I’m devoted to living a life that feels good.
And, one of the greatest tools I have on this journey: My essential oils.

Want to learn more about these powerful gifts of Mumma Earth & how they can support you?
Join me for one of my gatherings in the coming months OR reach out to me at meg@adventuringhome.com & if you’re willing to grab a handful of wonderful people to your place & you’re somewhere near me (Gold Coast) or where I’m adventuring to I can come to you. 

 Gold Coast & Brisbane

Essential oils for you menstrual cycle

Thursday  17th May
Palm Beach, Gold Coast
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About the gathering: 

As a woman, your innate power lies in your cyclic nature. Each phase of the menstrual cycle has it’s own gifts (yes, even your period!). When you tune into the cycles of your body, you can live from a place of profound harmony, creativity and flow.

This workshop will help you become more aware of your cycle, and give you the knowledge and practice to thrive throughout the entirety of your menstrual cycle.

We’ll dive into the four inner seasons of your menstrual cycle, so you gain a deeper awareness of the innate wisdom of your body. For each inner season, we’ll cover some of physical changes, superpowers and vulnerabilities you may experience.

Then we’ll explore how you can use the oils to support your physical, emotional and spiritual self-care during the different seasons of your cycle. This includes cramps, hormonal support, anxiety, liver support, body love, libido, focus and creativity (just to name a few!).

Sweet treats and tea will be provided.

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Essential Oil Gathering Brisbane

Sunday 27th May
Carindale, Brisbane
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About the gathering: 


Come join Jacob (my lover) and I, plus many other Beings who’ve already invited essential oils into their lives for an afternoon of connection, inspiration & JOY!

The intention of this gathering is to…. 

Introduce new humans to essential oils & reignite those who are already using them!

Educate you on the power of doTERRA as a company

Teach you new ways to use & incorporate these little bottles of plant magic

Remind you how powerful your essential oils can be in lifting your mood & supporting your body!

Connect with our oily community!!!

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Sunday 3rd June
3pm – 5:30pm
The Old Dairy, Currumbin Eco Village.
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About the gathering: 

Join Meg O’Sullivan for a luxurious afternoon in the Currumbin Valley devoted completely to nourishing YOU!

In this busy world we find ourselves in, it’s important to press pause on life and take time to nourish your BEING! This Sunday afternoon yin & scent experience is the perfect opportunity to sink into rest & let your body come back to it’s natural state of VITALITY!

After 2.5 hours nestled on your mat in the Currumbin Eco Village, you’ll step back out into the world a new version of YOU!

What’s included: 

90 minutes of restful Yin yoga

Essential oils infused throughout to support balance & rest

Connection & chats over chai & sweet treats

BYO: Yoga mat, blanket (if possible), socks and warm clothes.

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meditation & Mist

Friday 13th June
6pm – 9pm
Craft Parlour, Palm Beach
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About the gathering: 

You are invited to spend a soulful evening in the company of your fellow sisters getting clear on HOW you want life to feel. Through the powerful combination of meditation, sacred ceremony and essential oils I’ll be leading us through an evening of intention and ritual. In a circle of beautiful feminine energy, you’ll create powerful intentions to lead you towards what you’re desiring to create and leave feeling deeply connected to the magnificent Being that you are.

You’ll also leave with your own INTENTION MIST (of your own creation) – a combination of intuitively chosen essential oils and your powerful energy from the gathering – which will help to keep you grounded in your vision for yourself as you go forth from the space. 

Magic is made when women come together in circle. So come release, renew and give this special evening to YOU!

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