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If you frequent this space a lot, you’ll know I am Abraham obsessed.

When I’m not writing, eating, teaching or practicing yoga, you would most likely find me somewhere in my house attached to my laptop watching hours and hours of Abraham on Youtube. And that is exactly how I discovered today’s Abundant Being.

For the throngs of Abraham fans all over the world (there are hundreds of thousands!), Travis collates the Abraham audio material and creates Youtube videos for his channel. This wonderful human makes it easy and simple for someone like me trying to access the best of Infinite Intelligence. 

Other than being a fellow Abraham lover, Travis is a writer, researcher, entrepreneur, father,  and devoted deliberate creator.

I’m so excited to have him take to this space today.

Welcome Travis Eric. 

Trav n Nix

What does ABUNDANCE mean to you?

Abundance to me means having everything you need WHEN you need it. I find that if I stay in the moment I always have everything I need at the time I need it. Only when I start getting off into the future wondering where money or opportunities are going to come from do I feel lack. When I need it, it is there, every time. That is abundance.

What is the one thing you wish every human being knew about ABUNDANCE?

I wish people knew how much abundance they already have. I wish they knew how powerful their focus was. That everything they focus on is expanding. How they can focusing on what is going right in their life with gratitude and appreciation and more of it will show up in more ways.

How would you suggest someone goes about attracting more wealth into their experience?

To attract more wealth focus on all the ways you are already wealthy. Even if you have no money you can find wealth in friendships, art, food, breathing or nature. Appreciate what you have first then transfer those feelings to what you are wanting as if it is already there. Appreciate what you want the same way you appreciate what you already have. It will show up for you in beautiful ways. Also, don’t be stuck on how it should show up, let the universe surprise you.

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What do you believe is the biggest block preventing people from receiving abundance?

The biggest block stopping people from realizing their abundance is their focus on lack. Even if one has all the money in the world they can choose to make themselves poor with their focus. If we look at all the things that are not working out for us then things not working out for us is what will expand. The next biggest block is our judgement and condemnation of others. Every time we judge another person we are cutting ourselves off from the ability to exhibit a similar range of behaviors. If we judge someone as being too goofy we stop ourselves from being able to be goofy. If we judge someone as having ‘more money than they know what to do with’ we tie ourselves into always knowing where we have to put all our money.

Do you have a simple daily practice to leading a “richer” life?

My simple daily practice revolves around a morning routine. When I wake up I lay in bed and feel appreciation for my life. I spend 5-10 minutes thinking about how grateful I am for what I have and how excited I am for what I am in the process of creating. How awesome it is that I get to choose how I spend my time each day.

I get up and have a cup of coffee with Haley and make a hearty paleo breakfast. After which baby phoenix usually takes his morning nap and I spend 30 minutes or so in meditation. This helps me set up my day and organize my mind around what I want to accomplish. After meditation I usually have a direction to march in from an Idea I had and I spend the next few hours chipping away at it. Meditation is how I organize my life. It clears away confusion and creates space from which I can move.

travisQuick Recap

Abundance is having what you need when you need it. 

Focus is everything. A concentration on lack will bring more of it your way. 

Appreciation is the most important ingredient to feeling and seeing more wealth in your life. 

Connect with Travis Eric

Website: traviseric.com

Instagram: Follow his journey in pictures.

Facebook: Join his tribe.

Youtube: Watch his amazing Abraham videos.

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A big thank you to Travis for sharing his words, energy and adorable baby snaps in this space for us all. 

In my day to day life I’m surrounded by a whole lot of women who are devoted to consciously creating their existence. But to be connecting with more men who are awakening to their inner power and ability to experience their desires makes me one very happy human.

Now, it’s over to you. As Travis mentioned appreciation is very important in creating an abundant existence. So…

What are you appreciative for?

Today I’m appreciating: Hot days and stormy nights. My loving, beautiful man. Emails that make my heart beat fast (with excitement!). 

Can’t wait to hear from you.





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