VLOG: The Two Most Powerful Words in The Whole Entire Universe



 Whatever we choose to place after these two little words becomes our reality. 

When we use I AM, we are telling the Universe that this is what we believe to be true about ourselves.

And we know that whatever we send out to the Universe, she sends us right back.

These two little words have the ability to completely limit us in our reality or provide us with the unimaginable freedom to be and have whatever we desire.

This is why I have made this little video!  It is a reminder that we have to be incredibly careful with what we choose to place after I AM.

With these word we hold the power to create whatever reality we desire.

So, stop using these two little words to feed your self pity.

Let’s start feeling EMPOWERED.

It all starts with I AM.

 So, want to know how to get whatever you want? Press play and find out!

Intrigued by the power of these two little words?

Here are a few little resources for you, that first got me thinking about how I use I AM.

1. Pastor Joel – The Power of I Am.

I found Pastor Joel through Oprah and I love him!!!! This video is amazing. Don’t be intimidated by the preachy setting (it is a sermon). His message is so incredibly relevant to every single one of us. Although a little cheesy, it’s a must watch! 

2. Michael Luckman – The Two Most Powerful Words 

Great article. Short. Sweet. Straight to the point.

So dare and share! 

Finish the following sentence right here.

A public declaration! Now that is something the Universe will have trouble ignoring. 

I AM…..

Big Love Meg x

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  1. Raquel says:

    beautiful, very inspiring!!!

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