Become the most successful person you know



We’re jealous of those who have it. And pity those who don’t.

‘Cause to be a success means we’ve made it, right?

But what exactly does a success mean?

In today’s society so many of us dedicate our lives to success. We work our asses off at the office, in our business, in our relationships, in our bodies – in order to live up to our definition of success.

But rarely do we ever stop to question what we’re measuring our success against. Rarely do we ever stop to see if our version of success and it’s “end goal”  is actually where we desire to be.

In fact, too often we hold stringent definitions of success that box us in. Definitions that are founded completely on external achievements and ones in which have no consideration of our feelings. As a result, our success is completely dependant on our external environment.  And given that that which lies outside of ourselves cannot always be controlled, we are often left plagued by our inability to live up to our own definition of SUCCESS. 

 Cue: Feelings of failure, heart break, depression. ( I share my own tale of darkness in the video below!) 

But what if success didn’t mean working our aSs off? 

What if success wasn’t dependent on outside forces? 

What if success was available to us whenever we desired? 

Today I share with you a very personal story on how my old (and super stringent!) definition of success led me to darkness AND how by redefining what success looked like for me life became a whole lot more magical (and successful!) 

Press play below for all the juice & tips on how you can be successful whenever you choose. 


  • We choose how to DEFINE success
  • A definition of success solely based on external/ material things is DANGEROUS
  • A definition of success founded on a feeling turns success into something we can CULTIVATE.
  • With the latter, success becomes a CHOICE – a much more empowering definition to live by!
  • You are WORTHY of success


Are you currently being plagued by your definition of success?

Are you struggling to live up to what you believe it to be? 

Here’s the steps (which I share in much more detail in the video above) on how to redefine success and bring more joy, fluidity and well… success into your life.

  1.  Ask yourself thisHow do I currently define success? 
  2. Take a good look at your life and askIs this definition serving me? 
  3. If it’s a NO – it’s time to redefine how you look at success. Instead of basing your definition of success on the accumulation of things outside of yourself, choose a definition which has foundations in a FEELING. Feelings can be easily cultivated within us – they are a choice (unlike things external to us). Therefore by choosing to define success as a certain feeling, it becomes something we can choose to be every single day.


If you follow these quick steps – success will no longer feel like something so very far off and out of reach. It will no longer be something that plagues you and sends you into the deep, dark state of unworthiness.

It will become something tangible, feel-able, liveable.

And you will become the most successful person you know. 

Big Love Meg x

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  1. WORD, sister. Focusing externally for our success is a fast trip to misery-ville! Thanks so much for this beautiful video, expressing your truth and sharing your definitions of success. xox

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