Blissin’ Out

cloud gazin

Our emotions are an indication of where we are in terms of what we desire. 

When we are feeling joyful we are in alignment with our Higher Self. And this means we are moving towards the kind of experience that we want/ is best for our expansion. When we are feeling less than fresh we are out of alignment, we are existing on a completely different energetic plane to that which we desire.

I was reminded of this last week by a good friend of mine. And of course these words found me when I most needed them. For the last month I’ve been feeling a little funky and all that I’ve experienced seems to have reflected this said…”funky-ness”.

Now I realise instead of focusing on my external circumstances and attempting to manipulate everything around me in order to release me from my “funk”, all I’ve got to do is choose joy. By choosing joy I am choosing to align with my Higher Self. And by choosing to align with my Higher Self I am choosing to vibrate at the same frequency as all that I desire.

Then there is no need to even consider manipulating or overexerting myself to “make shit happen” as my joy transports me to a reality where the shit is already happening. You feel? 

So in a bid to choose joy my life has looked a little like this…

More music.

More sillines,

More laughter.

More dancing.

More connection. 

And then just before pressing publish on this post I stumbled* across this by Gabby Bernstein…

Lean towards joy

* Note: Nothing is by accident. 

Amen to that. 

Blissful little tidbits

1. Mindful Eating

mindful eating I love food. So much so that sometimes when my food and fork make contact my excitement kicks in to such an intense degree that I won’t so much as eat but inhale everything on my plate.

So In a bid to slow down and take joy from the act of eating ( not only the thought!) I’ve committed to more mindful meals. Taking myself outside into the sunshine, away from my computer and phone. And although it’s a moment to moment reminder – I’m slowing down!

2. Cloud Gazing

cloud gazing

The simple act of staring up at the sky and drinking in her beauty – Breath taking.

And it’s how I spent my Friday afternoon.

3. Abraham Hicks

Since discovering Esther and Abraham Hicks about a year ago, they have been one of my greatest teachers. However the last few months I’ve abandoned them for more “productive” reading and listening material (Think: All things Marketing, Business, Productivity).

After my little awakening this week (See story above!) I’ve realised that above all other teachings it is that of Abraham that have me feeling the most joyful and of course, as a result, most in alignment with my Truth. So I’m back on the Abraham train. (Woot Woot!). 

Your turn

And it’s over to you, Beautiful.

What’s had you Blissin’ Out over the last week? 

Share your JOY in the comments below (Pssst. It will help you align with your Higher Self!!!!).

Big Love Meg x


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