Blissin’ Out: Love Stoned

PicMonkey CollageOn Friday I spent the most magnificent day and night in the Byron Bay Hinterland with a whole bunch of wonderful women (& a few lads). We picnic-ed, chatted, frolicked among nature & read oracle cards during the day. Then spent the night taking part in the most magical celebration of love, life and connection with a Cacao Ceremony. I cannot explain in words how amazing the whole experience was. I am sorry, somethings can only be felt. That being said I do wanna share with you a little something I learnt.

Many of the divine women I shared Friday with are in the throes of deep, deep change. I’m talkin’ reality altering, soul transforming kinda change. They are working intensely with their shadow selves, bringing all their icky-ness to the surface so as to stare it straight in the eye & work it out. For me I have come to equate this type of dark & dirty work with a deep level of spirituality & a profound connection with the soul. For me it represents a great evolution on one’s spiritual path. And having not yet experienced any of this for myself I felt a pang of jealousy arise when listening to these women recount their experiences. Where was my shadow? I wanted to be more spiritual.

So when it came to the evening’s ceremony I was craving these emotions.

I wanted so badly for my shadow self to show herself to me. I wanted my dirt to rise to the surface. I wanted tears to flow.

But…I got none of this. 

Instead I felt an overwhelming sense of LOVE. Every cell of my body was high on the stuff. 

I was absolutely, completely & utterly love stoned. 

And when it came to calling something into my life at the end of the ceremony I no longer wanted the tears or the darkness, the shadow or the shit. I simply wanted more of this LOVE that I had already been feeling. 

So this experience reminded me of two very powerful things.

1. It’s all in the acceptance. 

Struggle and deep spiritual questioning of myself may be awaiting me somewhere down the line. But right now all I feel is intense love. And what the fuck was I thinking wanting anything else?!  Moving forward I am going to embrace the shit out of this DIVINE LOVE I am feeling. Cause god-damn its freaking good! 

2. Quit comparing.

Everyone’s journey is different. There is no wrong or right way to be spiritual, to connect with your soul. We have to accept the emotions we feel in each moment.

So for now I am going to quit searching for my shadow. If she wants to come out and play I will let her do that when she pleases. In the meantime, I am going to keep getting high on this good stuff called love.

Cause, Honey, I have realised there ain’t nothing better than being love-stoned! 

Blissful little tidbits

1. Human Generosity

I always leave the markets of a Sunday with a massive smile on my face. The food, the energy, the people. It all makes me feel a little giddy inside. But yesterday I left Northey Street Organic Markets sporting an extra large grin and a whole lot more giddy-ness than usual.

Just before leaving I had sought out the local community garden stall for some basil. Having sold out of everything in the stall,  one of the gorgeous community gardeners, Sally, insisted that we go and pick some together right then and there. So she led me through the gardens & handpicked me enough basil to make pesto to last me weeks and weeks and weeks. And as we adventured through the gardens Sally treated me to some Mustard lettuce, amaranth and other goodies along the way. Aren’t we humans just the sweetest things ever?!


2. Gettin’ my Ritual on 

After the divine experience of Friday night, I have decided to implement more ritualistic elements into my days. I have invited the ceremoniousness back into my meditation sessions. Lighting candles. Working with crystals. Journalling. I love the sense of connectedness this brings. These little things for me make meditation so much more special and prevent it from feeling like a chore or a “tick the box” exercise.

3. Sunshine

This need not be explained. But how freaking good is absorbing the sunshine into your skin?! That warmth seeping through into your cells, energising your entire being. Oh sunshine, please stay around as long as you like!

Dearest blissful goddesses…

How was your week? I would love you to share all the juicy details with me!

Why not follow these sweet little prompts.

1. What feeling had you all blissed out this week? 

2. What do you want to call into your reality in the week to come?

And keep using that #blissinout. Your snaps help keep me love-stoned <3 <3 <3

Here’s to divine Love, Joy & Peace, my beautiful friends.

Big Love Meg x

6 Comments to “Blissin’ Out: Love Stoned”

  1. Tara says:

    Meg, your weekend sounds so divine!! What a magical day and night that must have been.

    This week, I too have been high on love and life, and it has all come down to feeling more connected. Meeting new likeminded friends, impromptu lunch dates chatting all things health and wellness, and practising yoga on stand up paddle boards with new friends and big belly laughs as we all try to keep our balance. And I’m carrying this on with me during this week too, opening up completely to that energy that gets my heart racing every time I feel connected to someone as passionate and loving of life as I am.

    Another beautiful post Meg, thank you xx

    • Tara I just felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Your week sounds so extremely divine. There is something so freaking special about connecting with likeminded women. Can’t wait to meet you in person one day :) xxx

  2. Lauren says:

    I so resonate with this and the idea of love stoned. I’ve been all blissed out this week when I finally (!!) realized what I should be sharing with the world on my blog/social media. I thought I HAD to write about nutrition…but what I really needed to share was helping women heal their relationship with food. Just been such a relief and have been riding the wave of gratitude about actually being able to do that this week. (PS – just found your blog the other day and love it!)

    • Lauren!!! Thank you for sharing your big, beautiful breakthrough with me here in this space. It is such a wonderful feeling to express and share with others what you are truly passionate about. Yay for big, beautiful breakthroughs. And Yay for doing what you love!!!! (Ps – I just checked out your wonderful space too. <3 <3 <3 ) xxx

  3. Jo says:

    Beautiful babe!! Sometimes in situations like that certain people are there to provide LOVE so that those that need to shift, can. ;)

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