Inspired Action. Huh?

Well, Hello December 2014, where in the heck did you come from?

For most of us, this time of year usually means slowing down, wrapping up and resting any work’s in-progress by the wayside to make way for celebration and relaxation. But with a new wave of inspiration washing over me, I’ve been struggling to sink down into the silly season. It feels as if a fire has been ignited beneath the seat of my pants. Yep. Kinda something I can’t ignore.

So in response, I’ve declared all-hands on deck for a last minute dash to the finish line of 2014. And since doing so, shit has happened quickly! Everything has been a natural, organic and effortless extension of that initial bout of inspiration. There’s been no sweat, no exertion, no pushing. I can feel the Universe holding me, supporting me, literally gifting me each new step. I feel good…fuck, I feel amazing!



I’d seen and heard my beautiful friend and mentor (not to mention all-round kick-ass lady) Rach MacDonald use the phrase a million times before but it had always left me a little confused.

Inspired action? Huh? 

And now I know why.

I’d never* freakin’ experienced it. (Note: It feels like waving a magic wand).

*Well, not to this current degree at least! 

Up until recently it was more desperation than inspiration that spurred me to action. I set goals and spent bucket loads of time deliberating how best to achieve them. There was lots of pushing, striving and forcing. I was willing to exert as much energy as required to “make shit happen”. But it always felt icky, leaving my body exhausted and riddled with stress.

This, my friends, is uninspired action. And it doesn’t get you very far (Believe me!).

Conversely inspired action is that which comes to life naturally. It’s coupled with feelings of excitement, joy and enthusiasm. It’s action born from intuition not thought. Each step comes to light at the exact moment it is needed. Results manifest thick and fast and there’s an overwhelming feeling that something else is at work.

That force is the Universe (of course!). 

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 “Action that comes from feelings of inspiration is action that will produce good results, for you are allowing the Laws of the Universe to carry you.” – Abraham Hicks. 

woooh woooh

How to take inspired action

Action taken without a foundation in deep inspiration is pointless, a waste of precious prana (energy).

Therefore experience what you desire you must act out of inspiration. And this doesn’t just mean on a big-chase-your-dream kinda scale, but in every god-damn moment.


  • Only text that guy if you feel inspired to. Not because you feel desperate, bored, alone or suddenly fear a life of single-dom.
  • Only write that blog post if you feel inspired to. Not because it’s on your To-Do List and you promised yourself you’d stick to it.
  • Only run that 10km if you feel inspired to. Not because it’s the only way you think you’ll fit into that dress.
  • Only feed your body if you feel inspired to. Not because you’re bored and it’s the easiest way to fill the space.
  • Only go home with him if you feel inspired to. Not because you fear he’ll jet off with someone else and you’ll be forgotten if you refuse.

Quit pushing and forcing the outcome you desire into being. Simply declare what you want, then let the Universe do her thang!

Big Love Meg x




If you are heading into the end of 2014 brewing with big ideas, excitement and creativity (like me!) – it’s time to act. 

If not, remember everything comes in cycles. Instead of willing yourself out of your trough, sink deep into it. Enjoy the hell out of it, for the peak is comnig for YOU!

10 Comments to “Inspired Action. Huh?”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Inspired action is so important! It’s like the divine whispering to us what to do. Much better than when we are in our heads all day and trying to make decisions based off of old ways of thinking/thought patterns. I think 2015 should be the year of inspired, creative action!

  2. Chris osullivan says:

    Great read meg

  3. Fran says:

    I can so relate to this Meg. In October time I was really swept up by inspiration and it all felt quite effortless. I’m in a more quiet time right now but I’m OK with that because the Universe has proved to me that when I really need it it will pick me up in its current. x

  4. YES YES YES!!! Love this babe. Such a brilliant topic to end 2014 on. Wow.
    It’s all about conscious living.
    Here’s to an inspired 2015. xxx

  5. Lyndsey says:

    Love this Meg!! A version I can completely understand (I have been a bit confused in the past about inspired action)…I feel like I just had a wave come over me as well. Brilliant as always love xx

  6. Brandy says:

    I absolutely love this Meg!

    I have been starting to feel this way too. It is definitely new for be as well.

    I totally feel what your saying with the Universe having your back. I feel pulled and supported and down-right loved by her. Thank you for sharing Meg!

    Brandy xo

  7. Katerina says:

    Truly empowering and inspiring Meg. Loved it x

  8. This is great Meg! Very interesting this came out of you after your travels in Bali. This resonated very closely with how i have been feeling about life recently now i got a name for it haha!

  9. Yes, yes, yes! I am right here with you. The universe is banging me over the head with this right now (in a very loving, gentle way of course!). I have always been such a striver, operating out of a sense of lack, but I am discovering that in order to be fully realised, I must dance out every moment in its full expression. No bypasses, no pushing, no forcing. Enjoying the whole delicious process rather than achieving outcomes. Thank you for even more insight and inspiration xxx

  10. Marilyn says:

    So are you saying that in order for action to be inspired there can be no feeling of dislike and not wanting to do it? I am confused because what happens if you what you mistake for dislike is lets say laziness or feeling tired? So if you feel tired when you are doing something or before you even start the thing, that is uninspired action then? Thanks. :-)

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