Blissin’ Out: Answering Nature’s Call

earthingBlissin’ Out. Do you know the feeling, when time no longer exists? When your mind has no where to wander? You are completely here, right in the now. This, my friend, is what I like to call “Blissing Out”. It’s that feeling of pure, unadulterated joy & I am devoting a regular segment of the blog to sharing with you the things that have had me in such a  state of bliss each week. So sit down, get comfy and let’s bliss out together, man! 

Answering Nature’s Call

I’ve been a little heady this week. Thinking a lot. Attempting to predict my future. Resisting the moment.

After a particularly heady day, I came home from work completely and utterly exhausted. Being all up in that head o’ mine had taken its toll. My cure?

I took my shoes off. I stepped outside.

I stood there letting the grass tickle my toes as my arms naturally opened to the sky. I literally felt a lightness wash over me. My energy completely transformed. I let out a great big sigh and felt the edges of mouth curve up into a great, big grin!

I was back. Here. Right where I was meant to Be.

Nature has a funny way of getting our attention. Pulling us right back into the moment. We feel like there is no other place that could possibly exist when we completely immerse ourselves in the beauty of Mother Earth. And that is the exact truth! We can only be right here, right now! Nature is the perfect reminder.

So going forward I’m saying no to heady-ness and a big hell-yeah to bare feet and green grass! 


1. Angel Cards

I recently purchased a set of Doreen Virtue Angel Cards  and my readings each day have been spookily accurate! There are two cards in the pack that I have continually drawn in the past two weeks. And guess what? They are the exact things I am working to manifest in my life right now!!!!

Now, how is that for synchronicity!

Drawing these cards over and over and over and over and over again has allowed me relax into the Now. It has given me confidence that the vibes I am sending out to the Universe are being heard. I don’t have to stress about when or in what form these things will enter my life. My Angels are reminding me that they are coming!

2. Spontaneous Adventures


Tuesday. I went to Yoga. Yoga finished. I saw a bike. I jumped on the bike. I rode. I sang. I smiled. (Don’t worry, I’m not admitting to petty theft here. It was a council bike and payment was involved!)

Ahhhhhhh. Spontaneous blissfulness. The best kinda blissfulness!

It is in moments like this, the unplanned, the unscripted, where we find the most joy. Moments we didn’t expect. Look out for these!

As I reminded all my Facebook peeps after my joyous mid-morning cycle – “Be spontaneously open to joy today! It may be lurking in the most unlikely of places.” 

3. Sunday Bloody Sunday

photo 1

photo 2photo 3

 Morning run. Markets. Beach. More markets. Acai Bowls. Gorgeous Sista Time. A slow, sleepy afternoon on Burleigh Point. 

Oh Sunday, I seem to fall a little more in love with you every time we meet. 

So now you’ve heard mine, what had you all “Blissed Out” this week?

Why not make this your gratitude practice? By thanking the Universe for all the awesome things in your life, she will send more of this awesomeness right your way!

Be brave. Declare and share below!

 Big Love Meg x

Image via Sun Hawk 

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  1. Rachel Hendrie says:

    Love this Meg I can totally relate! I often have city cycle moments too ha ha! X Rach

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