Experience abundance… Now!


We all want it… Lots of it. But despite this, not a whole lot of us feel we have it. In fact, may of us have come to believe that that’s just the way the world works – there’s only a certain amount to go around. But…

What if that wasn’t true? 

What if the only thing preventing us from experiencing  insane abundance was ourselves? 

What if we in fact lived in an always-providing, infinitely abundant Universe where there was always enough? 

So many of us hold restrictive beliefs about money without even realising it. We have certain ideas on where it can come from, in what form it can come in, how much is acceptable to have and what amount of work we need to do to deserve it.

All of these beliefs are severely restricting our ability to receive wealth. 

Does the idea of infinite abundance and raging riches seem impossible to you?

Well… it’s time to start vibrating with the energy of wealth, my friend! 


Money is energy.

Experiencing wealth is NOT the product of working hard or having connections. It’s NOT the result of buying lotto tickets or budgeting like a maniac.

Experiencing wealth is about matching your vibrational frequency with that of wealth. 

If you’re new to the whole idea of energy – this might sound a little crazy. To quickly fill you in – we live in an energetically based Universe. What we experience is a direct reflection of the energy we choose to embody. Therefore when we choose to align our energy with that of abundance, it would be against the Laws of the Universe for us to experience anything but this.

So how do you vibrate alongside wild and wonderful wealth? 


The simple steps to abundance

It doesn’t matter what you do to save or how many hours you stay back at the office – if you’re not focusing on cultivating an energy of abundance, you will never experience true abundance. 

So here are a few ways to ditch your lack mentality and embrace one of wondrous wealth.

 1. Drop your limiting beliefs

In today’s society much of our thinking surrounding money is founded in fear. There is an overwhelming energy of lack in the air – a belief that there just isn’t enough. It is this belief, among others (a few examples for you below!), that is preventing us from experiencing abundance.

  • ” I must work hard for money.”
  • ” Those with money are greedy and evil.”
  • “It’s selfish to want a lot of money”

As believing is seeing – by choosing these ways of thinking we are narrowing the avenues in which we can perceive money moving towards us. In order to open ourselves up to the natural flow of wealth which already exists around us in every moment, we must simply work to drop this belief of lack.

TO DO: Grab a piece of paper and write down everything you believe about money (give yourself 60 seconds!). After observing what comes up, question whether these beliefs are either opening you to the flow of abundance or closing you off from the flow. If it’s the latter simply refuse to give power to this thought anymore. 

2. Stop doing things that make you feel lacking

Immediately stop taking action on things that cement feelings of “lack” within you.

  • Insessantly checking your bank account.
  • Chasing people for money.
  • Scrounging around your car for change
  • Ordering the cheapest meal off the menu

Sound familiar? 

All of these things  fuel thoughts of “lack” in your mind, keeping you in a frequency of “lack’ and therefore (in accordance with Universal Laws) only allow you to experience more “lack”.

3. Think Abundantly 

Our thoughts create our reality because our thoughts are so very closely linked to our vibrational state. So, in order to create an experience of wealth you must adopt thoughts of wealth.

Replace your habitual thoughts of lack (e.g. I’m so poor I can’t afford that) with affirmations of abundance. Here are a few for you to try.

  • Money shows itself to me exactly when I need it. 
  • I love money and money loves me 
  • I am wildly and wonderfully wealthy 
  • I am a money magnet 
  • I experience abundance with effortlessness and ease
  • In each and every moment there is and always will be enough

Note: Our words also carry very strong vibrational power. So please, please, please stop partaking in conversations of “lack”.  Give voice to only experiences in which you desire – If having “no money” in the bank isn’t one of your desires, then don’t complain to someone about having “no money”. 

4. Act Abundantly 

Practicing a vibration of wealth not only encompasses the beliefs we have and the thoughts we think, but also the actions we choose to take. Therefore is order experience the kind of wealthy we desire, our actions must reflect that of wealth.

What actions make you feel abundant? 

Here’s some inspiration for you…

  • Buy flowers
  • Pay for someones fuel
  • Make someone a meal
  • Gift yourself something (Maybe even just a moment to slow down and relax)
  • Breathe deeper
  • Give generously (Psst. Read how I’m doing just that below!)
  • Don’t look at the receipt

Warning: Only act “rich” if your actions are founded in a strong belief of abundance. The Universe responds to the energy you send out into the world. And although you may choose to splurge in a bid to magnetise more wealth towards you, if this action is inspired by feelings of lack and coupled with those of guilt, THIS is all the Universe will hear. In the energy game – thoughts trump actions every time! 

how i’m practicing abundance


In the last two years my relationship with money has transformed incredibly. These days, I am experiencing the flow of abundance with a new found sense of ease and joy. And as I’m oh-so-very keen to continue this, I’m currently giving away my eBook, NAKED, for free!

For me, the energy of generosity is synonymous with that of abundance. So giving this creation of mine away is just simply another way for me to raise my vibration to match that of wealth. 

REMEMBER: In every single moment insane abundance exists around you.

All you’ve got to do is choose to see it. 

Big Love Meg x


14 Comments to “Experience abundance… Now!”

  1. Olivia says:

    Love this Meg!

  2. Kristen says:

    Love! High vibin!

    An affirmation that always works for me is, “abundance flows into my life in surprising and miraculous ways everyday”


  3. Sammie says:

    Love this Meg!
    I have scribbled down those affirmations and will get to using them!

  4. Peter says:

    love the crystals, haha :P

  5. Star says:

    Beautifully shared as usual and just what I needed to hear today. Grateful :-) xxx

  6. Kristyn says:

    Love this post and your blog, Meg! X

  7. Lana says:

    So on point Meg! I’ve noticed this more and more in my life – I came back from an incredible weekend getaway where I didn’t worry about money at all, paid for everything in cash without a second thought, and when I came home.. for whatever reason, and I’m still trying to figure out how, I ended up with a few extra dollars in my bank account when normally I fall short for my bills. All about that energy, you’re right! Gonna keep tapping into this in the coming month – will keep you posted. Brilliant post love xo

  8. Sarah Kate says:

    What a timely and powerful post, Meg! I am intentionally working on breaking free from scarcity and lack mindsets around money…a very pertinent focus as I transition from full time work to motherhood. Thank you for sharing these golden nuggets of wisdom.

  9. Loren says:

    Perfect!!! Thank you for helping shake me out of my lack mentality. I feel so called to do BE & BH but with no current income I was feeling sorry for myself. Then I read this then checked that I am due my tax refund! Yah!! Thanks beauty xx

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