Blissin’ Out: Syncronicity, Baby!


I haven’t popped by with Blissin’ Out for a while. And honestly I’d forgotten how much I love writing it until this morning. For me it’s a form of gratitude practice. A perfect way to reflect on the week, to give thanks for what was and to sink down into all that I have experienced. It’s effortless to write. The words just flow. And I am always left with a big bursting heart and a smile the makes my cheeks ache. So before we dive in, I thank you for being here with me and sharing this little piece of writing that brings me a whole heap of joy.

Syncronicity, Baby!

I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. If something weird and wacky happens, something that seems humorously accidental, I put it down to syncronicity. And in the last few weeks my life  has been an absolute explosion of the stuff.

I’ve been offered things I desire unexpectedly & run into people I’ve wanted to see in the most unsuspecting of places. Pretty much I’ve just have a whole lot of the things I’ve wanted to happen…happen. Effortlessly! 

“Syncronicity is the Universe saying YES!” – Danielle La Porte. 

So YES, I am taking comfort in the fact that life is saying YES to me right now. These little synchronistic things are messages from the Universe, letting me know that She’s conspiring with me to make manifest my desires. And She’s doing a pretty FABULOUS job of it right now.  I’m in the flow. 

These little “coincidences” are reminding me there is no need to strive. And that there is a greater force helping me to feel joy, experience love and just have a pretty damn good time on this Earth.  They’re a reminder that everything is A-OKAY. They’re a reminder to sink down into the moment and stop future trippin’ or attempting to force things into being. Cause that’s the Universe’s job. She’s got our back. Our only job is to stay in the flow with these syncronicities. Keep following our bliss. Stay in that space of excitement and outta that space of grasping, striving and forcing.

For me I am currently it a pretty uncertain time of my life. I recently bit the bullet and quit my job. But these syncronicities are giving me faith. Little dribbles of unexpected abundance and love are finding me. They are reminding me to keep going. They’re letting me know that a whole lotta good shit is coming to me.

And I’m pretty damn excited for this good shit. 

Bring it on. 

 Blissful Little Tidbits

1. Cool mornings and Sunny days


Pretty ridiculous how good the weather has been in Brisbane lately. Fresh mornings with nothing by blue skies and warm, invigorating sunshine. Keep it up Brissy! 

2. Paul Simon


As I am writing this post, my ears are being caressed my the beautiful sounds of Paul Simon. His tunes perfectly reflect this lil’ segment – heart-bustingly, cheek-achingly good. 

3. Happy People

Good vibes only

There’s nothing better than just being around good people. The kind that make that you smile and laugh. And that’s all I want. People to make me smile and laugh. So I’m super-duper grateful for those people that have graced my life with their good vibin’ presence lately. You rule! 


So Beautiful, it’s time to fill me in! 

What’s had you blissin’ out these last few weeks?

I wanna here about all your syncronicities!

Big Love Meg x

4 Comments to “Blissin’ Out: Syncronicity, Baby!”

  1. Thank you for the stroll down memory lane, babe. Paul Simon ‘Graceland’ — my Dad used to rock that cassette (!) like nobody’s biz in in the 80’s. Reminds me of road trips and jostling for the best seat in the car with my brothers. x

  2. Sarah Kate says:

    Hi Meg! Great post (again!) I, too, have been going through a difficult season and my faith is the one thing that keeps me going. This past week, I saw two gorgeous rainbows–talk about synchronicity in a time I needed a vibrant reminder! Girl, I hear ya: I am welcoming all that good shiz coming my way with open arms. :)

  3. Kylie says:

    Love this Meg! Yay for synchronicity! I’m so glad the universe is embracing you right now x

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