VLOG: The Best (& Easiest) Way to Stay Present

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The Now.

Not just some illusory moment created to catapult Eckhart Tolle to fame. This bad-boy is the portal to all of life’s good shit. Nothing exists outside of it.

It is where were were created to exist. 

However, its sometimes pretty fucking difficult to stay there. Or shall I say HERE, in the Now. Yeah, we know where to find it, but that sneaky, little mind of ours has a tendency to lure us away. She prefers frolicking in the memories of the past or tripping out on the possibilities of the future. Yeah, this can be super-duper fun. But what about the magic? All that good shit? That my friends, can ONLY be created in the present.

Want access to more of this magical shiz? Want to know how to venture straight back to the Now when your tricky little mind has lured you away?

Well Sista, I have created this wee-little video on how to do just that using one super, duper easy technique.

Press Play Now, my present-moment-seeking little Diva. 

Where are you?

Are you Here. With Me. Right. Now? 

If not, get into that big, bootiful bod-ay of yours. And start to FEEL girlfriend.

Like I said, the quickest & most easily accessible portal to the present moment is through your body. Make a mental note of all the lil’ things you can do throughout your day when you find yourself up in yo’ head.

  • Dance
  • Wrap your hands around a freshly brewed mug of tea
  • Put your feet on cool, damp Earth
  • Run your hands lovingly over your body

Do anything to awaken your senses. This is the quickest, easiest way to the Now.

Your turn – Do you have tricks of your own that bring you back to the present moment? 

Declare & Share, Sista!

And if you know someone who might benefit from this little nugget, why not pass it on. Cause, the more peeps we got livin’ in the present the more magical this world will be.

Big Love Meg x

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