Blissin’ Out: Collage Creations

photo 4Unbelievably inspired by the lovely Susannah Conway recently, I got my collage on last week.

A few magazines, some scissors and glue is all it took.

I snipped, ripped and tore, gathering an enormous pile of random words and beautiful images.

Then like I was attempting a puzzle I started to piece together the words.

photo 5photo 1photo 2

It was like creative writing with a vocab restriction.

Poetic Scrabble, perhaps?

The resulting creations, undoubtedly wouldn’t have naturally made my page. But seeing them there, pasted over the beautiful images, I had much the same sentiment as Conway.

“They suddenly seemed to make sense.” 

Words that first seemed so different, suddenly seemed destined to be together. 

Words my soul were calling for.

Musings she called forth from the pile of snippings, just for me to see (& share, of course!). 

 Blissful Little Tidbits

1. Alan Watts 

alan watts

A poet, preacher and personifier of Eastern philosophy in the 60’s… This man was cool! 

He brewed and sipped Japanese tea whilst overlooking a canyon of trees and speaking about consciousness.

Yep. This is my kinda guy. 

Get your love affair with the wonderful Mr Watts started Here. Here and Here.

2. Earth, Wind and Fire 

earth wind fire

“Do you remember the 21st night of September? Love was changing the minds of pretenders. While chasing the clouds away…” 

3. NAKED is nearly here 

Cover from Naked

Naked – The Ultimate Guide to Living a Life Uncensored is almost here. She is looking out-of-this-world amazing, thanks to the beautiful Alana Wimmer. (Sneaky peak above)

So the count down is on party people. I think you’re going to love her! 

Your turn

As usual, Sweet Cheeks, I hand the baton over to you.

What had you “blissin’ out” this week?

I’d love for you to share.

Big Love Meg x


4 Comments to “Blissin’ Out: Collage Creations”

  1. Lana says:

    Seeing your collages makes me want to do my own! I’m gonna get my hands on some magazines soon and do my own art project for sure. And, the cover of your ebook looks fantastic! Keen to see what you create. For me, this week, I’ve been finding major solace in reorganizing my work space and home, definitely making way for some new projects and goodness to come into my life. And tea. That’s been a must lately. Oh, and, lots of salsa dancing. Soul medicine! xo

  2. Lauren says:

    Holy cow – I love that cover for your ebook! I’m blissin out to starting blog-hearted (loved your review for it too!) & tons of summer yoga.

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