Blissin’ Out

Meg O'Sullivan { Low Res }_01 Life isn’t meant to be serious.

In fact, joy is our natural state.

The point of being here is have as much fun as we possibly can.


As someone who considers themselves a devoted spiritual seeker, I can often get caught up in the “spiritualness” of it all.  My days can sometimes come to resemble a block of highly scheduled spiritual quests – yoga, meditating, journaling, cleansing. And this, my friends, can leave me little time for spontaneous joy!

Given that joy is our natural state, spirituality in a sense is simply being joyful. A life committed to connection does not mean a life devoid of jokes, laughter and childlike play. In fact a  life devoted to Spirit means a life devoted to these things.

And this became quite strikingly obvious to me this week after indulging in lots of giggles, play time and antics left me feeling so magnificently aligned.

Moral of the story: Follow your laughter, joy and smiles –  for this is the true spiritual path. 

Blissful Little Tidbits

A few of the silly suckers that had me smiling, giggling and all up in my joy this week. 

1. My kinda porn

Coconut Oil - James Franco

A collation of porn for the spiritually incline woman. Very funny and extremely true. Nothing sexier that a green smoothie drinking spiritually supportive man! (And I’m very lucky to be in the company of my own!).

2. Parks and Recreation

parks and rec

Amy Poehler…. enough said.

3. The “Kylie Jenner”

kylie jenner

Unbeknown to me, this trend was circulating last week. So when my boyfriend suggested one night that I grab a shot glass as he had a fun idea, I was happy to play along.

Although there were some very sore lips and a few sneaky bruises that surfaced the next day, they were definitely worth the sheer joy and ridiculous laughter that I got to witness on my boyfriend’s face.

Your turn

What had you “blissin’ out” last week? 

Shout your joy in the comments below. Make it a declaration of gratitude.

Big Love Meg x

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  1. Ahhh Meg, this is brilliant. I too can get very caught up in the seriousness of spirituality, but I really believe that joy is the true spiritual path.
    Oh the porn for spiritual women is so hilarious, thanks for sharing it!

    PS. I’ve been meaning to start watching Parks and Recreation!

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