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BE EASY: Interview with Dr. Fun

I was tagged in this video of Tim's only a few week's ago (Go and watch it!). After watching this guy light up my screen for just over a minute, I decided then and there I had to speak with him. And because I (and you too!) live in a Universe that helps me turn my "thoughts into things" a...
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10 Lessons from 2015

2015: a year of love, lessons and loosening up.  As the year rounds to an end, here are 10 of the most potent learnings the Universe dished me up.   1. Focus is everything  Simply put, this year life felt bad when I focused on the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. But...
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Suffering, Pain & Hate: Why?

Hate isn’t the opposite of love, nor is it the absence of love.  Hate is an illusion. A product of the mind born from a disconnection from the Soul. Hate is the ignorance of love. The inability to see love. A result of your own forgetfulness. Everything is Consciousness/ God/...
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