BE EASY: Interview with Dr. Fun

I was tagged in this video of Tim’s only a few week’s ago (Go and watch it!). After watching this guy light up my screen for just over a minute, I decided then and there I had to speak with him. And because I (and you too!) live in a Universe that helps me turn my “thoughts into things” a few days later I was sitting at my computer chatting, singing and dancing with this man over Skype.

Now, I had every intention of recording this in video – so you could see Tim & I busting a move. But only the audio was captured- come to think of it, maybe that was for the best!

Speaking with Tim was one of the most joy-FULL experiences I’ve had in this human experience s far – I’m not ever kidding. And I’m so excited that you get to listen to this glorious humans take on life.

In the chat Tim…

  • Talks about why we gotta be EASY on ourselves & have more FUN
  • Explains why it’s OKAY to be lazy
  • Our Inner Being and the love it has for us
  • Regularly breaks into song
  • Makes me smile uncontrollably

Want more from Tim? 

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