Blissin’ Out: Connection


How freaking amazing is human connection? 

I have this kinda epiphany at least once a month. Yes…unfortunately, that means there are times in which I am blind to this fact.

As a devout introvert, I get my energy from sacred solo time. I can often go weeks without all that much human contact and still find myself in a good space. I revel in my own company because,  it is here that I can control my energy.  Being out in the big-wide world of people, partaking in intimate (and not so intimate) conversations, makes keeping my energy levels high a wee-bit more difficult. I often get this idea in my head that too much contact with others is a little draining. So social engagements are rarely high on my priority list. In fact, sometimes my priority is actually avoiding them.

But then every so often there comes a weekend of back-to-back social commitments, where “Meg Time” just isn’t going to be possible. And this weekend was just that. From Friday to Sunday, I was in the company of others without much time in between. Much to my surprise, when Monday rolled around I didn’t feel drained, exhausted or stripped of my energy. I felt alive. 

Moral of the story? 

There is no substitute for real life human connection. 

It is integral to our survival. Yes, we should work to embrace our innate divinity, but it shouldn’t be at the risk of abandoning our humanity.

I fall into this trap sometimes. But a weekend of pure human-to-human, everyday kinda bliss pulled me right out.

Blissful Little Tidbits

1. He for She – Emma Watson 

This is one of the most stunningly powerful speeches I have ever heard.  At 10min 10seconds she gives men a call to action. It kind of took my breath away when she spoke of giving boys the right to be vulnerable. Make sure you send this link onto all the men in your life. Get them in on the action. 

2. Brisbane Festival 

Red wine, live music (see; Meg Mac), and my family. A winning combination to end the weekend.

meg mac

3. Sunshine

My love affair with the sun has reached a whole new level the past week. We’ve been pretty much inseparable. Like the best kind of lover, her presence makes me come alive. I’ve got a feeling our relationship is going to get a whole lot more intense over the next few months.

photo 2

Your turn.

What had you “blissin’ out” this week?

Was it being soaking in sunshine with your soul sisters?

Or was it sacred solo sessions that had you in a spell?

I wanna hear it.

Big Love Meg x

10 Comments to “Blissin’ Out: Connection”

  1. Kylie says:

    ha, we are so similar on the introvert / connection balance, and being children of the sun! The catch up on Saturday definitely made me feel tapped in and happy – it was so lovely to laugh with everyone xo

  2. Sarah Kate says:

    The first few paragraphs describe me perfectly. I love my alone time and really find social parties quite draining. So inspired that you can just say it and claim it! But, you’re right: nothin’ like human connection. My sister just landed to Perth for a month-long stay. I am blissin’ out in her presence!! So much fun to be had. Thanks again, Meg, for a stellar post.

  3. Lauren says:

    I hear ya! Connection to others…and myself + nature is incredible. Just fills me up. I’m soaking up the sun as much as possible before it turns into fall/winter over here. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here, but it will only be another month or so before we see snow.

  4. Fran says:

    YES to human connection. Always feel a million times better when I leave my ever-so-comfortable cave for a moment or two. xxx
    P.S. pretty pictures :)

  5. YES! The introvert club is the COOLEST! I’ve only just started really embracing it over the past 12 months. I went from back to back social events to a complete aversion to mid week catch ups and I’ve never been happier. Was happy to spend time in your company on Saturday lovely. I’m glad the rest of your weekend was fab-freakin-tastic. X

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