Blissin’ Out – Happy Healing Day

healing dayEarly last week my body decided she was tired of being pushed around. 

She’d had enough of me doing, doing, doing. She was in desperate need of some rest. So she sent me a message.

And that message came in the form of a big-ass case of Eczema (taking up 3/4 of my face and a whole heap of my body) + a bout of the Flu.

Yep. I heard ya Gurl! I got your message.

So I threw a sickie, put myself under house arrest and devoted an entire day to Healing.

Yeah there was some meditation & acupuncture, crystals & angel cards, affirmations & journalling.

But most of my Healing involved just plain “vegging out”.

This I hadn’t done in quite some time. My soul needed to just hang out, take a break & put her legs up. So I gifted her just that. 

What exactly did this look like?

  • No morning medi. Each morning I get up and meditate followed by a bit of yoga to get me ready for my day. But on my healing day and the days either side of that I didn’t feel like it. I said “Fuck it” I’m sleeping in.
  • Breakfast in bed. I took my breaky back to bed. And after devouring my oats this is where I stayed for the next few hours.
  • No exercise. ( a Biggie for me). Not one little bit. And it made me feel uncomfortable. I craved moving my body. And at one point I put on my shoes ready to take to the streets but a thumping head ache put me back in my place. It made me realise that this “craving” for movement was more in my mind. It was based on a fear of what a day without exercise would do to me. “I will get fat.” “I will loose my fitness” “I will feel like a slob”.  But I listened to my body instead of those silly, irrational voices. I sank into idleness. I embraced inactivity. I revelled in a bit of hibernation.
  • A whole heap o’ Vitamin D – Thankfully I was blessed with incredible weather on my Healing day. So I spent the day intermittently soaking up the Sunshine. There is no better feeling than that of absorbing the Sun’s rays into your skin and drinking in its warmth. Instant energy boost.
  • Grounding – I took my socks off (Yep. All healing days require comfy socks) and I stepped onto the grass. I pranced around, digging my toes deep into the Earth. I paced back and forwards. I got down and rolled around a little. Contact with the Earth has a heck of a lot of health benifits and it feels pretty damn good too.
  • Movie Marathon – I watched two movies in one day! Woah.
  • Feeding my soul – Literally. I ate my way out of sickness with a heck load of good, vibrant, warm, nourishing foods. Even though I was feeling well below par, nothing keeps me outta the kitchen.

Healing isn’t exclusive to consciously balancing your Chakras or strengthening your Chi.

Sometimes “vegging out” and revelling in the act of doing nothing is just the kind o’ healing our soul needs to realign, reboot and recharge. 

And this is exactly what I did. 

 Blissful Little Tidbits

1. The Renegade Collective 


How am I just discovering this magazine now? On one of my sick days, I propped myself up in bed for a good few hours enthralled in each and every page of this masterpiece. Every story is engaging. Every page inspiring. Get yo’ hands on a copy now.

2. Kris Carr – Crazy Sexy Cancer 

Another Healing Day activity was watching this amazingly-awesome movie. It’s all about the wonderful woman that is Kris Carr and her healing journey from an incurable cancer. Oh there are a whole lotta wonderful people on this Earth! 

3. Adventuring Home Gets a Lil’ Raunchy 

Meg O'Sullivan { High Res }_13_Low Res

Last week I was so happy to share a whole heap of fun new additions to the Adventuring Home space. All decked out with half-naked photos and all.

If you haven’t already checked it out pop over here to find out a lil’ more about me or jump on over here to have a peak at my new coaching services.

Let me know what ya’ll think! 

Your turn Shugah!

When was the last time you gifted yourself a Healing Day?

Or what had you Blissin’ Out this week?

As usual, I WANNA HEAR IT!

Thank you for being here.

Big Love Meg x




Image via Buzzfeed. 


5 Comments to “Blissin’ Out – Happy Healing Day”

  1. Felicia says:

    Hey Hun,

    Sorry to hear you weren’t well. I was feeling quite lethargic and out of it last week so I made sure I treated myself to nights in with tea and back to back episodes of my favourite tv show, sleep ins and some serious chill out time.
    It felt great and now I’m feeling good and recharged. We definitely need a little TLC every now and then!
    Hope you’re feeling better!

    Love Felicia xo

  2. Kristen says:

    awwww my darling Meg. Hope your feeling better, Sure you would be after a weekend like that. Dedicated healing time!

    Love Love Love! Your half naked bod splashed over the pages of Adventuring Home.

  3. Jade says:

    Aaaah, loved reading this article. It felt relaxing and healing just reading it and receiving all the wondrous vibes of self-love :)
    I’m in a phase of my life where I am so blessed to be able to do this most days. It’s something very similar to what you wrote about. It’s such luxury to be able to follow what I feel and listen to my body and what it’s telling me moment to moment. Only things I would add would be drinking tea non-stop (homemade chai latte come to mamaaa), doing some yin yoga (so relaxing and rejuvenating), and cooking myself something I love (if I got the energy).
    Thank you a graceful reminder :) Isn’t the body a magical messenger!

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