Love. Belonging. Creativity. Adventure. Sex.

All the good sh*t happens when you’re in the nude… You want more of the good stuff?

Well, Honey, it’s time to get NAKED.

In the last 18 months I’ve gone from being a high-achieving perfectionist with a fear of truly expressing myself, to a passionate, love-filled devotee of the present moment, getting my kicks out of being real, showing up and sharing my whole self with the world.

meg1During this time I’ve watched approximately 125.5 hours of Youtube, read over 51.25 personal growth books, invested thousands of dollars on courses, spent hours upon hours in meditation, been guided by a whole bunch of unbelievably inspiring women online (& in the flesh), and participated in numerous life-changing events, ceremonies and rituals.

All in the name of self-help and growth.

From Buddhism to Shamanism, Eckhart Tolle to Bashar. I’ve pretty much delved into it all.

And I’m pretty confident to say I’ve found the answer, the secret to life itself…


Having the courage to strip bare and show up.

This is what ignites that internal fire we all so deeply desire to feel, making way for a whole lot of magic.

So to spread the message I created NAKED. She’s the ultimate step-by-step guide to letting go and embracing vulnerability. A culmination of everything that has helped me transform my entire reality and turn my life into an explosion of excitement.

No need to invest thousands of dollars or spend half the year behind the screen watching YouTube, I’ve put all the best tools I’ve come across into one easy-to-read, very cheeky eBook. JUST. FOR. YOU.

Naked is a soul-soaked, love filled guide to living a life uncensored.

She’s a 3 part strip tease, that walks you through the how-to’s of getting vulnerable and creating a life of connection, adventure and love.

First she’ll get you naked,

peeling back the layers that have been keeping you playing small for too long. Think: Attachments. Guilt. Limiting Beliefs.

Then you’ll get cosy.

She’ll reacquaint you with that powerful force within and help you come face to face with the parts of yourself you’ve been keeping hidden. Think: Your Divine essence. Your Purpose. Your Shadow.

And lastly you’ll get freaky.

She’ll equip you with the tools you need to turn your life into an explosion of excitement and become a powerful co-creator of your very existence. Think: Intuition. Manifestation. Adventure.


She’s 62 pages of soul-stirring goodness, filled with practical, actionable tips on how to be a bold, beautiful, bare-bottomed babe and experience the reality you desire.


“Soulful, sassy, spiritual sustenance – just a sprinkling of words to describe Meg’s eBook baby, Naked. Like the woman herself, this book will touch a special part of your soul, blending whip-smart wisdom with prose that will tickle you in all the right ways. Meg’s no-BS mission to serve is glaringly, lovingly obvious and you’ll finish this book feeling understand, soothed, and ready for action. Go get ’em!”

Rachel MacDonald | In Spaces Between


“You will tear through the pages marvelling at the visually stunning design while being compelled by raw and real words written by Meg. This is Meg’s essence and core message. Naked will have you detaching from toxic relationships with yourself and others, kicking guilt to the curb and witnessing where you have limited yourself. What are you waiting for? Get Naked!”

Kristen Graham | Wild Spirit Feather

Your Investment: PAY WHAT YOU WANT


A few of the Biggies you’ll find inside:

  • My top tips for instantly releasing guilt (& turning her off for good).
  • The reason why the only men you meet are dirty, rotten, stinking, worthless, scummy, selfish pigs. And how to change that, of course!
  • The dangers of calling yourself a “Blonde-haired-blue-eyed-beauty” or a “Tree-huggin’-hippie”
  • How to stop reacting to those around you and become a nicer person.
  • Myth Busting on Manifestation
  • A “real world” guide to honing your intuition
  • 9 fun, easy and super practical activities for you to implement.


“This beautifully designed book is the permission slip you’ve been waiting for to strip off those shackles off self doubt and move forward with a sense of inspired adventure, a knowingness of who you are (and who you’re not), and a bloody good sense of fun. Meg leaves the ‘seriousness’ of spirituality at the door by injecting this book with authentic content and illuminating activities (that you will actually want to do), all laced together in the straight-talking, kind and cheeky voice she is known for.”

Claire Baker | This Is Lifeblood


“Meg has a unique connection with the sacred, as she shares with us the soul lessons that life has garnered her thus far. Naked is the perfect guide for anyone who is feeling a little disconnected, a little un-enchanted, and needs to remember who, and what, we truly are. In beautiful prose and insightful tales, Meg takes us through the delightful, fun and practical steps to unlocking your soul connection. This eBook is just sublime and I am blessed to know you Meg!”

Vienda Maria | viendamaria.com


Is NAKED for you?

If you’re comfortable in your current reality and have no desire to experience more. NAKED is not for you.

But if you crave adventure, connection and excitement. If you want your life to be an eruption of ecstasy, an explosion of passion. Well you gotta get NAKED now.

She’ll lure you out of the “real world” and show you life through a new lens.

She’ll renew your belief in magic and all things mystical.

She’ll have you falling in love, manifesting your desires and adventuring like the bad-ass that you are.

She’ll change your whole, entire reality.

Never meditated before?

Don’t know what the hell manifesting is?

Having trouble getting your head around the whole “I am the Universe” idea?

Whether you’re a “spiritual virgin” or a veteran of all things sacred, NAKED was designed to be the perfect companion at any stage on the journey to creating a life of love, adventure and connection.

As long you’re hell-bent on the notion that there is always more to experience. THIS. IS. FOR. YOU.


“Laughter, tears, ah-ha moments and enlightening truth bombs. It’s all jam-packed into this beautiful eBook designed to strip back the illusions, the limiting beliefs and the bull s#!t stories, allowing you to re-discover your true essence. Meg has this wonderful way with words that invites you in, arouses you and then holds your hand as you slowly remove all your layers and get naked. Through every written word you know that this sista has got your back and wants to help you see just how magnificent and unique you truly are. Naked, is a transformational read and is perfect for anyone ready to open up, embrace the laws of the universe and see themselves through new eyes.”

Bec Van Leeuwen | Soul Sister Circle

Karla Layton

“When Meg said ‘I want to get you Naked’ I knew this eBook was going to pack one helluva punch. Meg has poured so much loving energy into Naked and you feel that every time you soak up her words. Soulful, Sexy, Sassy… Yep this book is a game-changer ladies.”

Karla Layton | Times Of Layt


“A few pages in, I was already in LOVE. Naked is a deeply captivating, thought-provoking, gem of a book. In this cheeky three part guide, you’ll learn how to strip back your insecurities, expose your soul, and re-approach life with a greater sense of excitement and adventure.”

Stephanie Blaszak | stephanieblaszak.com

So it’s time to strip off and bare your soul.

It’s time to get NAKED.

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Your Investment: PAY WHAT YOU WANT


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