Blissin Out: Trust

trust 1This week has been a funny one.

I have been grasping. Pulling. Striving. Stressing.

I have been drowning.  Drowning in a sea of overwhelm. Drowning in pool of self-doubt.

I have been living up in my head. Trying to predict the future. Trying to teleport myself there in order to find out if everything works out the way I hope.

I have broken out in Eczema. My bodies response to stress. But I have been trying to push through. Continuing to do, do, do.

It all got too much over the weekend. I collapsed in a heap.

I was tired. Not only in every little cell of my body. But deep through to my soul.

I felt disconnected & defeated. 

After wallowing in a sad pile for a bit, I did the only thing I know to do in times like this. And that is to…


I stopped. I took a deep breath. I handed my problems over to the Universe. I released everything that I was grasping on to. I stepped out of my head, back into the present.

And sometimes that’s all you’ve got to do. Take a deep breath. And trust that every thing is going to be okay. That no matter what experience you experience. It is exactly where you need to be.

So now, I am taking my foot off the acelerator. I am winding back on my committments.

Yep. Maybe that means some deadlines won’t get met. But I will come to that when it happens.

Right now. I trust that whatever I am doing in this very moment is enough.

I trust that everything is going to be okay.

And that’s all I can ever hope.

Life is feeling a little more spacious already. The stress is slowly working its way out of my being. I can feel myself pulling back, releasing my grasp on the future. My soul has perked up.

I am here. In the present. Doing all I can. Right. Now. 

Blissful Little Tidbits

1. Yoga 

Sunday morning I rolled out my yoga mat. I spent the next 90 minutes deep in practice.

Expectation and comparison is something I deal with on my mat quite a bit. On Sunday, there was none.

And it was pure bliss. 


2. Russell Brands gets sexy 

Wow. Never have I heard so much brilliance come out of a man’s mouth at such a quick speed.

I’ve never thought much of Rusty. But he knows his shit. I’m in love.

3. Backyard Birthday Bash 

I threw my bestie, Shannon, a belated birthday lunch this week. Just the two of us.

Good food. Good chat. Good times.


 Yep. It’s your turn, Sista.

What had you blissin’ out this week?

What perked up your soul? 

Sprinkle some magic my way in the comments below.

Forever grateful for your presence.
Big Love Meg x

Image via Free Yogini


10 Comments to “Blissin Out: Trust”

  1. Kristen says:

    Gorgeous Meg.

    Good girl, we gotta go there sometimes, those places that feel icky and uncomfortable. Where stress lives and future tripping is thing to do. We come out of it all the more brighter.

    What perked up my weekend? Fabulous coaching sessions (both as the coach and as the client).

    A soulful Sunday by the river in the company of inspiring soul sisters (you included ;) )

    Oh and Mr Brand, Your words are sexy.

  2. Karla says:

    Oh babe! I broke out with dermatitis/allergic reaction/fungus/I still don’t know what the eff it is on my face on Thursday. I cried and cried and didn’t even feel like going to work. But I definitely agree that stress just brings it on even more. I’ve had a very relaxing weekend, treating my face kindly with healing methods and it’s slowly going down. It’s so comforting to know I’m not the only one. Thank you for being honest as always beautiful. Let’s kick these rashes to the curb! xx

    • Hahahaha! I just love you. Your description of your rash is epic.
      My battle with eczema is constant, but definitely it times of stress it likes to go a lil’ cray cray!
      Learning to be kind to it now though ;) Nice relaxing weekend sounds divine <3

    • Kristen says:

      Haha Karla, I’ve gotta say, I love your description too. I do hope it goes down though. xxx

  3. Stacey says:

    Holy shitake, relate, relate, relate BIG TIME, Meg!
    My weekend was all about cutting ties with expectations and stress, and simply enjoying the NOW – that’s flowing beautifully in my week. Ta for the gentle reminder xx

    Ps. I had a cray ezcema breakout (tyvm stress), give tissue salts a try, the comb D ones worked an absolute treat.

    • Stacey. I just love when you stop by here :) :) :) We always seem to be on the exact same wave length!
      Definitely going to try that little eczema cure! Am always searching for something new to try. Thanks Beautiful gal. xxx

  4. Tara says:

    Oh yep, this has totally been a biggie for me too over the last couple of weeks. I feel like I have the word ‘overwhelm’ stitched into my brain at the moment, and I am forever chasing my tail. But knowing that all the commotion and craziness is a part of this journey I am on to serve up something special to the world, makes it all that much more manageable, and helps me to get comfortable being uncomfortable sometimes. I will get where I need to be when I am supposed to be there!

    Sending big love to you Meg xx

    • Yes Tara. Sometimes we are called for a little pressure and overwhelm. But the power lies in our ability to identify it as just a short term thing. We don’t wanna go around accepting overwhelm in every moment!

      Sending a whole lotta love right back at you!!! xxx

  5. Lauren says:

    Oh love this! I’ve been working with the mantra Let Go lately because I too deal with expectation & comparison in my life, and I know it doesn’t serve me. I listened to that video with Russell Brand last week and wow – so much magic in those words. I’ve been blissin out this week from a long holiday weekend full of friends & sunshine (and much-needed disconnection from the internet!).

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