I am Home – A Travel Journal Entry from the Archives

lagosA Travel Journal Entry from the Archives

I was reminiscing the other day. Looking through old photos/ things/ knick knacks and came across my travel journal from a trip I took through Europe with some girlfriends last June.

I came across a journal entry and wanted to share it with you.


Because I know this particular journal entry captured the moment my life changed forever.

I can remember the exact feelings I felt as my hand took my pen and crafted this entry. I remember being alone on our rooftop terrace in Lagos, Portugal after the most AMAZING yoga class I had ever experienced. I cried and cried and cried and cried. But these were not tears of sadness, home sickness or any thing of the sort.

These were tears of life!

It was in that exact moment that I concreted my belief in the Universe, its power and my connection to all that is and ever was. In this moment, I knew that what I was doing, the path I was heading down was exactly where I was meant to be. I don’t think I have ever felt so connected to the Universe and all that is than in that exact moment. This journal entry, and the events that led up to it, was the catalyst to what is now Adventuring Home. This very space you find yourself in, right now, was conceived on a quiet little roof top in Lagos, Portugal by a girl with a tear streaked face and an amazingly grateful heart.

So, here it is. My journal entry from that very day.
It is raw, honest, uninhibited, unedited. Straight outta my notebook.



Lagos, Portugal.

26th July, 2013

I am Home.

The Universe has brought me exactly where I need to be in this moment.

I just did my first Yin Yoga class ever and after leaving feel so extremely emotional. On walking back to our apartment I cried! The idea that the Universe has brought me to this place and is allowing me to be in this very experience is what has made me so emotional. I can’t explain how perfect where I am feels in this moment. In the Yin class I felt more at Home then I have ever felt in my entire life. Ironically, I am thousands of kilometres from my true home. I am finally realising…

The Universe is Home. We are Home in each and every moment. 

The yoga teacher who took our class literally took my breath away. His aura was contagious. I could feel his energy seething into my being, connecting with my higher energy and raising it even higher. After weeks of traveling and being surrounded by lower energy, it was fucking amazing to be in a space of higher consciousness. I feel refreshed and reenergised.

I feel like this moment is a gift from the Universe. She is communicating so strongly with me in this moment. I feel like I am a vessel for her love and she is trying to fill every inch of me that is possible. I live for these moments. They bring me back and confirm that I am Home and that I am on a journey already moulded by the Universe. I feel like I have so much creative energy right now. So much to say but it is as if they almost aren’t my own words. They are the words of some higher power/ Divinity/ the Universe.

I am HOME.

In class we lay in the fetal position and the teacher said the most important element of this position is memory. We were in this position in the womb so automatically we remember the feeling of being supported and loved. I absolutely love this! But in saying this I truly believe we are on this journey of life alone. We must find our truth/bliss and chase it. We should not live life trying to attach ourselves to people or things. This only leads to heartache and suffering. People will come into our lives to help us find our bliss or teach us lessons we need to learn in order to live  our truth. We cannot attach ourselves to these people but must realise their purpose on our journey.

This is my bliss! These kinda moments. Spirituality is my truth! I feel so free yet so grounded and at peace when I wrtie/ think/talk about this! I am so grateful to the Universe for guiding me to this place. She has brought me HOME!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Rereading this little beauty gives my shivers! 

I love how such wisdom can be created in moments of complete and honest connection with the Universe!

Well, Honey, do you have a defining moment?

One in which your life has never truly been the same?

I would absolutely love it if you shared all the beautiful details with me!

Big Love Meg x

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  1. Sarah Kate says:

    This is so honest and beautiful! Wow, how courageous of you to share your intimate diary…but it inspires so many! My ah-ha moment was in October of 2013…I felt God whispering “Mariposa Moment” and the whole vision of what my life was meant to look like–what I was meant to do with this life I’ve been given—just unfolded in front of me. It was freakin’ amazing! Let’s do this together, girl! I’m here cheering you on!

    • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! God-filled moments are the besets!!!! This is so beautiful Sarah Kate. Such a magical feeling knowing that there is something so much bigger than the world we can see, supporting us! Thank you so much for sharing :) xxxxx

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