The only way to find a solution to your problem (Video)

When something starts going “wrong” in your life, its pretty hard not to focus on it, right? 

It’s pretty hard not to think about it , talk about it, dream about it, stress about it…. 

In fact, when something starts going “wrong” in your life, before long it’s more than likely all that seems to exist!

But, the thing is, if you’re wanting to move through this problem (and by definition a problem is something that doesn’t feel good, so I’m guessing you really, really do!), there’s only one thing you can do: Stop focusing on the problem. 

There is solution to each and every challenge you face (no exceptions!). Yet, when you’re concentrating on what’s going “wrong”, there is no possible way for the solution to find you.

You are a vibrational being, after all. And given that you live in a world bounded by the Law of Attraction, you can only ever experience things that are aligned with your thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, my friend, complaining about how “awful” your situation is to anyone that will listen, staying up at night thinking about how you’d rather be anywhere but where you are now, or wallowing in a feeling of defeat is never (EVER!) going to bring you closer to where you want to be.

It’s time to stop focusing on where you are and start focusing on what feels good. THIS is where the solution lies.

Here’s a video for you that I’ve created which goes into detail about this whole “problem” vs. “solution” thing. 

Enjoy beautiful humans! 

Does this resonate with you? 

Can you see how/when your focus on the “problem” has kept you stuck in it? 

I’d love to hear your words.


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