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You are Enough (Words you need to read)

Sweet, sweet soul. If you're reading these words, I'm presuming you're a living, breathing human being. And because of this, I'm presumming that sometimes you say some pretty nasty stuff to yourself. That sometimes you judge your body. That sometimes you call yourself names. And that...
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Your only business is the is-ness

Manifesting... it’s become somewhat of a buzz word, hasn’t it? Everyone’s got us believing that anything is possible. And hell yes for that! We are indeed all Beings of infinite potentiality. Anything we desire can be ours. BUT why aren’t we, well,…experiencing more of the good...
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Abundant Beings: Ezzie Spencer

"I believe prosperity is one expression of a woman's power." The beautiful human behind these words has made it her mission to guide women towards an experience of abundance, encouraging them to embrace their femininity and sensuality along the way.  She's a human right lawyer turned...
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