Blissin’ Out: Fierce Femininity


Blissin’ Out. Do you know the feeling, when time no longer exists? When your mind has no where to wander? You are completely here, right in the now. This, my friend, is what I like to call “Blissing Out”. It’s that feeling of pure, unadulterated joy & I am devoting a regular segment of the blog to sharing with you the things that have had me in such a  state of bliss each week. So sit down, get comfy and let’s bliss out together, man! 

Fierce Femininity

WOAH. What a big week it has been!

Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted, a beautiful E-Course that I am taking part in created by the amazing Rachel MacDonald, kicked off last Monday. And in the space of just 7 short days, this course and its beautiful  little community have completely blown me away! 

There are so many amazing, driven and creative women taking part in this masterpiece of a course that Rach has created. The amount of support I have personally received from the group and that I have also witnessed floating around the virtual world for everyone else involved has been absolutely mind bogglingly beautiful!

I have never felt so much love and support bouncing around between a whole bunch o’ sisters!

Mind = Blown. Heart = Full.


Speaking of females cheering on females, I also introduced a new interview series to the blog this week dedicated to exactly that!  Sexy Sistas with Soul was created to celebrate a whole bunch of kick-ass ladies who are finding their truth and living the most beautifully conscious and inspiring lives. Keep your eyes peeled for many more of them to come.

Being surrounded by all this womanly energy this week, I have actually come to view femininity in a whole different way.

I have always associated femininity with Yin energy. Think Soft. Compassionate. Intuitive. Passive.

And yes, I have soaked up a whole heap o’ this divine energy from the beautiful women around me during the past week (both virtually & physically!).

But during these encounters there has also been a whole lotta Yang energy thrown into the mix. Think Power. Purpose. Drive. Focus. 

Yes, these beautiful women are feminine,

But by God, they are fiercely feminine.

A perfect combination of Ying & Yang – one that I have no doubt makes them destined for greatness!

And of course, as the Universe would have it, my celebration and appreciation for all that is divinely feminine this week coincided with a more official acknowledgement of the female species – International Women’s Day.

How is that for syncronicity!

So here’s to all the fierce females trotting about the globe! You have had me in complete awe all week long! 


1. Sunday Funday

hulla hoop

I don’t know if I’ve told you this already but I am in love.

His name is Sunday and whenever he’s around I can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face. 

This weekend Sunday, my soul (& biological) sister – Libby, and I spent the morning at the markets. We ate, people watched, shopped, hulla-hooped, laughed, played, smiled.

It was delightful. 

Then we drove home singing at the top of our lungs, dancing for spectators at traffic lights and revelling in each others company.

To be honest I think Libby has a thing for Sunday too. Actually I hear a lot of people like his company. They miss him when his gone. They count down the days till they get to see him again. There just doesn’t seem to be another like him.

But you know what? Sunday brings me so much joy I am happy to share him around.

2. Chakra Cleansing Lunches

chakra lunch

This little beauty is nearly every colour of the rainbow. And of course nearly every colour of the chakra system. So not only is this salad beautiful, she helped ground and realign me so I could take on the rest of my day!

All its missing is the Throat Chakra’s blue.But hey! Look at that… my pants are blue!

Now how is that for a nourishing lunch & pant combination?

So Beautiful, how was your week?

I wanna hear all about it!

Big Love Meg x


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  1. Ohh aren’t women so wonderful!? I’m the same, when I spend time around truly exceptional beings, I just feel so energised, it’s magical. I love how you described women as both the yin and yang (because I think people forget sometimes that we’re capable of both!)

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