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Suffering, Pain & Hate: Why?

Hate isn’t the opposite of love, nor is it the absence of love.  Hate is an illusion. A product of the mind born from a disconnection from the Soul. Hate is the ignorance of love. The inability to see love. A result of your own forgetfulness. Everything is Consciousness/ God/...
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You are Enough (Words you need to read)

Sweet, sweet soul. If you're reading these words, I'm presuming you're a living, breathing human being. And because of this, I'm presumming that sometimes you say some pretty nasty stuff to yourself. That sometimes you judge your body. That sometimes you call yourself names. And that...
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8 easy ways to raise your vibration

You are not just your flesh and bones. Beyond that beautiful body of yours you are energy. Particles vibrating so damn quick -  too damn quick for the even the eye to see. And just like you send a message out to the world with your physical body ( with your clothes/ hairstyle/ walk/ talk/...
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