How to Attract More Wealth (Real Life Stories)

Attract More Wealth

Wildly Wealthy has been out for a month. And I’m so proud of Her!

I launched this eBook journey with the intention of empowering more people to align with the incredible riches the Universe has awaiting them. I knew the principles worked. Since devoting myself to practicing them daily for the last 12 months, abundance has flowed to me in the weirdest, most wonderful and wacky ways. More importantly though I have gained an unwavering sense of trust. I no longer freak-the-f*ck-out over my finances. I know firsthand that the teachings and practices in Wildly Wealthy are pretty damn powerful…

But WOAH! 

I have been overwhelmed by the stories I have received from those of you who’ve already dived in.

The speed and scope of your manifestations have me trusting the Universe even more than I already did ( something I never thought possible!).

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I can’t quite communicate how much they’ve meant to me. So, instead of trying, I’ve decided to collate some of them below to help uplift, inspire and empower others to align with the insane abundance that surrounds them too.

Yet to get Wildly Wealthy? 
Take a scroll down the page and see for yourself how easy and effortless attracting abundance can be. Then if you feel the call grab your own copy of the book and eJourney below.

The skeptics: 

Wildly Wealthy: 7 Days to Insane Abundance – sounds a little farfetched to you?
Here’s what a few of the cynics had to say after reading…  

“At first I was pretty skeptical about taking the plunge and signing up, but…I was so blown away by this course.”Carol  

“I just wanted to say, that I was totally skeptical, I mean I get the your thoughts create your reality thing (at least I thought I did!), but when I read a couple of your other testimonials of people receiving lump sums of money &/or large refunds that they weren’t supposed to get, etc, I was like yeah that only happens to certain people, never me! I might be able to get a bit of saving happening, but never those ‘lump sums’, there’s no possible way. – Louise  (See what Louise ended up manifesting below!). 

Wins and Bonuses: 

When we open ourselves to receiving  it’s amazing how effortlessly and unexpectedly money and all forms of abundance finds us. Each of these little stories had me smiling ear-to-ear… 

” Day 1 I received a free coffee (small thing, I know, but still nice!) and multiple free dinner vouchers at a local restaurant I love & eat at regularly! Day 2 I received an unexpected reduction in repayments for a debt that I have – a small saving, but a saving non the less! And I also just received a phone call to say that I have been gifted $3000, and a free 5 day weekend away at the Gold Coast in October!!!!! – Louise 

“Got your “Wildly Wealthy” yesterday…Went to work last night and got a $250 bonus…you are GOOD!! Love your work” – Carolyn 

Meg! Meg! Meg! I have just won $190 after reading the first day of Wildly Wealthy! … Fuck yeh”My Mum (Yep she’s a swearer too!). 

“On day 2 I walked into work to find a $150 cash bonus on my desk.” Kristen 

Within a week I got a pay rise and… a $50 tip! I’ve managed to be on top of my bills more efficiently and I’ve been stronger at maintaining a positive mindset about abundance.” – Karla

“Today I finally arranged a for sale album on my Facebook art page and tonight sold 3 small paintings! ;-) I may not have arranged the album and had the kick start without your help.”Ingrid  

“OMG! Money is coming at me from places I didn’t even know existed!” – Steph 

“Firstly I’ve been getting a wave of new and exciting work projects on UpWork, I’ve been asked to design some funky clothing prints for an international celeb (why the hell not?), Was offered a fab and exciting out of my comfort zone collaboration project with a fellow designer (hell to the yes!)” – Carol

“Within 2 days… I sold out of a special coaching package, all of my overdue invoices were paid in one hit and I created a whole new offering and expanded how I can work with people. My mindset around how I run my biz totally shifted. I’ve even had people contact me out of the blue to work with me that has NEVER happened before. So so grateful!”Erin 



Refunds seem to be the Universe’s favourite way of gifting abundance at the moment. Check out some of these amazing stories… 

So I’m pretty much feeling like Wildly Wealthy is PURE GOLD. I received a $6000 refund on day 2, a check for $225 last week, and I found an old gift certificate that still has credit on it.” – Kaye 

“Yesterday Day 1, I got a $3 refund on shipping of an item, and a $20 in store credit at a fashion shop here. Today I just got refunded $30 incorrectly charged on my last months cell phone bill. Excited for whats yet to come.”Kelly 

“Today the optometrist decided I was able to swap my new frames, 2 months old, for a different pair as been having trouble with their fit/comfort. And can also change sunnies too as same issue. Feels like that is a win win ” – Kelly 

“I bought Wildly Wealthy yesterday and today I went to work and got a full refund back…for $1200 for a hotel that was supposed to be fully non refundable! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.” – Helena 

“Discovered I’ve been paying double for a service (refund of $150 coming my way yes please)I’ve also discovered I’m paying for an Internet service I don’t need, a refund of $60 a month.”Carol 

Kind words: 

Although physical manifestations – the kind you you can see, touch and most importantly spend – are fucking cool, what’s even greater on the road to abundance is the feeling! That feeling of freedom, excitement, appreciation that comes with knowing you are eternally supported. Thrilled that these women got them feels! 

Thank you for this gift. I’m not typically one to purchase eBooks, but I really felt strongly about yours. Please know you have really changed my perspective on how to be financially abundant, and I will continue to practice the lessons you’ve taught!”Kaye

“My fav module is currently the abundant worksheet where I realised how much abundance already surrounds me and helped to kick the lack mindset, super powerful!Kate

I was ready to pay a whole lot more for what you’re offering. I know it’s not all about the money but just know that you have something with insane value to offer and I’m so grateful you’ve bought it out into the world.”Jae 

I absolutely love your book Meg!  It’s been a bit of a game-changer for me…I’m currently in the midst of running through the activities again!”  – Erin 

Holy WOW!! I’m so unbelievably stoked, awed, and in immense gratitude to the universe, but also you as you’re the one who has opened this up to me. So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the week unfolds!!” – Louise

“Thanks for sharing your wisdom!”Kylie 






Ahhhhh! It makes me one very happy lady to see more people realising that abundance doesn’t have to be hard work.

In fact, it’s clear from these beautiful stories it’s meant to be downright easy!

So are you keen for some Wild Wealth of your own? 

The eBook journey includes: 

  • 29 page eBook – 7 days of lessons, activities, worksheets and mantras.
  • 7 beautifully designed mantra graphics – Use these to spread your abundant vibes on Instagram or Facebook
  • A week’s worth of emails from me – I’ll be popping into your inbox everyday with messages of support, love and high vibes.

PLUS: I’ve just started a Wildly Wealthy Facebook group. Abundance isn’t just a one off decision – it’s a moment to moment practice. The group is a space where we can inspire each other to keep aligning with our desires. When you’ve bought the book come request to join.


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  1. Fran says:

    Feeling totally abundant just to have you in my life, Meg :) Need I mention all the coffees that have been bought for me in the last month since I first read your book? Or the people working overtime? All the free lifts? And the abosu-fucking-lutely AMAZING women that have entered my life?
    You’re a true teacher of manifesting abundance babe. BIG love xx

    • Fran!!! It’s such a glorious thing to be able to notice abundance in the everyday little things. A focus on THIS is what EXPLODES our overall experience of wealth!!!
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your sweet words gorgeous! xx

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