Blissin’ Out


Mother Nature is one of our greatest inspirations. 

The way She moves, breathes and expresses Herself is a deep reflection of our innate cycles, structure and energy. That is why so often we find ourselves modelling her movements in our own life. 


Last week Mother Nature was out in full force. I was on the Gold Coast visiting the beautiful Kristen, when She gifted us quite a show. As we stood on the beach we were mesmerised by her power – Her waters thrashed, battered and raged against the shore, Her skies embodied the deepest and darkest of greys and Her wind was strong and unrestrained.

After soaking in her intense and powerful beauty, it wasn’t long before Her wild energy took a hold of us. That night (as we set in for an old school slumber party),  we found ourselves completely letting loose, releasing all the things we thought we “had to be” and all the labels we were convinced we “should” live up to. We took the advice of Mother Nature and simply allowed our instincts to lead the way.

Wild is our natural state.

Just as it is an innate part of Mother Nature to thrash Her seas against the sand and send Her skies into hues of darkness, so to is it natural for us to be wild – to let loose, to be unrestrained. 

And this simply means letting go of all that we think we are supposed to do/ believe/ be and sinking into what feels good in each moment. To embody our wild energy means to let go of  our self-inflicted expectations and to instead be led my our highest excitement.

And although Friday night didn’t see us dancing on tables or running around the streets naked, we tore down the walls of the box we had created around ourselves and for THAT, we were oh-so-wild. 

Blissful Little Tidbits

1. School of Radiant


I spent all of Sunday intimately connected with a beautiful bunch of women at Claire Baker’s “School of Radiant”.

We yoga-ed, Grooved, journaled, drew and munched on delicious food – all in the name of self-love and self-expression.

My biggest AHA: Self care is synonymous with JOY. (Blog post to come on this nugget of wisdom!).

Big Shouts to Emma for the vibrant yoga fun and Tash for creating the space yet again for me to unashamadedly embody my inner Beyonce.

2. Talking Animal Fun 

It’s only funny once – something my Dad used to say a whole lot when we were younger.

Well, Dad, you were wrong… oh-so-very wrong!  

I’ve seen this video a million times and still I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt on rediscovering it last week.

3. Banana & Spinach Pancakes 


Words will not do these pancakes justice. So I’m simply going to leave you to drool over the screen.

If you’re ever even remotely close to the Gold Coast I beg that you get  down to Greenhouse Factory, Kirra and have this magic dance across your taste buds.

Ps. Yes, that IS Chai ice-cream and vanilla cashew cream. 


Your turn

So last week I was “Blissin’ Out” on my inner WILD.

What was it that had YOU “Blissin’ Out”? 

I adore reading your comments – each of them are infusions of bliss in my day.

Big Love Meg x

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  1. Kristen says:

    This post has me smiling ear to ear. X

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