How I’m making life more sacred

I used to believe “sacredness” and “spirituality” were only accessible at certain times of my day – on my yoga mat, with person X, sitting alone at the beach.

As I evolve here on Earth in this beautiful vessel that I chose to come forth in, I’m learning there is no truth to this at all.

Sacredness – which in my experience is simply the act of remembering my worth – is something I can cultivate in any moment by simply CHOOSING it.

It’s not something that is dependent on X, Y or Z.
It’s not something that is restricted to certain moon phases, locations or weather patterns.

Sacredness is an internal choice.
A decision to say YES to my own inner Divinity.
And it’s this decision that unites me with my true Being and that is what creates sacredness – this UNITY!

But, although I realise I have this choice in every moment and I don’t need nothing outside of me to make life super-duper sacred… I am a physical Being.

I chose to walk this Earth because there’s such fun in playing with all the other physical things that Mother Nature has provided for us. I live on a planet that is all-providing. It makes no sense to ignore all the wonderful things Mother Nature has already laid out for us, to help remind us of our worth!!!

Everything around us has been divinely placed in order to support us on our journey. It’s okay to call upon the things around us to help connect us with that special, ever-present Divinity we’ve all got within.

4 Things that Help me Feel Sacred

1. My essential oil collection


I believe our nose is our most sacred sense. Smells we take in from the world around us, don’t pass through our analytical mind. Scents our sent straight to the emotional centre of our brain. Without even thinking about it whatever we smell is having a direct and powerful effect on the way we feel.

That’s why I’m never without an essential oil. 

I know that when I take one of these bottles of Mother Earth’s magic to my nose – I will feel different straight away. If I’m feeling really “heady” (thinking lots and lots) and can’t seem to drop into my body all it takes is a few deep breath of Lavender or a big fat whiff of Wild Orange and I’m transported.

Psst. I share these magical oils so if you want some of your own, let me know by emailing

2. My posse of incredible humans

shann and em

I’m not a hugely social person, but there are a handful of people in my life that I have a very handy way of helping to re-ignite the sacred fire within me when I feel it dwindling.

These humans just “get me”. They know what I mean when I talk about “the Vortex” and understand what I believe and who I choose to be in the world. It’s there presence in my life that reminds me I’m supported, that the world’s a safe and sacred place.

Seeing, chatting, texting, Skyping my posse is what keeps me gorunded in this amazing physical world.

3. Mother Nature


My June trip to Peru… it changed me.  My relationship with nature had deepened, profoundly. I know now that everything is energy, that everything has a purpose, that everything has a  message  – every rock, every leaf, every THING!

Nothing feels more divinely sacred to me than being alone in the bush communing with the trees. By communing I mean really truly being present with the energy of the plant. Listening as if it were a human. Enjoying it’s company as if it were a human.

4. Breath


Breath is life. And really, what is more sacred than life itself. 

Without breath there is no life. So each miraculous inhale and exhale is a powerful reminder of how sacred it is to be human and walking this magical Earth.

Throughout the day I’ll often stop. Place my hands on my belly. Breathe. Listen. Feel. Be. 

Your turn

I’m sure if you are herre reading these words leading a sacred life is important to you.

I’d love to expand my repertoire of sacred-inducing practices. Share yours with me in the comments below.


2 Comments to “How I’m making life more sacred”

  1. Gemma says:

    Thanks for this reminder Meg!

    I’m just starting to explore essential oils so it’s interesting to hear about your experience x

  2. Katie Crouch says:

    Such beautifully simple, yet potent practices. For me, I love to cook ~ colourful, organic, healing plants ~ with a deep sense of gratitude and mindful awareness of the sacred properties and nourishment that they behold.

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