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Meet Karla and Kristen – two of my best friends. 

When the three of us join forces it’s MAGIC. We can speak fluidly and fearlessly for hours, then just as easily sit in silence and soak in each others’ presence. Being around these two feels like home, like we’ve been hanging out forever. But, I’ve got a secret….

We met online! 

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A bit over a year ago, I’d never even heard of these girls. We had no mutual friends, no similar local hangouts. We didn’t even live in the same cities. 

So what brought this magical threesome together?

Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted. 

It’s the Tinder of the Blogging World, bringing like-minded, word-waving women from all over the globe together. And it was here, in the Facebook group of this amazing course, that Karla, Kristen and I first crossed paths.

Although Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted (BE&BH as it’s affectionately known!) has gifted me these two magnificent mavens, I’ll have you know it’s a whole lot more than just an online-match-making-platform for soul sisters. BE&BH is an 8-week eCourse of EPIC PROPORTIONS conceived by the beautiful Rach from In Spaces Between. It’s insanely useful and actionable content covers everything from stepping into the shoes of your ideal reader to makin’ the money and turning your blog into a biz. Rach helps take the overwhelm out of writing a post, the stress out of building your tribe and the “What-the-f*ck” out of SEO. This is an eCourse like no other!

The support = Unparralled.

The content = Clear and practical as all-hell.

The woman behind the mission = A powerhouse of generosity, authenticity and love*

*And one of my favourite human beings on the planet!

Simply put BE&BH has been the best investment I have ever made. Yes I said, EVER! And if you’ve got even the slightest niggle to start a blog of your own, it’s time to jump aboard this train.

The perks

My tribe

My tribe has grown enormously by way of BE&BH. If Blog Hearted wouldn’t have come along at the time it did, I’m sure I would have been a bit disheartened and lost. Grasping for people to read my musings. Striving to be heard. But on signing up to Rach’s community, only a month after the birth of my blog, my fellow BE & BH-er’s became my readers (and some of my most loyal & interactive ones too!). They seemed to like my message and then used their own blogging platforms to spread my word. Ultimately, this meant more Adventuring Souls joining us here in this space! Woot. Woot.

Makin’ the Money

BE &BH has helped me put in place the steps necessary to make this Baby into something I can do full-time. Yes, bloggin’ can be a career! Rach gets right into the nitty gritty of makin’ the moolah and how to go about it the most effortless, non-sleazy and generous way possible! By far my favourite module.

Unbelievable Support

I’ve had one-on-one coaching sessions with the Mamma Bear Rach before. And I can tell you they were potently powerful! But this is BETTER. Not only do you get Rach in all her glory. You get hundreds of other inspiring women to add to your support crew. The BE & BH Facebook group is priceless! I’ve never seen a community that is so interactive, supportive and generous. There are currently over 700 amazing women in the group. I’ve gotten advice on my Ebook, ran blog post ideas by them and shared my struggles and wins on the page. No need to pay for a blog coach when you’ve got over 700 hundred of em’ that are always just a click away.

Kindred Connections

In the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas (and pretty much all over the world) there lies a bunch of Blog-Hearted Beauties. And like I mentioned, some of these beauties have become my best friends. Yep I mean real-life, face-to-face friends. The kind that lunch together and hug in real life. Something very rare in the blogggin’ world!

For me this has been the best part. To be connected with like-minded women who are experiencing the same online challenges and joys is pretty damn fabulous. And to be able to cheer on these wonderful women while they kick big goals and help change the world makes me pretty damn proud too. BE & BH has been bringing bloggin’ babes together since Feb 2014 and I have no doubt more friendships will be forged for years and years to come.

blog hearted


Have you got a blog?

Would you like to start a blog?

Have you got a burning desire to express yourself, but just don’t know how?

Would you like an unbelievable support system at the click of you fingers?

If you answered Yes to any of the above (Hell Yes’s count too!)…This course is definitely for you. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran. Whether you blog about fashion or food, soul or the surf. THIS. IS. FOR. YOU.

BECOME A blogging babe

Wanna hang* with us?

If you’ve gotten this far, I know there’s a burning desire within you. There’s something you want to share with the world. And, my beautiful blogging babe, as we live in an abundant, forever-providing Universe there is as many people awaiting your message as you are willing to gift it to.

As a proud affiliates* of BE&BH, Kristen and I want to help you spread this message of yours. 

*We get a little bit each time someones uses my link to sign up!

To further support you on your blogging journey, we are holding a “Google Hangout” for all those who sign up to BE&BH using either of our affiliate links (More details to come after enrolments close). So come hang out with us, where we’ll be diving deep into…

  • Money making
  • Building an audience
  • Authenticitiy, and 
  • Our top BE&BH tips
  • PLUS: Answering any of your q’s too 

To become an official BE &BH-er it’s an investment of $397 AUD. And let me tell you now, I would happily pay twice this amount simply to have access to the Facebook group!

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: If it’s the $$$ that’s got you down, Rach does have a payment plan available. Plus I suggest you jump over here for some financial inspiration too. 

So get over there and…

Meet your Soul Sisters NOW. 

ANOTHER IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: There’s never a perfect time to chase that dream. You are never going to be completely ready. The stars are never going to align perfectly in your favour. Now is as good a time as any. So… JUST. DO. IT.

Big Love Meg x

4 Comments to “Wanna be a Blogger?”

  1. Karla says:

    I actually have tears in my eyes. Woah woah woah I feel so blessed and grateful. You girls are my beautiful wings and thank you universe for bringing us together. Miss you xxx

  2. Oh Meg, this was stunningly beautiful. I absolutely loved reading about your friendships with Kristen and Karla – it truly sounds so magical and how incredible that it all started with Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted!
    You have done such an amazing job of potently describing how awesome the course is here.
    Also your Google Hangout sounds amazing and I’m sure the people who attend are going to learn so much from you both.
    PS. Ever since I got your responses back I’ve been seeing JUST. DO. IT. everywhere! Love it!

  3. Melody says:

    When we first had our coaching sessions about a year ago (wow, time flies!), you told me about the course! It’s amazing and inspiring to see what it’s done for you. I decided to take the financial leap and sign up yesterday. I am so so so excited for what is it come, all that I will learn, and mostly, about the community I will get to join.

    — Mel // http://www.marevoli.com

  4. Justyna says:

    I’ve connected with every word and I’ve had the chance to think about the Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted ecourse for a few days and I’ve decided to sign up. I am ready to take the leap, challenge myself, create the blog I’ve always wanted and connect with inspiring women during my journey. I can’t wait! Thank you!

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