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A few months ago I was tagged in one of Tessa’s Instagram images by a friend. From the first sentence of the post’s BIG (very, very BIG) caption, this woman had me hooked! And with over 19K Instagram followers, it seems I’m not the only one keen to lap up her ever word. 

Tessa is a powerful Being, committed to spreading light and raising the consciousness of the world. She stands strongly behind radical self love – believing this to be the ultimate path to individual and collective evolution.And of course, she has some wonderful things to say about wealth. 

I’m absolutely buzzing with excitement to give you….

Tessa Ridley. 


What does ABUNDANCE mean to you? 

To me, abundance is a powerful facet of Universal Source energy that responds to my positive, self loving, self affirming behaviors and actions that I choose to express into this world for the benefit of all. That said, if I believe myself to be in lack and I affirm that in my life, the universal force of abundance responds to my words & beliefs by fulfilling my affirmation of lack by providing more LACK.

If I learn to live with a grateful heart my life rolls in abundance. If I fail to see and give thanks for all I have and instead focus on all I do not have, I will continue to see LACK in my life. This is a very simple concept that we can all begin to learn and practice in our day-to-day life.

An attitude of gratitude could change this entire planet.

What is the one thing you wish every human being knew about ABUNDANCE?

Discovering our true purpose while also being bombarded with fear of lack / issues with money affects every person I speak with! We have inherited “lack consciousness” from our environment over time. The “fear of lack” is wound deep within our psyche as humans. Every time we reiterate our fears of ‘not having enough’, every time we say words like “I wish i could have that but i can’t afford it” or “i don’t have anything extra”….

We are telling ourselves and our infinitely abundant universe that we do not have enough, stating what is, meaning we stay in a place of lack because we believe ourselves to be lacking and are seemingly incapable of changing that. That some how, some outside force beyond us is preventing us from having everything we have ever desired…

I wish every one to know this:

We must learn that money is a byproduct of our energetic output to the world.

One of my favorite self loving affirmations by angel Louise Hay that i say to myself when i feel worry around money is: “I am the source of my abundance”. As no one else or no thing else is. No one else can create for me in this life, so why am i afraid of myself?

Why do I feel powerless around money, when it truly is my creative, energetic potential that will bring monetary funds into my human life? Where am I spending my energy? Am I doing something that I enjoy daily? Or am I just “doing something because it is all I can get?” What do you I really feel about money?

Am I not confident in my ability to provide for myself? If I am not, I need to look at and reevaluate what it is I am choosing to do daily with my body/mind/soul that creates income into my life.

These are very important thought questions to ask self.

How would you suggest someone goes about attracting more wealth into their experience?

All of our intentions & desires are capable of being seen in real life by actively looking at all the ways we are blocking the flow of understanding and positive energy with our thoughts, feelings, behaviours (many of which are just an outdated program we have inherited from our family & culture). 

I would suggest to all humans to become the investigative scientist of your own life! To know that you have what it takes to seek out any information that is interesting to you and that you will always grow and evolve when you choose to seek new ways of dealing with old patterns and old behaviors and to ultimately discover that which is your truest soul calling from deep within.

You can discover the true passion of your inner being, by releasing and letting go of all the parts of your personality and belief systems that you have been carrying around with you over time. THAT ARE NO LONGER SERVING YOU. The only way to discover the things that you choose to release and let go of in your life is to look at yourself and to learn to become your own best friend, in all stages of your healing and self discovery.

Actively practicing radical self care daily will lead one into the realm of pure self love, which is where all the answers to all of our questions we have ever desired answers to lie.


What do you believe is the biggest block preventing people from receiving abundance?  

Our current belief systems. It is absolutely vital to know that the environment in which we were raised in has an incredible impact on our brain development & how we see ourselves in the world. If we were raised in lack / poverty we will potentially carry some form of lack consciousness / fear consciousness / “not enough consciousness” with us, which can infect our mind & block our ability to draw abundance into our lives.

Our belief systems are inherited from our families / dominant environments until we learn to change the way that we think and speak and behave in this world.  When we learn to see the world as an abundant place and learn to give thanks for all the amazing riches that surround us every day, we can begin to change our beliefs… Ultimately changing the flow of abundance in our lives.

Know that we can change anything and everything. We can completely rewire the way we believe this world to be with the power of intention & willingness.

Do you have a simple daily practice to leading a “richer” life?

Learn the art of self care & gratitude. And practice this daily.

We are truly, truly, truly here on this Earth to learn to love ourselves wholly. Without judgment. For life. This is the key to peace & abundance.

Self love is a realm of peace. This is the grounding of the spirit into the body, knowing we are connected to all of life, which in itself is the most abundant gift one could offer the self.

The gift of knowing. The gift of truly understanding and respecting that we are part of something much much bigger than just “getting up and going to a job you barely care for to make ends meet”. It is the deeply wound belief systems in our human brain that prevent us from realizing:

We can choose to learn more about what our true passions and interests and desires are every day, which will ultimately bring us closer to our purpose in life.

Tessa’s Top Resources of ABUNDANCE

Are you friends with your money? 

Pema Chodron explains Maitri (AKA Unconditional Acceptance of oneself). 

How our environment shapes us from before we are even born.

Learn Gratitude and Change your life.

Bruce Lipton teaches about the biology of belief and how to reprogram our subconscious mind. 

Louise Hay discusses the power behind the willingness to change. 

tessa ridley 3QUICK RECAP:

Radical self love is your purpose.

The only thing standing between you and wild wealth are the beliefs you hold.

By choosing to explore what excites you every day, you will move closer your birth right of abundance.


Now, if you’ve been partying wildly with me (and my guests!) all week long, I’m sure you’re coming around to understand that abundance isn’t meant to be hard work. You don’t have to slog it out at the office or sell your Soul to experience it. In fact, abundance is your birthright.

Yep. You were born to be rich. 

Still finding that hard to swallow? Don’t worry, I’ve got two more artists of abundance to share with you this week. PLUS a whole eBook devoted to transforming you into a money magnet. Be sure to sign up here to snag yourself a sweet discounted price when she launches on Monday.

Here’s to your eternal abundance. 

Big Love Meg x

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