Blissin’ Out


I’ve blissed out on this before – a few times actually ( uno & duo). But here I am again, at the end of a beautiful week completely and utterly HIGH off of human connection.

My week was a blissful culmination of long-awaited catch ups, wonderfully random run ins, and bursts of quality time spent with the ones I love and adore. All of this glorious connection peaked on Sunday evening as I sat before a beautiful bunch of humans for my first “Meditate and Manifest with Meg”.  We dove deep into the arena of energy – chatting all things metaphysics and creation. I spoke ( a LOT!!!) about personal creative power – the innate ability which exists within each of us to experience whatever it is we desire – and was in awe of the depth and beauty of the conversation which ensued.

As the room settled in for a final meditation, after a few hours of solid conversation, I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude. Gratitude for these beautiful beings that has opened themselves up to me and all those that sat around them. They were so willing to speak, share but most importantly BE SEEN! 

It is after experiences like this that I realise, as much as I label myself an introvert, deep connection with like-minded people LIFTS ME UP – really, really, really high!  

So I’m declaring now that I desire MORE. MORE. MORE! 

Blissful Little Tidbits

1. I’d Don’t Like it Parody

There’s something about middle age males lip syncing that just gets me every time…. (Here’s another goodie!). 

2. Family Time 

Silly selfies with the fam makes for a solidly sweet Sunday.



3. Matcha Lattes

My current obsession: Laptop hangs at Sol Bread with a goblet of this green goodness.


Your Turn

Ahhhhhhh, well I’m blissed out! 

What about you? 

Show your gratitude for the week that was in the comments below, Beautiful human!

Big Love Meg x


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  1. Kylie says:

    I’m so glad your first “Meditate and Manifest with Meg” was incredible. But of course it was – you’re a born facilitator!! I would have been there if I didn’t already have another event, but I really hope to be at the next one! xx

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