How to Be Happy (Law of Attraction style)


The only thing stopping you from being Happy is your focus.

And that, my friend, is the TRUTH!

Your focus is your point of attraction!

In this energetically bound Universe, it’s the force which magnetises your future experiences towards you. (For more on that watch this amazing video!)

Where you send your focus (a.k.a. your thoughts) you send your energy. And where you send your energy you send yourself.

Therefore if you are not consciously choosing to focus on things that make you feel good – you will not bring about experiences that make you feel good. And surprisingly you won’t feel good. 

And this, my friend, has got to change! 

Reflection Time

TAKE A MOMENT NOW and contemplate where your focus has been…

  1. The last hour
  2. The last day
  3. The last month

Which thoughts/ beliefs have you been fuelling?

What has been your point of attraction?

Now compare your focus to your actual experience…

Hint: If the Law of Attraction has been working in your part of the world (it’s a Unviersal law … no one is immune to it’s powers!)  you should find that your focus has been reflected right back at you in your reality.

If you’ve been focusing on not having ENOUGH money to get by. Then you’re experience has been not having enough money to get by.

 If you’ve been focusing on thoughts that make you sad, depressed and anxious – you have been experiencing a life that is bringing you more reason to be sad, depressed and anxious.

If you’ve been thinking thoughts of excitement, passion and love – you’re life has been bursting with this kind of energy.


Can you SEE that where you’re focusing your energy is actually determining your life situation?

It’s time you used this to your advantage.

It’s time to shift your point of attraction to something that you ACTUALLY DESIRE!

It’s time to step into your innate creative power. 

How to Be Happy

Among many of the experiences and feelings we want to have in life happiness seems to be king. This deep craving for joy – the kind that leaves us a little giddy and smiling ear to ear – is an innate part of of who we are.

And the most important thing to remember, as we forge our own individual paths here as human beings, is that the only thing stopping us from satisfying this craving is OURSELVES.

The power to experience happiness is completely in our control. It’s all about focus.

1. Be Aware of your Point of Attraction

Before you can change your focus to one which calls in what you desire – you must know WHAT your focus is.

You must become very curious of what thoughts you are choosing to think. Become the non-judgemental witness of your mind – observing all the comings and goings.  When you do this you will begin to uncover habitual patterns of thoughts and SEE how these may be keeping you stuck in a reality you do not desire.

2. Choose Good-feeling thoughts 

When you choose a thought that makes you feel icky you are literally calling in an experience that reflects this ick. 

Now you are aware of this, can you see that choosing thoughts that create negative emotion within you are nothing but acts of self-sabotage?

Make a conscious effort to flood your brain with goodness. Focus your attention to the best of your ability on ideas/visuals/activities/people/beliefs that make you feel joyful. By doing this you are shifting your vibration to one of JOY – and in the vibration of JOY there exists only MORE joy (What a fucknig fabulous place to be!).

3. Keep up the momentum 

Momentum is a pretty powerful force in our world – both physically and energetically.

Therefore the more you focus your attention on thoughts that make you feel good the quicker you will begin to see the effects of this focus in your external world.

However, momentum doesn’t just flow in the one direction. The same goes for when you dive into the world of  ‘bad”-feeling-thoughts. Once you choose to start down this road you can gain momentum pretty quickly, making it a whole lot harder to forge a path in the other direction again. So do not dwell in feelings of self-pity, guilt, jealousy, rage or sadness, for all they are doing is moving you away from all that you desire.

As soon as you become aware of a “bad”-feeling-thought – change it! It’s that simple. 

4. Check Yourself (Before you wreck yourself!)

Take time every day to check in with your point of attraction to determine what you are currently calling forth and whether your focus needs to be shifted. Simple questions like this should do the trick…

How am I feeling? 

What kind of experience are my current thoughts creating?

Important Note: Introducing this kind of self-inquiry into your life is the absolute key to becoming a deliberate creator and experiencing all that you desire. 


straddie 2

Your turn

How freeing does it feel to know that YOU hold the power to you own happiness.

It’s up to YOU to choose thoughts that feel good. That is all there really is to it.

Before you go forth and flood you mind with goodness, I’d love to hear your “How’s of Happy’ in the comments below. 

To happiness and deliberate creation. 

Photos: Throw Back images from a very HAPPY trip I took to Straddie a while back.

Big Love Meg x

8 Comments to “How to Be Happy (Law of Attraction style)”

  1. Alex says:

    I love this post… It’s so easy to be happy when everything is going right. It’s not as easy when things start to get tricky or difficult. That’s why checking in with yourself is a must in order to shift your focus.

    Thanks for the gentle reminder.

    Alex x

    • Yep that’s the greatest challenge Alex. But the thing is we MUST focus on what makes us feel good even when the outside doesn’t align with what we want – it’s the only way to call in more of what we want and less of what’s currently surrounding us!

      Thanks for stopping by lovely lady. xxx

  2. Oooh yes, this is so good, Meg! I love the quote ‘What you focus on expands’. Such a perfect reminder, thanks for sharing xx

  3. Star says:

    Another insightful post babe! I love that we are magnetic and powerful creators – don’t you! You said it all – pay attention to your thoughts as we are gifted magicians when it comes to manifestation. One thing that works for me is stripping it RIGHT back to basics – time in nature, free play with my little one, singing my heart out – whatever aligns me with joy lands me in happy town pretty quick! Oh – and feeling grateful daily for the blessings in my world xxxx

  4. HELLS YES MEG! Loving these vibes. It is soo true hey, literally change your thoughts, open up for expansion and watch the World light up. I love listening to Esther Hicks-Abraham, and this has made me want to cuddle up and soak up in their words again! Love that you are writing about this! X

  5. louisa says:

    I FREEKING LOVE THIS! This leaks goodness and wonderful things! you have literally written my thoughts!

  6. Hi Meg
    Nice article!
    I totally agree with you: “Your focus is your point of attraction!”
    Happiness is a choice and a way to live our life.
    I wish You a Happy Day!

  7. dale says:

    Totally awesome post!
    We are truly creators of our own life experiences.Our thoughts are the basis of What we experience in our lives.

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