VLOG: Help! How do I Meditate?

IMG_2177Meditation. The act of remaining still and attempting to calm our crazy monkey minds. As human beings hustlin’ & bustlin’ our way through the 21st Century, this practice couldn’t seem much more foreign. However,  meditation has become some what of a buzzword. Everyone who is anyone seems to have jumped on the Medi-Train (and can’t stop tootin’ its horn for all to hear!).  Big guns like Hugh Jackman, Ellen De Generes and Oprah all credit their health, happiness and success to a regular meditation practice.  And if Oprah says its good it must be good, right?

But, for quite sometime I remained cynical. Yes, even with Queen O on board, I couldn’t see how sitting still for a few minutes each day could change my life.  It was only when my love affair with all things “self-development” began that I opened myself up to the idea. Here more people were singing the praises of this simple little practice. So, with a bandwagon of spiritual gurus, authors, and speakers now backing up what all these celebs had been carrying on about I decided to dive right in (or in actual fact, sit right down).

And my life changed overnight…


To my disappointment, meditation didn’t bring me this “overwhelming sense of peace” that everyone had promised!!! The only thing I felt was frustration. A shit-tonne of frustration. Ahhhh Oprah you lying-money-hungry-piece-of…..

But now…I am right by Oprah’s side shouting the praises of meditation for all to hear!


You’re confused, right?

Where the flip did all my anger suddenly disappear to? How did I become a meditation sell out? 

Well, you gotta watch my little video to find out! (Sorry about the dodgy quality. My first attempt at a video. I promise I’ll get better!).

My tips for boarding the “medi-train”

Don’t beat yourself up! There is no right or wrong, no perfect technique, no end goal.

Of course its going to feel weird at first. Your body will resist, your mind will resist even more! But what the hell do you expect? We live in a world of constant stimulation. Our minds work at lightning speed in an attempt to keep up with our forever changing external environment. This is why meditation is so hard, but also so important. Its a practice!

Release all your expectations. Once you allow yourself to just BE in meditation and stop trying to DO meditation you will totally understand what Oprah is on about!

So go forth and meditate beautiful people!

Then make sure to come back and share your experience with me! I would love to hear all about it.

Big Love Meg x

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