I’m back blogging + Blissin’ Out

image (1)To be honest, I have a resistance to writing, sharing and “being” in the online world sometimes. I’m not too sure why, but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that I’ve decided to change the way I feel about this realm of socialising via a screen.

I believe (and know through experience!) that we have the incredible ability to change the way we feel (about anything!) just by changing the way we think about it. And I believe (and know through experience!) that we have the incredible ability to CHOOSE the way we think (about anything!) in every single moment.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to exercise this power that I have over my thoughts and start using them to feel more amped about sharing in this space with YOU. I really do enjoy telling you all about my life, my beliefs, my learnings – just sometimes I get too caught up in the “shit”. Sometimes I think thoughts that just have me wanting to dig a hole ten feet deep and bury my phone and laptop down it.  Lately I’ve been feeling this way, and it’s why you might not have heard from me much.

Some of the thoughts I have been entertaining: 

  • I need to be present on social media A LOT or you guys will forget about me
  • I need to look like I know what I’m doing
  • I need to follow a formula to be “successful” online (You know? Post at a certain time. Check in regularly).

Crazy, right? 

When I see them written down on paper, I find each one of these thoughts laughable. They go against EVERYTHING I believe in: Following what feel’s good. Being led by intuition. Doing only the things that you feel inspired to do.

So obviously now I’m aware of them, I’m going to change them.

Now, these are the thoughts I’m starting to entertain:

  • Being online is FUN.
  • Sharing with people is FUN
  • Taking photos and telling people about my life is FUN
  • It’s all FUN. FUN. FUN.

And since consciously choosing to think these thoughts, guess how being online has felt? FUN. 

From this place of fun, the urge to bury my electronic devices as disappeared. I’ve been filled with this new sense of love and excitement for posting and sharing and not taking things so fucking seriously!

And get this… As the Universe would have it, marketing from a place of JOY was one of the topics Sabrina from Hello Freedom Lifestyle wanted to chat to me about last week in an interview. Go on, give it a watch! 

Blissin’ Out used to be a regular segment here at Adventuring Home (Read some of my favourites: here, here, & here).  It where I would come to just talk about the fun shit that happened that week. It was light, vibrant and….FUN. And now, it’s back!

Blissful Tidbits:

1.  My favourite kinda yoga studio

yoga by the beach
I’ve recently moved to the ocean (Thank god for that!). And although I’ve never been that into public displays of yoga, I can’t help myself! This view is hard to resist.

A few afternoons last week this is where I “plonked” myself – saluting to the sun as she set. I even found myself at one point, wiggling around mid forward fold, just so I could have a clearer view of the ocean between my legs. #BeachLife

2. Hanging out with my Ma & Pa


It was Mother’s Day here in Oz over the weekend, so I spent the weekend at my Mum and Dad’s. It was lots of fun. Here’s some photographic proof.

3. Sharing Mumma Earth’s Magic

essential oils pinterest

I’m REALLY, REALLY, REALLY obsessed with essential oils.  In fact, recently it’s become part of “what I do”. As well as yoga teaching, coaching, writing and devoting myself to feeling good errrrrry single day – I share doTERRA essential oils.

On Friday night this “work” took me to a yoga studio in Brisbane and had me playing with oils, guiding meditation and devouring raw treats (infused with oils like lime, peppermint, orange, lemon and rosemary) alongside an intimate group of humans. Then on Saturday, this “work” took me to the floor of a friend’s living room where I sat with a group of Mumma’s (as their kiddies played around us) and got to speak joy-FULLY about the power of these oh-so-pure-and-potent gifts of the Earth. I left with filled with nothing but joy (and lots of oil too!).

Note: I’m currently creating a page here on Adventuring Home with lots more info for those of you intrigued by this form of Mumma Nature’s magic. If you can’t wait for that and want to know more/ get your hands on some of your own, swing me a line at meg@adventuringhome.com

4. Beach bumming


“When you’re feeling overwhelmed – GO TO THE BEACH.” 

Okay, so this might not be a well known quote (I just made it up!) but it should be.

One day last week I was feeling off. I’d spent the whole morning on Skype doing interviews and despite the elation I felt while connecting and chatting with the like-mind ladies online, as soon as I got off I felt lost. After faffing about for a bit trying to work out what I “needed” to “get done”, I decided to f*ck it all off and go down to the beach. BEST. DECISION. EVER. 

After 30 minutes beachside, my to-do list no longer felt like it was coiling around my neck like a boa constrictor. Life (once again!) felt easy & breezy.

Okay, so YOU might not live by the ocean. But I’m sure there is something or somewhere that is YOUR “beach”. Maybe it’s 30 minutes of Sex & the City or perhaps 30 minutes of actual. sex. Maybe it’s a few deep breaths or 5 minutes of stretching. It really doesn’t matter what it is, just whatever helps calm the flow of stressful thoughts running around in your mind –  DO THAT.

You know how I said I’ve decided to have more fun online?

Well, I can’t think of a better way to have more fun than hearing and connecting with you!

When I first began this Blissin’ Out segment I started a hashtag: #BlissinOut. It was a way in which I could see that stuff that you got up to during the week that had you “high flying”.

Shall we rekindle the old spark?

Shall we bring back the hashtag from the dead?

Tag away my friend ;)


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  1. I feel the same way sometimes, I love being online but it can feel like an obligation sometimes for my business. I find that it is the best way to inspire others and this motivates me. I loved your interview with Lucy on the Brave Exchange. That led me to your website. Thank you! Have a great day!

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