’m a big believer that abundance doesn’t have to be hard. And I’m so grateful to be able to share with you the thoughts and musings of an this radiant human that feels the same.

My friends, I give you…. 

Dr. Ezzie Spencer. 

What does ABUNDANCE mean to you? 

At first instance, ABUNDANCE can seem like a paradox. It is not just a codeword for “money” although the money tends to flow when you are living in Abundance.
For me, abundance is a way of being and living more than anything else. It is a mindset: a way of thinking that informs the way that I behave and just am in the world. It is about being in the flow, knowing that there is always enough.

What is the one thing you wish every human being knew about ABUNDANCE? 

The more you try to “get” it, the more elusive it will be. It’s easy enough to get cashed up once you know what you’re doing with manifestation, but if you’re not abundant, you won’t be able to keep it.
So, relax. The more relaxed you are, the more abundant you will become. In turn, your wealth will be sustainable.

How would you suggest someone goes about attracting more wealth into their experience?

The way that I have cultivated greater prosperity in my life is by following the moon & solar cycles together. It’s a powerful method that connects me with the rhythms of nature, and my own natural cycles. Set a goal for the year ahead (Solar Goal Setting) and then set an intention at each New Moon. You can see when the next New Moon is via a free lunar planner on my site, here.

What do you believe is the biggest block preventing people from receiving abundance?

We are already abundant: we just need to remember. We tend to hold ourselves back, and keep ourselves small, by acting in accordance with old ideas and patterns around scarcity and lack, usually inherited, and often found in our subconscious. Becoming aware of how we are holding ourselves back is the key to finding freedom.

Do you have a simple daily practice to leading a “richer” life.?

Following the moon. Each day I sit in meditation with my New Moon intention, which is related to the theme of that specific lunar cycle. Depending on the moon phase, I will also follow specific steps. You can see all the steps for each of the eight moon phases on the lunar planner, mentioned above.


Quick Recap Ezzie Spencer - Abundant Being 1

Abundance is a mindset.
The more relaxed you are the more abundance you will attract.
You are already abundant you just need to remember.

Connect With Ezzie 

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Do you follow the phases of the moon? 
Or is this something that excites you? 
Keen to hear what you think blow beauties!
Until next time, a whole lot of abundance to you! 

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