Why I ate an egg and have said “Good-bye” to being Vegan


I’ve been a “vegan” for about a year and a half. 

Okay, I eat honey and don’t refuse to sit on leather couches. But for the last 18 months or more  I’ve steered clear of meat, eggs, dairy and mostly all animal products in between. To be honest this part has never been a struggle for me. I’ve never felt deprived or had to smother a sudden craving for a steak with a side of aioli. My plant-based ways have me very, very, very fulfilled.

What has had me a little twisted though, is the actual  V word itself. It’s always to some degree made me feel restricted, a little boxed in. And as of late this feeling has only intensified. Each time I go to describe myself as a vegan. I…Choke…. Up…

It feels weighty, icky and burdensome in my body.  For me,  vegan does not FEEL GOOD.  And because feeling good is the guiding motivation of my entire life….

I ate an egg. (A free-range, organic egg of course!) .

Not because I was craving the yellow gorgeous yummy yolk that pours out of the centre of one which is poached to perfection  (although I enjoyed every mouthful of it!). 

I ate an egg, so I could feel free. 

I ate an egg so I could fuck off the label that was proving a little suffocating. 

I ate an egg so I could breathe again. 


By choosing to identify as a “vegan” I was contradicting myself – claiming to be living a life based solely on following my feeling in each moment but living a life restricted by certain rules.

I was allowing my need to fit a particular mould to trump my desire to feel good. 

That being said, I don’t feel my diet is going to change all that much. The odd egg here and there, perhaps. But this simple act of rebellion means the V word can no longer plague me.

Having fucked off this 5 letter word, I have no label to hide behind. My actions will be a direct reflection of my desires in the moment and nothing else.

Here’s to feeling good.


Your turn.

What is restricting you? 

What label are you holding onto that may be preventing you from living a life based solely on feeling good? 

Vegan. Paleo. Lesbian. Accountant. Hard-ass. Punk. Party animal.

Whatever the fuck the label, I dare you to play with letting it go for a bit. I dare you to allow “feeling good” to be your only guide.

So, you absolute bad-ass, why not do the following…

  1. Declare what label your “fucking off” below.
  2. Declare how you intend to feel as a consequence.

It’s time to rebel from the labels. It’s time to feel free. 

Big Love Meg x

33 Comments to “Why I ate an egg and have said “Good-bye” to being Vegan”

  1. Sarah says:

    Just wanted to say …. “I LOVE THIS POST” xx

  2. Hooray Meg! Kudos for ditching the label! Who needs em?

    I quit alcohol 3 years ago and somewhere at about 18 months in I felt the same ick about the label I’d created that you described in your post. I had a champagne at a wedding with a bunch of people I didn’t know so there was no pressure or even conversation around having a drink.

    I’m still not a drinker, I think I’ve had three drinks in 3 years, but knowing if I decide to have one now I’ve let go of the label and can enjoy it if I choose to.

    Freedom and non-judjement are the words that come up for me when I think of this process. Thanks for the sweet post xo

    • Yes Joscelin! I love that you broke out and didn’t make it a big deal. I think we put so much pressure on ourselves when we slap a label on us (I do however understand some people can thrive in these circumstances though!). But there is this sudden pressure to conform and not break any rules. Even if we don’t want to break the rules, the rules feel restrictive!

      Thank you so much for your sweet, sweet story!

      So much love.


  3. Dannii says:

    Woah Meg, love this post. So timely, but isn’t it always with the ones we identify with most?

    I am in bali at the moment, and I had a beer last night with my meal for the first time in years since going gluten free and even alcohol free for awhile now for health reasons.

    I jokingly call myself a health geek, with the meaning being I’m enthused about all things healthy – particularly nutrition/wholefoods. Except because my own health is not stellar at the moment it feels fraudulent. So between gluten free and health geek, I feel fraudulent and restricted.

    I am also funnily enough reading The Power of Now at the moment, so reinforcing we are not these labels anyway. Labels are just us identifying with our mind, which is sooo tricky not to do, but important.

    So I guess, my beer was about choosing love, cos for me my health labelling is also fear based. Fear cos having a beer means I need to trust my beautiful body to process it and that I’ll be fine. So really, that beer was love. Hehe And so I guess your egg was love too Meg haha.

    Who woulda thought a freakin egg is love? So rad!!!

    So I intend to be healthy. I intend to trust that I still can get there despite diverging from the restriction! It’s such a tricky balance isn’t it?

    But thanks for your post gorgeous!! So needed and important reflection for me :)

    Big love Meg xx


    • Dannii! Yes. Yes. Yes. I so needed this Eckart Tolle reminder!

      I absolutely adore everything you’ve brought to this space with your comment. I hear you loud and clear Sista and can feel every single one of your words.

      Here’s to your beer and my egg. The weirdest gateways to freedom ever!

  4. Alana says:

    Loved reading this, Meg! It’s so funny, I feel drawn to labels sometimes because they feel ‘safe’ – but I know that’s just my ego talking. It wants me to fit neatly into some categories and play by the rules. But you’re right, that’s not freedom. Enjoy your egg! XO

    • Yes Alana. It’s the safety and also the acceptance you get from belonging to a certain group. Or even being able to distinguish yourself from certain people that don’t fit into the same mould as you. Here’s to feeling FREE! XXX

  5. Kate says:

    I completely agree in the idea of the article, fuck the labels – amen to that!

    Although completely disagree on starting to consume animal products again. I find it hard knowing that once someone is educated on the animal products for consumption industries how they can ever go back.

    Look to everyone and to risk ‘boxing’ myself into something I am a 100% vegan, but I only identify as not an asshole.

    • Hi Kate. I understand your point. And at this stage I have no intention of consuming meat or dairy or really making eggs a part of my regular diet. However, I was inspired to rebel (by eating an egg), so I could really clear up whether it was simply my desire to fit a certain mould that was determining my actions or if it was truly what I desired. I feel now that I no longer have the pressure to conform to a certain label that my actions will solely be based on my desires and founded in my beliefs. So that will most likely still look like maintaining a “vegan-style” diet too. Thanks for stopping by and having your say. Big love,

      Meg xx

  6. Fran says:

    Ah, those pesky labels! I became quite anti-babels for a little while but then I realised that they are just a natural attraction for the mind and we are drawn to them. So now I just see them as a convenience for other people but not a definition or limit upon myself – I am me (free to be whatever I choose), labels are clothing…useful but a lot of the time they’re just for other people’s benefit!
    I love the idea of eating for love and not fear. Whatever feels like the most loving act is the right choice.
    Thanks for sharing babe, loving seeing people calling out and shedding the labels.

    • Fran. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again – You’re support is so very, very, very, very ,ver meaningful to me! Can’t wait to give you a squeeze in person later in the year. xxx

  7. First: Meg I adore your book! When I read it, I knew I could no longer hide my true self and I got the strength to express myself fully. I have just started a blog, which was way out of my comfort zone. I have written a post why I ditched the label vegan after a year and I would love you to read it, it would mean so much to me to hear your opinion on it.
    You have a huge talent, I love your writing style and I am looking forward to your upcoming work. Do you have any advice on how I can improve my writing?
    Sending you lots of love from Austria, Teresa Valentina

    • Teresa! Thank you so much for your loving words. Appreciate them so very, very much. Cheering over here for you and your new blog! I’ll be sure to head on over to have a look now! And watch you inbox soon for an email from ME too.


  8. Carly says:

    Love your thinking Meg! It’s about intuition rather than rules :-) xx

  9. Kristen says:

    You rock girl! I know this was a big deal for you and more so an experiment and sprinkle of rebellion than anything else. I know you chose to eat the egg and write this post with compassion and your intentions were nothing but pure (and out of love).

    Big love to you. xxx

  10. Lyndsey says:

    Meg such a great post!! I could feel your rebellion mixed in with so much love through your words! I happen (divine timing like ;) to be writing a very similar post at the moment about releasing labels and freeing ourselves from their strict, enclosing ways. Over the last year I have come to HATE labels and I am not longer going to be held down or held back by them!

    Amen to you hunny, your truth is never wrong..neither is the cravings of our mind, body and soul and an ooey-gooey egg, I have to say is a great fuck off label entrance!

    Big virtual hug to you babe xx

  11. Valerie says:

    This is so great! I used to be a vegetarian, and it felt totally restrictive – not just food-wise, but socially as well. Pretty awkward at parties. I’m so glad I eat everything in moderation now. :)

    One thing I would like to stop labelling is my food! Instead of “is it good for me?” I definitely want to ask “does my body want it?” I spend a lot of time feeling guilty when I eat a few too many sweets or have white bread at a restuarant. I KNOW that labelling these foods as bad or unhealthy causes my body to not use them in a constructive manner.

    So while I am certainly into plants and whole-grain goodness, I say “fuck off” to my guilty conscience when I indulge. Yay! :)


    • Valerie! Everything about this comment makes me smile. Us humans can be rather funny in the way we choose to restrict ourselves. Although mostly with the intention of feeling good it can sometimes back fire. So much power to you for fucking off your guilty conscience!!!

      Big love,

      Meg xxx

    • Tara says:

      I find this way of thinking really strange. I know that sounds judgemental, but at times in my younger life, I was guilty of thinking in the same way, and I have thought a lot about it of late. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan for ethical reasons, and truly committed to those reasons, I cannot understand how social inconvenience can pass muster as the test for the worthiness of the endeavour.

      If you are eating plant based for health reasons or due to the belief that eating plant based will automatically make you skinnier – fine. But feeling a little out of place or inconvenienced just doesn’t stand up for me if you look at from an ethical perspective. I used the social awkwardness excuse for years after I became a vegetarian again (having been vegan for a brief time as a teenager), and now I see it as the cop out it was. It’s hard. But sometimes in life we choose to place restraints on our behaviour for good reasons.

    • Hey Tara. Thanks for stopping by. I understand where you’re coming from. And to be honest, I think that is a big part of the reason I have never felt completely comfortable with the vegan title, because I came at it from a health-based perspective. I didn’t want to be consuming the hormones and other nasties they loaded into animals and as a result loved the fact that my lifestyle be cruelty free. However, this was basically as far as my research into veganism ventured. I have nevr actively sought out further information about animals rights or factory farming and was therefore based my decision to “eat an egg” on the way I felt.

      As I said, I’m a BIG BELIEVER in following my inspiration when I know it’s aligned with your truth. I believe FEELING GOOD is why we are here. I feel no “guilt” for thinking the way I do or. I am however very grateful for having the treatment of “organic, free-range” chickens brought to my attention, and this will definitely be something I take into consideration next time I am inspired to eat an egg.

      Thank YOU for sharing your view. I really do appreciate it. Sending you love and light in your quest to lead by example. xxx

  12. So happy for you Meg! As someone who has been very rigid with labels in the past, I know what a relief it is to let it go. And like you, my most restrictive and rigid ones were around food. After a lot of inner work around my issues with food and diets (which is ongoing) I now see myself as someone who eats what my body needs. If that means that I eat vegan for a few months then have a random craving for some fish so be it. I figure my body knows better than my mind does what it needs, so its really about listening to your body. Awesome post lovely x x

  13. Wow. My gosh. I have been feeling exactly like that with the term “vegan” for so long – for a few years now I have followed a primarily vegan lifestyle but for various reasons I’ve always felt slightly uncomfortable calling myself a vegan. And, very recently, it has been SO liberating to no longer feel the need to define myself by the term. Thank you for articulating this feeling so perfectly!

    • So good to hear you feel the same!!! I too decided to start using the vegan label for health reasons. And I think that’s why it never felt that good using it. I always felt like a bit of a fraud, not knowing a whole lot about animal cruelty and the like. Power to you for choosing what feels good! Big love,
      Meg xxx

  14. Fayann says:

    So good!

    There are labels left, right and centre waiting to have you choking on them! Kudos to letting go, and just being you; Hope you keep going and always feel free (and good) !


  15. Chandra says:

    I have wanted to go vegan, but I live on a farm and we have our own chickens, so of course we get 6 eggs every day! I don’t feel guilty for eating them. It would kill our cute baby chicks not to lay the egg… So I think it’s acceptible! Eat what you want but be conscious of where it comes from!!!!

  16. Kris Emery says:

    Oooh, this is a good one. For me it has to be “entrepreneur”. I’m just going to do my work without pitting my business against others. Aaaand release…

  17. Yvonne says:

    Hi, I absolutely love this post! I was once a vegan and felt it was too restrictive and i started questioning why exactly I’m doing it and if it fits me as a person. Now I’m more of a “pescetarian”, eating fish and eggs occasionally (no dairy), and I think my body likes it so much better than before. It’s all about what feels good and feels right to you, not fitting a particular mould that society sets!

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