Let’s Get Spiritual, Baby.


Everyday  I meditate.

Everyday I write.

Everyday I thank the Universe for all the gifts I experience in my life.

Everyday I nourish my body with beautiful whole-foods, as nature intended them.

Everyday I breathe – deeply, slowly and intentionally.

Everyday I connect with other human beings.

Everyday I smile, laugh and am joyous.

This is what makes up my spiritual practice.

Some days I get up and do all of these things at once.

Other days I feel a little scattered and how I go about these practices is a direct reflection of this.

But that is the beauty of a spiritual practice – it is solely, completely and undoubtedly your own.

Anything can be spiritual if you set the intention for it to be.

There is a strong view within society of what spiritual looks like.

Many people think that if they aren’t quite ready to ditch all their modern day luxuries and become a yoga-loving, smoothie-drinking, crystal-doting Buddha then spirituality is obviously not their thang!

But listen here, my friends…

Spirituality is everybody’s thang!

You do not have to be able to recite by heart the healing powers of every crystal on Earth or be able to sit in mediation for hours on end.

In fact you really you don’t need to DO anything at all.

We are all spiritual by nature, whether we like it or not.

Our body and mind are simply vessels carrying our spirit, assisting it in its evolution throughout this lifetime.

We all have the ability to deepen our relationship with the spirit in order to lead a more enriched and conscious life, here as a human being.

 Everyone has the exact same capacity for spiritual enlightenment.

Spirituality? What’s all the fuss?

Having a daily spiritual practice helps remind us that we are intimately connected to something that is so much bigger than what we will ever truly be able to comprehend.

Knowing that we are part of this all-encompassing power can be shit-scary but also so extremely comforting. 

It instills in us the belief that we are not alone. The Universe is in our court. She has our back. 

So, when we choose to connect with this force and ground down into it each day, we feel supported.

We stop fighting, resisting & struggling against life.

Instead we start to relax into it, allowing ourselves to be one with all that is. 

Life becomes easy, light & joyous.  

In turn a spiritual practice helps us see the bigger picture, encouraging us to express gratitude for all that we have.

But not only is a spiritual practice a show of love & appreciation to the Universe, it is also an act of self-love.

 Given our intimate connection to all that is, we cannot acknowledge the magnificence of the Universe without acknowledging our own Divinity. 

Connecting with our spirit it therefore the ultimate act of self-love.

So you wanna cultivate a spiritual practice?

Like I said, spirituality is all about the BEING not the DOING.

Despite this, there are a few things you can DO which may help you to forge a stronger connection with your inner self .

1. Meditate.

Be still, connect with your breath. It is really that simple. By fostering a sense of stillness in our body, our mind soon follows. What we are left with – our true selves.

The trick of meditation is therefore in trying to retain that connection with our spirit.

It’s a practice. But once we learn to quiet our mind through meditation, this sense of connection with our spirit will start to permeate every other moment of our life!

 2. Do what you love.

You know the feeling when you are so captivated in doing something that it feels like time stops?

That annoying sound outside your window seems to disappear. Your hunger pains dissipate.  And your mind no longer races with the plans of tomorrow or the thoughts of yesterday.You are completely & utterly present.

This is the experience of doing something you love. It is in these moments that we are living completely through our spirit rather than our conditioned self.

So feed that spirit of yours and do more of what you love, Baby! 

Haven’t ever experienced this feeling? Don’t fret gorgeous, just move to #3.

3. Find what you love.

We all have things that make us come alive.

Some discover their bliss early in life. Whilst for others it takes a shit-tonne-o-tears, heartache and failures until something finally ignites passion within them.

Please, don’t be discouraged by the tears, heartache and failure. But rather, embrace them, accept them, lean into them. Soon you will  realise they were necessary bumps in the road leading you to discover what makes you truly come alive. 

However, your passion isn’t going to just jump out of that TV screen you are sitting in front of every minute of your spare time.

Like the wise Albert Einstein said (I may be paraphrasing):

“You are fricken’ insane if you think your going to get a different result from doing the same fucking thing over and over again.”

So you haven’t found your passion yet? Get out there!

Explore, adventure, waste a shit load of money on circus classes – you never know taming tigers just may be what makes every cell in your being sing.

So let’s hear it!

What do you do/are going to do each day to tap into that Universal energy within you & show yourself some lovin’?

Big Love Meg x

Image via Gabrielle Elliot.


2 Comments to “Let’s Get Spiritual, Baby.”

  1. Peter B says:

    Haha i love this it is so interesting the differnce in approaches, because for me i like to keep my spiritual practice organic, unorganised chaotic really. For me i write, meditate and experience intense love for life when i get the urge too. For me the discipline comes in getting out of my nice warm bed to write a thought down. To slow down when im in a rush to appreciate something. And just stop to smile or laugh for mo reason. But at the same time i cam appreciate and totally understand your approach as I’m sure you can mine. What a wonderful and odd thing the soul is.

    • PB! Yes, yes, yes!!! I completely understand you! I feel that when I have find myself having some sort of routine/ structure around my spirituality I am so much better able to have these spontaneous bursts of LOVE, JOY & APPRECIATION throughout my day. These are the things that teach me to be more present. Cause that is where all the juicy goodness lies – in the present brother! xx

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