Suffering, Pain & Hate: Why?


Hate isn’t the opposite of love, nor is it the absence of love. 

Hate is an illusion. A product of the mind born from a disconnection from the Soul.

Hate is the ignorance of love. The inability to see love. A result of your own forgetfulness.

Everything is Consciousness/ God/ Source/ The Universe.
No matter what name you give it, this force is the basis of ALL LIFE. It cannot NOT exist.

This Universal energy – that permeates all things –  is inherently loving, unconditionally supportive and eternally present. Therefore anything that does not feel this way (bursting with love, life and light!) is not real. Anything that does not feel this way is a figment of your mind.

I’m not saying that your pain does not exist.
I’m saying that there is another way, that is not necessary, that it can be healed. 

Pain, suffering and hate are the result of misalignment.
They are experienced when you step away from your God essence, when you forget who you truly are – MAGIC!

In each and every moment your inner Being is communicating with you through your emotions. You feel good when your thoughts and energy are aligned with that of your Source Self, because this part of you is eternally joyous. However, when you start disconnecting from this place, you start experiencing discomfort. And just like a baby moving away from it’s Mother, the further away you stray from Source the more distressed you get.

But this suffering isn’t bad.  In fact, it is an integral part of your experience as a human being. For you came into this physical body to learn, grow and evolve. And a little discomfort is a necessary part of your expansion. The thing to remember is that the discomfort needs only to be fleeting. The longer you choose to pour your energy into that which isn’t real (the pain/ suffering/ hate),  the longer you withhold the ecstasy that awaits you in this lifetime – and you want the ecstasy, right? 

From this moment forward, cease seeing anything that is painful as bad. Start recognising these negative/ uncomfortable emotions as support from your inner Beings, signals She is sending you, beckoning you Home to Her.

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In the presence of Source Energy healing occurs.
When you choose to acknowledge that your true Being does not endure suffering, that your inner Self does not experience hate – all that does not feel good starts to lessen. When you choose to acknowledge that you always possess the power to move through your discomfort, you move closer towards your true self – the one that feels nothing but eternal peace and prosperity.

But this, my friend, is a practice. A practice of continually acknowledging that you are so much more than the eye can see. That beyond your physical body you are non-physical energy, connected to the force that holds the stars in the sky and planets in the alignment.

When you feel hatred or judgement towards yourself it is not because you are inherently bad.
It is not because you are not worthy of love.
It is not because you have done wrong.

When you feel hatred of judgment towards yourself it is only because you are not seeing yourself through the eyes of Source. It is only because you have forgotten your true nature.

To heal the things that you feel are “wrong” within yourself and within the world around you there is only one option…

Alignment –  to seek connection with your inner Being, the ever-present Divine force that reside within you. 

Rememberyou are not just this vessel of flesh, blood and bone that you walk around in. 

Remember  – pulsing within each and every cell of your Being (and every cell of all the Beings around you) is the consciousness that keeps the Earth in perfect orbit.

Remember  – there is never anything that needs to be fixed . Nothing within yourself, nothing within another, nothing within the world.

There is only the need to return to love, to journey home to the Divinity within you. And once your arrive let that space transmute hate into love. Let that force remove the veil of illusion and let yourself see the perfection of You and all that exists.







Images via Klee Photography for Violet Gray.

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    Beautiful post. Every time I’m longing for some inspiration or deep and meaningful discussions, I come to Adventuring Home. Your posts never disappoint and I’m always learning new things about myself and love your tips on how to better my life. Thank you for putting out so much positivity, but also shedding light on the dark days. xo Justyna

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