Blissin’ Out: Energy. Energy. Energy.


Last Monday I came across this interview by the beautiful Connie Chapman and Belinda Davidson. With a big to-do list awaiting me, I was surprised to find myself reaching for my headphones and snuggling up under my covers to have a listen. In retrospect, I know I was being guided. There was a nugget within this interview I needed to hear. And it was this…

Our energy creates our reality. 

I have known for a while we are energetic beings. That energy is our true essence. I meditate and do yoga on the reg. However I was still hell bent on the notion that our thoughts were the creators of our reality.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe thoughts have the ability to create. They are manifesting powerhouses, and great perspective shifters. However according to Belinda, our energy has an even greater ability to transform. It possesses a much more potent power than that of thoughts, one that can transform reality at a much greater speed.

And who doesn’t want their desires to manifest more quickly! 

It’s our energy that creates our thoughts. And our thoughts that create our reality. So why not cut out the middleman? Why not devote our entire focus to our energy? It’s rather logical.

Completely intoxicated by this new idea, as soon I’d finished listening to Connie’s interview, I pressed play on Belinda’s Chakra Cleanse Meditation (something I’d neglected for quite a few months) and surrendered to this woman’s magical voice for the next 50 minutes.

And it’s been my secret weapon all week long.

Having released NAKED out into the world last week, my emotions were high. When you pour your heart into something creative (or anything for that matter) it’s very difficult to remain unattached. You start to see it is an extension of your Being, and forget that it is in fact a separate entity in and of itself. And I know that’s exactly why I was pulled to reach for my headphones and listen to Connie and Belinda’s interview.

A focus on my energy instead of my external circumstances allowed me to simply observe NAKED out in the world. It prevented me from allowing my emotions to be dependant on how she was received. Although, I wasn’t immune to the odd “OMG this is amazing. Look at all of this I have created!” kinda moments. Every time I felt like I was attaching to the “success” of NAKED and the material aspects of her release, I brought myself back to Belinda’s wise words. Our energy creates our reality. 

And by god, they’ve been quite the saviour!


1. Sweaty, sweaty yoga 


I’m currently over half-way through my Yoga Teacher Training. Can I get a whoop whoop?

And I’m absolutely adoring my practice, delving deep into my spirituality and expanding my sense of Self. However in the last few weeks I felt something lacking. Something I couldn’t quite pin point.

Then I “randomly” (definitely guided by something on this one) joined a Hot Yoga studio. And after my first class, I knew exactly what has been missing… SWEAT. Since joining a little over a week ago, I’ve pretty much sweated it out on the mat every day.

It’s just want my practice needed. More intensity. More challenge. More heat. More yang!

(The image above is post home hot yoga session. N.B. Yoga in hot midday sun.) 

2. Bali, Baby! 


At the beginning of 2014 I declared I would be going to Bali at some point during the year. However as the year has progressed rather rapidly, I’ve found myself forgetting all about this desire. Until recently that is, when I thought “Yep, this has just gotta happen!”

So I’ve gotten one of my sisters onboard and although I’m unsure of where the funds for some of the trip are going to transpire from, I’m booking anyway.

I trust the moolah will turn up. So much so that I’ve already started planning the places I want to visit. Check out the Pinerest board I created.

Bali here we come! 

3.  SBTRKT feat. Ezra – New Dorp. New York. 

This song is doing things to me.

“Gargoyles gargling oil.” Makes me smile every time.

Your turn

As per usual, Sisterino, I wanna hear from you.

Fist pumps?

Break throughs?

Big wins?

Big falls?

I wanna hear it all.

Big Love Meg x


12 Comments to “Blissin’ Out: Energy. Energy. Energy.”

  1. Steph says:

    Meg, you are one hell of a goddamn beautiful and energetic babe. Love you so much!

  2. Lauren says:

    Ah, I must listen to that interview – I heard Connie Chapman on the Wellness Wonderland podcast (one of my favorites!) a few weeks ago and LOVED the talk about intuition. I feel like my big win lately is just going with the flow of things instead of resisting.

  3. Melody says:

    Great stuff Meg. Congrats again on your ebook! I can’t to get my hands on a copy. And congrats as well on the yoga certification!! That’s amazing. Over the week I had a major first pump at graduating college (WOO). Very excited for the next chapter of life to come.


    Mel @

  4. Lyndsey says:

    I was just about to listen to that interview and then I was pulled to read this post first! As I read the first couple of paragraphs I said these exact words in my head “It’s our energy that creates our thoughts. And our thoughts that create our reality.” And then there they were the next line I read, seriously it was kinda weird, word for word I said the words before I read them… in sync!! Pretty transformative words when you really think about them…it is all about energy! Every being on this earth (earth included) beams out energy creating our reality, thus creating our thoughts, beautiful xx

    • Lyndsey. We are just so in sync Baby!!!! It’s so easy to forget about the power of energy when we live a busy life stimulated by everything around us. We have to make time to come back home to ourselves to FEEL that power again. Big love Lynds! xx

  5. Meg – that photo of you post hot yoga – divine. Wow babe, wish I looked like that after getting sweaty!
    I personally love anything Belinda does, I can’t get enough of her. Or Connie either!

    I’m currently getting back in deep connection with my soul, through Belinda’s meditation, journal practice and a little bit of the old self love!

    PS My win? I’ve had a client absolutely SMASH out goals that they’ve set for themselves. Seeing this gorgeous woman tick a big thing off her list, and being there to share her accomplishments is such a natural high!

    PPS LOVE naked. Sooooo beautiful babe. xx

  6. Fran says:

    Yep, that deffo has to be one of the best interviews that I have listened to in an age. Such potent stuff. Major kudos to you for even attempting to detach yourself from the thrill of releasing Naked!
    P.S. You look ridiculously radiant and babin’ in your yoga photo! Beaut.

  7. Nickie says:

    Oh baby, Bali sounds like bliss! I too have a big yearning and drawing to that place, love that your trusting your inner guide on leading you there.


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