Blissin’ Out: Wondrous Weekends


On Saturday morning I shared the following words with my Facebook posse:

“Nothing beats human connection. 

There’s a bunch of beautiful communities online, and the connection and support that these can provide is quite amazing. But when it all comes down to it, we need to look another human in the eye (regularly) and laugh with them, share our stories and witness their emotions IN. THE. FLESH.

There is something damn special about that. 

So get out from behind the screen and go stare another human in the eyes.” 

To be honest this public declaration was kind of indulgent. My intentions were not pure. As I pressed post on this status update, I wasn’t thinking of those of you behind the screen. Instead I was thinking of only myself. These were words I needed to hear. 

I can get a wee-bit too comfortable at home, in my own space, just doin’ my own thang. I find myself avoiding human contact, seeing it as a bit of an inconvenience. An unproductive use of my time.

It’s at these times, I know the delirium of solidarity has kicked in. It’s at these times, when I’m most resistant to human contact, I know I most need it.

So this weekend I took my own advice.

I stared a whole lot of human beings in the eye. I laughed with them. I shared stories with them. And thankfully spent very, very little time behind a screen.

My weekend was so wondrous I’d like to share a few highlights with you.


Saturday Morning Markets: Although riding solo, my morning was not short of human connection. I sat myself amongst the bustles of people, listened to music, sipped on Chai and simply soaked it all in.

People watching at markets is one of my favourite past times. Everyone seems happy, surrounded by their family and furry friends, high on the sense of freedom the weekend brings.

It’s an atmosphere I wish I could bottle and take with me everywhere.

Saturday Arvo Soul Food: The energy was potent and the conversation ever-flowing, when Karla, Kristen and I joined forces on Saturday afternoon at Greenhouse Factory. Every time I walk away from these girls I have a newfound sense of clarity and direction. Saturday was no different.

And Greenhouse Factory is a must visit. My taste buds will surely be dragging me back very soon.

Sunday Morning Bike Rides: Two bikes, two girls, two juices and whole lotta chat.

But what started as a simple leisurely morning ride turned into a no holds barred, relationship shifting kinda catch up.

You know when you delve that bit deeper, reveal that little bit more than you’d ever expected you would and suddenly you feel so much more connected.

Yep. That was Sunday morning for you!

Sunday Arvo Sister Hangs: After a weekend full of conversation and connection, it ended with two of my favourite people in the world. My sisters!

Slow, bleary eyed hangouts in the park. Little bits of conversation. Lots of silence. Some journalling. Some napping.

The perfect way to end the weekend.


Blissful Little Tidbits

1. Asgeir – Like a Version 

Completely swooning over this cover.

2. Holiday Mode


This week marks the my third week sans steady employment ( I said goodbye to my job a few weeks back!). I’m seeing it as a bit of a holiday for now, giving myself some space before I dive much deeper into the blog and some other projectsI feel brewing.

The best thing about this holiday?

Not waking up to the sound of an alarm. Not allowing my life to be dictated by the clock.

For me this has been the epitome of freedom.

Letting go of schedules, plans and to-do lists I’m allowing my days to unfold naturally.

And I’m kinda realising I’ve always had this choice.

Side Note: Blues Skies & Sunshine. Brisbane has been puttin’ in on! Perfect holiday weather.

Your turn

What had you blissin’ out in the week that was?

Big shifts. Sudden bursts of clarity. Slow, sleepy Sundays. 

I want to hear it all.

Big Love Meg x

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  1. Fran says:

    Lovely post, Meg. I can most definitely relate to getting a little too comfortable spending time at home in my company. It awesome to be able to be content independent of anyone else but it can be a little isolating and leave me craving connection. I always come away from catch ups with fiends, surprised at home much fun I had and wondering why I didn’t make the effort earlier. Beautiful share, gorgeous xxx

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