NAKED Love & a Gigantic $1000+ Giveaway




The last week has been a BIGGIE.

I released my first eBook, NAKED: The Ultimate Guide to Living a Life Uncensored, out into the world. And the love she has received is beyond anything I could have ever envisioned. So in honour of her and all those who’ve gotten Naked thus far, I’ve decided a giveaway is in order.

But not just any sort of giveaway. This is one of GIGANTIC PROPORTIONS.

If you come here often, you’ll know I’m all about transformation. But not the kind you’re probably caught up on. Not the kind where you are the focus (Cause, Honey, you’re already perfect!). The transformation I’m all about is that of your reality. And this giveaway has the potential to do just that. It has the potential to change your entire life – how you see the world, how you view yourself and how you go about experiencing that which you desire.

Yep. This is one powerfully potent package.

But before we dive into the free stuff, I wanted to share with you some of the love that NAKED has received over the last week. In the end, this giveaway wouldn’t be possible without her. So I think she deserves a taste of the lime light.

 Naked Love


I’ve floated through the last week, high off your love-soaked, supportive and uplifting feedback. 

The absolute joy I felt each time I saw that another person was stripping off and getting NAKED transcends anything I’ve ever experienced. For each email, comment, message & tweet – I am infinitely grateful. For they all placed me in an epic cocoon of love. A big, fat smile seems to have taken up full-time residence on my face since launch day. But I’m not complaining, she’s fucking great company to have.

And so, given the powerful impact your words have had on me, I wish to share a snippet of lovin’ that has been flowing Naked’s way.

“I read NAKED in its entirety this morning on my back patio, sun shining on my face…pure bliss!  My pink highlighter couldn’t keep up with all the “ah-ha” goodness. Your wisdom is a true gift.” – Sarah Kate

“Loved NAKED… Best example of how to explain ‘the shadow’ that I’ve read … Read it aloud to my hubby … We had been talking about it a couple of days before NAKED came out … Perfect timing. Congratulations on your success!” – Steph.

I just read the entire thing from start to finish and loved every word. Can’t wait to read it again and give the activities a go. – Jodie.

“The book is fabulous…I loved it, big tops to you!” – Skye.

So stoked for you! She’s amazing!!!! xoxo – Olivia. 


“Firstly, I really LOVED you ebook ‘Naked’.  I read it in one day, couldn’t put it down. So much goodness! I’ve never emailed someone like this before, so that’s saying something. Your writing is spellbinding, you have such a gift.” – Morgan

“Incredible E-Book, my love. So punchy, fresh and on the mark.  Loved it’s movement.. you didn’t get bogged down. You just kept raising the vibes. ” – Lauren

“Wow, I bought a copy of naked yesterday at ‘whatever price’ you wanted was going, All i had was 9 dollars until i got paid…This book is truly amazing & well worth more than 9 dollars heck its worth more than 16 dollars. Do yourself a huge big self love favour and buy this ebook. Big love to you Meg & thank you for helping me get naked ” – Mia

I stayed up wayyyy past my bedtime last night because I couldn’t stop reading! – Lyndsey. 

I’ve been sitting here refreshing facebook for the last ten minutes because I’m so damn keen! Pretty bummed I have to go to work, because I want to devour this immediately! So dang proud of you lovely lady, you are the bomb-diggity! – Brittany.

Get Naked Now!

Your Investment: $16


Again I hope you can feel my gratitude permeating out from your screen. It sure feels explosive on this side.


The giveaway

PicMonkey Collage

So now what you’re all here for… the giveaway, right?

Just like Naked this giveaway is fun. flirtatious and full of soul. There’s a shit tonne to get to, so I’ve broken it up into three mega categories.

1) The Bangin’ Services

2) The Goodies

3) The Reading Material 

Now I’m sure you’re busting to know what could all be yours. So let’s dive in, shall we?

 The Bangin’ Services

The power of the internet. It allows people to exchange their gifts with the world. And I’ve got a whole lot of women that have kindly “gifted their gifts” to this giveaway (woah that’s a whole lot of g’s).

From intuitive readings to sex coaching. The winner is going to have it all. To say their reality will be transformed is a bit of and understatement, I think!

2 x 60 min Reality Alchemy Sessions with Yours Truly! – Value $250


Yippee! We’ll get to meet face-to-face (well, screen-to-screen at least), and spend 2 punchy, power packed hours together.

I’ll help you get clear on what you truly desire and step into the shoes of that woman you are so badly craving to be. (Spoiler Alert: You are already Her!). 

We’ll talk energy, vulnerability and finding your bliss.

And it’ll be a whole bucket of fun too!

Head on over here to find out more and to hear what some of my previous coaching babes have to say.

30 min Sexuality Coaching Session w Juliet Allen – Value $100

JulietAre you seeking more sex, or more fulfilling sex with your partner? 

Do you feel like your orgasms could do with a bit of boost?

Do you feel a silent pull to explore that crazy, sexual woman that lives inside you?

If you answered a big-fat Yes (or a little shy maybe), to any of these questions, then Juliet is your gal. This lovely lady is a leading Australian sexologist, who will help you discover your inner Sex goddess and bring her to the forefront of your life (and your bedroom!). Read more about Juliet’s style of sex coaching here.

If suddenly you don’t wanna win this prize anymore cause this is definitely “not your kinda thang”, well , Honey, I got news for you. This is exactly what you need! Being in touch with your sexuality is the cornerstone to confidence and harnessing your inner power.  It’s not dirty or devious. It’s natural to who we are.

“Women are f*^cking amazing, powerful, sexual beings and have the right to embrace and own their true sexual nature.” – Juliet Allen. 

Amen Sista.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |

1 x 90 min Spirit Soul Wandering Consult w Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue – Value $110


The Lovely Lauren is a magical and mystical intuitive. She’s your guide to connection, Soul and the cosmos. With her you’ll explore your chakras, unearth your passions, and discover what truly sets you alight.

She’ll tune into your energy and reconnect you with your Inner Truth. She’ll open you up to the Universe and help you enter the flow of life. You’ll leave the session feeling more inspired and aligned than ever. Your soul will be nourished and you’ll be open and more receptive to abundance and all of life’s syncronicities. Find out more about here.

Website | Facebook | Instagram |

Kinesiology Package w Stephanie from Empower Holistic Health – Value $150

Empower logo

Kinesiology. Never heard of it?

Well, it’s all about energy, Baby! (But then again, isn’t everything?)

This powerful practice is an emotional detox of sorts and will work to restore balance to that beautiful body of yours. From stress and anxiety to relationship issues and skin conditions. Stephanie can help with it all. Yep, even over Skype!

Website | Facebook |

1x Animal Totem Reading w Emelie Archer – Value approx. $50


Emelie is a spirit animal oracle. Huh? 

Well, she believes we each have an inner animal (s) that helps guide us in our experience of the world. And she wants to connect you with yours.  After answering a series of fun, saucy, strange, quirky questions and sending through a snap shot of yourself to Emelie, you receive a completely personalised animal totem result based on the personal energetic connection she forms with you.

Pretty damn cool, hey? 

After working with Emelie earlier this year to connect with my own spirit animal, I’ve gifted these readings to a whole bunch of friends. I adored the process that much. So I am super excited that she has gifted one of her readings to this Giveaway bundle. And to make this giveaway even more desirable, Emelie is currently on hiatus from Animal Totem readings as she pours her energy into her other projects. So, my beautiful friends, this may be your only chance to connect with your inner wild one (at least for now!). 

Website | Facebook | Twitter |

The Goodies

Food Actually Products  (1 x Norridge + 4 x Ezy Balls) – Value $ 72


I’m big on clean eating. There’s very few products from a packet I would touch. However anything created by FoodActually would easily pass my lips. Owners Jo and Corey supply their beautifully natural, nutrient rich foods all across this wonderful country. And have generously gifted a whole bunch of their products for the winner to devour. This includes:

4x Ezy Superfood Balls : an energy balls premix in 4 delicious flavours

  • Cookie Dough
  • Gingerbread ( nut free)
  • Goji Cacao ( nut Free)
  • Orange Cacao ( nut Free)

These are made with organic ingredients and are packed with super foods so now you can turn your afternoon snack into a delicious, nourishing treat. All you need is 1 cup of dates and 1 box of Ezy balls and you have snacks for the week.

1x Norridge: Norridge is a delicious grain and gluten free cereal thats packed full of nuts, seeds and fruit, providing you with sustained energy to rock your day.

Now stop salivating on the screen. And read on, Beautiful!

Website | Facebook |

Or hit up the Beautiful Jo’s home at The Luminous Kitchen.

Special Box of Goodies from The Vegan Box – Value approx. $45

secondaryLogoCruelty free products are da bomb. But it’s not always easy to find them yourself. It often takes a whole lot of time and research to make sure what you’re buying is made with nothing but love for all forms of life. That’s why I fucking love what Hannah at The Vegan Box is all about! She’s like your own personal cruelty-free product researcher, shopper and deliverer (is that even a word?).

Hannah personally scouts around for the latest and greatest goodies made by ethical, sustainable and compassionate businesses. Then each month packages her finds up into a super special box and sends it out to her subscribers. The best thing? The entire contents is a surprise.

And who doesn’t freaking love a surprise? 

So Hannah’s made up a special box (of suprise contents, of course) just for the winner. And don’t worry, you won’t have to be vegan to get a kick out of it’s contents!

Website | Facebook Instagram |

M & S Active Pack – Value $50


M & S Active create the best tasting protein balls around. You may think me a little bias as the faces behind this biz are my best friend Shannon and her fiancé Matt. But I’m not the only one raving about their balls. Lorna Jane herself has even given them the tick of approval and with less that 12 months of biz under their belts they guys already have an epic following on Instagram.

Every ball is hand-made and infused with a whole lot of love by the gorgeous Shannon. But be warned they are addictive. Their peanut butter balls often cameo in my dreams. So here’s the deets on what these two are offering to the bundle.

 M & S Active All Natural Protein Balls – free from any nasties, high protein and oh so delicious balls of goodness made with love.

  • 4 pack of Coconut Rough Protein Balls
  • 4 pack of Peanut Butter Protein Balls
  • 4 pack of Apricot Orange and Coconut Delights
  • 4 pack of Goji, Chia and Cacao Bliss Balls
You can email Shannon and Matt at for more information or to place an order. 

Website Coming Soon | Facebook | Instagram |

SlimBliss Tea Pack


If you haven’t heard of SlimBliss, welcome back from wherever you’ve been hiding for the last few years. With a focus on digestion, this mega popular tea assists in weight loss, reducing sugar cravings, detoxifying and cleaning the body.  And the best part of it all,  it doesn’t leave you scrambling for the loo in the early hours of the morning. No laxative effect, Baby! It’s the real deal.

And yes, you guessed it, Emily-Rose, the beautiful face behind SlimBliss, has gifted a whole lot of her tummy-transforming-tea to the bundle.

Woot. Woot. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram |

Sea & Stone Amethyst Necklace – Value $29.95


I purchased one of Tara’s beautiful creations from The Village Markets earlier this year. It was a citrine necklace and let’s just say I’m a wee-bit in love. When I’m really in the mood for manifesting, you’ll often find her tucked under my pillow! It’s true love, I tell you.

The talented Tara has generously gifted one of her hand-made necklaces to the giveaway. She’s just like mine, but in Amethyst, the “all-healer” (The purple stone in the photo above!)

Isn’t she a beauty? 

Website | Facebook | Instagram |

“Naked” Eco Silver Word Necklace by Gutsy Girl – Value $ 42

ecoword new


Yep. Sharyn from Gutsy Girl is making a custom-made, one of a kind NAKED pendant to add to the bundle. What a freakin’ cool way for the winner to publicly declare their commitment to vulnerability, openness and adventure… every god-damn day!

Not only are Sharyn’s creations beautiful but they are made from 100% recycled sterling silver. Gotta love sustainability!

Website | Facebook | InstagramTwitter |

Happiness & Wellness Magazine 6 month Subscription – Value $18

Happy Well Mag

The health and wellness industry is a boomin’. However there is still very few publications (especially online) solely devoted to grabbing life by the balls. That is why I treasure Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine. Soaked in soul and jam-packed with inspiration, this beauty is an absolute steal at only $3.95 per issue!

And a 6 month subscriptions could be yours!

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |

Little Sage Energetically Protected Journal – Value $ 18

The Little Sage journal

I love a good journalling session. Whether it be as soon as I wake up, in the car, at a cafe, the park, my lounge room, the backyard…

Anytime. Anyplace. I don’t discrimiante when it comes to gettin’ my journal on.

To start you off on your own love-affair with journalling, the magical Helen from The Little Sage has gifted a Purple Energetically Protected Journal to add to the mix. It has been personally bathed by Helen and energetically cleansed in white light, to help evoke your growth, inner reflection and learning. And purple symbolises clairvoyance and spirituality; it is the colour of the third eye chakra.

This is one powerful journal, my friends. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |

Frank Body Scrub – Value $14.95


With a tagline like “Get naked” how could I leave this beauty out of the prize pack. 

I got #franked for the first time earlier this month (Shameless evidence above).  And I’ll tell ya now, there’s no other like him.

Frank sure knows how to get down and dirty. 

Please Note:

  • This is not a promotional contribution from Frank
  • Frank has no affiliation with Adventuring Home
  • The scrub is my gift to you, in which I have purchased specifically for the winner

Website | Facebook Instagram | Twitter |

Guided Chakra Cleanse Meditation by Belinda Davidson – Value $ 17.95

guided chakra cleanse

This is my current obsession. 

In Belinda’s words our energy creates our reality. When we look after our energy, we automatically enter “the flow” and invite ease into our existence.

And this Chakra Cleanse is the ultimate tool for keeping yo’ energy in tip top shape.

Please Note:

  • This is not a promotional contribution from Belinda
  • Belinda has no affiliation with Adventuring Home
  • The Chakra Cleanse is my gift to you, in which I will purchase specifically for the winner

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |


Spirited Bundle by Rachel MacDonald & Tara Bliss – Value $39


I only have three words for these eBooks – so freaking brilliant. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |  – Rachel

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |  – Tara

30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge by Lauren Fowler – Value $19

30-Day Mindful-EatingChallenge-eGuide-2-682x1024

Lauren, a registered dietician,  health coach & blogger, brings two of my favourite things together in this beauty of an eBook…

Mindfulness + Eating. 

As a recovering “hoover” (a.ka. super fast eater), Lauren’s words have further helped me inject presence into meal-time. I can actually taste the food now! 

Another potentially transforming gift to add to the bundle. Yippee!

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |

QUick REcap & Huge thanks

That’s a whole lotta giveaway goodness. I’m sure your brain couldn’t have retained it all. So allow me to recap.

The winner will receive over $650 worth of reality altering services, more than $300 worth of in-the-flesh style goodies, and almost $60 worth of eBook goodness. Coming in at over $1000, it’s quite the bundle. 

And to all those that contributed to make this giveaway so epic – I am infinitely grateful, and super stoked I get to share your talents in this space.

How to enter


Please Note: Sorry to my International Babes, this giveaway is only for those residing is Australia. 

1. Clickity click like on the Facebook page (You can scroll on up and do it on the left side of this screen).

2. Share this post on Facebook with the #TheNakedOnes. (You can click the Facey icon at the end of this post).

3. And finally comment below answering me this…

“What was the most memorable time you were Naked, literally or metaphorically?”

Entries close 9:00pm (AEST) Tuesday 26th August. And the winner will be announced in my newsletter on Wednesday 27th August. 

Good luck Peeps!

Big Love Meg x

94 Comments to “NAKED Love & a Gigantic $1000+ Giveaway”

  1. Caitlin says:

    The most memorable time I was metaphorically naked was my first trip overseas last year. Travelling solo, and with me as my closest companion things had to get ‘Naked’ I had to get real with my self, I had to learn to be true to me, show my true self to strangers, discover my strengths and weaknesses, so an actual journey across a country also became a journey of getting ‘Naked’ and being me.

  2. Rachael Phillips says:

    Right now I am metorphocially more naked than ever. I am finally after way too many years going back to my roots and beginning the journey to fine ME! I was lost in the world, crazy with life, family work, two kids, husband and became negative and blind to the wonderful life that was truely around me. I’m finding my eyes, my feeling,my love of the world and life again, it’s here, it’s coming growing and I am learning about myself everyday. I cutting the cords of those negative things, and boy that’s hard and what’s leaving me Naked, but the feeling when it’s done is outweighing everything son onwards and upwards I will continue to soar, perhaps I really will do something Naked physically one day…… Thank you x

    • Rachael, so much love to you for sharing. Super happy to hear your on the journey to find YOU. Getting naked is the way to do it. Good luck with your literally stripping off one day too ;) xx

  3. Helene says:

    Well, this question is trickier than I thought !
    I have been digging into my past, thinking deeply into my inner journey …when was my last memorable “Naked” show time that I’ve had with myself ?!?
    I believe, looking at my battery that it’s time to get out there !!!
    I left France to explore and live in different countries. My journey made me who I am! I’ve had no other choices to affirm who I really was becoming, being away from my comfort zone! Western Australia has a very special place in my heart. A contractictory of emptiness and richness, my truly inner Retreat !
    Australia has been and is the perfect 2 and1/2 years example of what being Naked meant for me.

    • There is nothing that strips you bare more than exploring a foreign place alone. I love that you see the juxtaposition of emptiness and richness and you inner sanctuary. So very, very special Helene. xxx

  4. Sarah says:

    The most memorable time I was naked was in 2010. I busted out my birthday suit along with about 5000 other people on the steps of the Sydney Opera House for a Spencer Tunick photo shoot. It was an incredible and liberating experience that changed how I felt about my body.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I AM MOST NAKED WHEN I EXPRESS MY WHOLE TRUTH. And guess what, I’m getting NAKED now!

    Self-expression has never come naturally to me. I used to be a very closed person and struggled to open up to others, no matter how close they were to me. In some way, self-expression scared me. I felt uncomfortable, vulnerable and NAKED. I would always fear the uncertainty of “what will happen next”. After all, when you fully express yourself, you become so very bare and exposed- there’s no hiding.

    Once I started to push myself out of my comfort zone, strip off my layers and become vulnerable, I soon realised that this feeling was freaking amazing. Self-expression allows your true beauty to shine and lifts a whole lotta pressure and doubt off your shoulders. You learn to let go of any fears, limiting beliefs or expectations, and simply ‘be’ present in the moment.

    • Wooohooo for being Naked, Steph!

      “Self-expression allows your true beauty to shine and lifts a whole lotta pressure and doubt off your shoulders.” – I think I’m going to steal this ;) xxx

  6. Erin says:

    Hey Meg, what an awesome little (or should I say massive?) giveaway you have put together.
    The most memorable time that I was literally NAKED was skinny dipping in the Greek Islands back in 2010. After growing up in Australia where public nudity is always discouraged, it felt so liberating and daring. It’s now one of my favourite memories from my six month backpacking trip around Europe.

  7. Nicole says:

    That’s a fabulous question Meg… for me, most recently I felt “Naked” when I went to my first Sacred Dance Party. I literally had to release all inhibitions, let go, feel the music, feel the fear and dance through it anyway. Never in my sober life have I danced like that I truly felt free – “Naked”.

    What an amazing prize pack that you’ve pulled together too. What you are building here is pretty inspirational, your inspiring me to put more into my business and work harder for what truly inspires me. Keep up the great work, your Naked ebook was so divine, I devoured the whole thing on a plane trip to Mt Isa on the weekend.


    • Nicole! How good are Susana’s dance parties. I had a major breakthrough at the one earlier this year. So transformative. And a shit tonne of fun! Thanks for sharing beautiful!

  8. Star says:

    I LOVE being naked-literally-and get my gear off as much as I can! :-) What isn’t easy though is showing up for yourself and truly surrendering. My most challenging moment was back in 2007 when I was in the midst of a health crisis with fibromyalgia and I SOO desperately wanted out. It was only when I lay down the masks I wore for the world and dove deep inside to see my bare and beautiful soul in all it’s unique perfection, and finally surrendered to all that was in the moment, that my healing began. Self Inquiry is now a divine and sacred daily ritual for me :-) xxx

    • YES to being literally in the nude. And an even BIGGER YES to each and every one of those words you shared. Absolutely stunning. Sacred self-inquiry. Amen! xx

  9. Sarah Kate says:

    I’ll be daring and share my most memorable literal NAKED experience! While holidaying in Coral Bay, my husband and I ventured out at night to the vacant beach, stripped off all our clothes and ran bare-bummed into the ocean. It was the most exhilarating experience EVER! #thenakedones #boom

  10. tess says:

    Four years ago I stepped out of the clothes I had been wearing for 31 years that were comfortable and familiar, but also ragged and ruined. At that moment I had decided to give up alcohol and venture into unknown waters, naked as I’ve ever been, and it was terrifying. While leaving the comfort and security of old clothes at first was daunting and uncertain I have slowly embraced each moment and day by day I am pleasantly surprised by the beauty I see around me. Getting naked was the best thing I ever did (wink wink, nudge nudge) xx

    • It’s takes a whole lotta strength to step out of what’s comfortable and familiar. So fist pumping over here for you Tess! Thanks for sharing Beautiful! xx

  11. Kelly says:

    Hi Meg! Wow what a great giveaway and also a terrific question to ponder! I feel like in all honesty my most ‘naked’ moment has been this moment in time right now. I feel that only over the past few weeks I have stepped into being ‘me’ more than ever before. I’ve released my own blog and writings into the world, telling a story thats been hard for me in the past and freeing skeletons in the closet I’ve fought hard to remain locked away from caring eyes. It has truly been such a powerful, transformative and immensely freeing experience to do the one thing that should come naturally- to just be myself! I’ve had such amazing conversations and connections with people at a deeper level than I have been able to in the past and feel like there are no barriers now- nothing stopping me or holding me back- just a wide open world where being ‘naked,’ real, vulnerable, is still a little scary, but ultimately, the only way onwards and upwards. xxx

    • “It has truly been such a powerful, transformative and immensely freeing experience to do the one thing that should come naturally- to just be myself!”. So, so, so powerful! So grateful to you for sharing lovely lady! xxxx

  12. Jen says:

    naked in every sense
    people coming and going, poking and prodding, looking and discussing
    inhibitions lost, primal moments, oneness and seperation simultaneously
    overpowering energy, loss of time and place and identity

  13. Haha I’ve had so much fun remembering all the times I’ve been naked, here there and everywhere! But one that really sticks out was just at the end of last summer, on one of those days where the sun has lost its sting but the air is still like a warm blanket – I had a late afternoon shower and then instead of toweling dry I went outside to my back yard, spread out my towel and lay naked in the sun until I dried. It was bliss.

  14. Megan says:

    Last year, I was burnt out from working too hard, unsatisfied, way to hard on myself and I craved to immerse myself in creativity. I quit my job, applied to study Fine Arts and that was just the beginning of the journey I’m still on right now. It’s definitely had it’s ups and downs, and can honestly say I’ve never felt so vulnerable, alive, and whole.

  15. The most amazing experience I had naked was skinny dipping in the ocean off an island in the Great Barrier Reef. It was a sultry summer night, with the moon and the waves embracing me and making me feel at one with the universe.

  16. Kerri says:

    The last memorable time I was naked…first thing that comes to mind is giving birth to my 2nd baby- feeling strong and powerful, and then having her on me straight away- so beautiful, and instant connection! Xxx

  17. Summah says:

    Hmmm.. I feel like I have these moments a lot! But the most recent would be when I was sitting in the paddock with my pony maddy who has given birth. I had all these fears about my previous assault and how on earth I would be able to protect the little one growing inside of me, when maddy gave me a healing. Maddy was abused herself and she showed me how anything is possible. I was cracked right open in that moment and I haven’t this empowered in years :) Horses are healers!

  18. Sophie says:

    The last few years have been really traumatic for me. I had a long term health issue which had me in hospital constantly for 2 and a half years, and had to undergo 20 surgical operations. Since I’ve recovered from that (I haven’t been back to hospital since October) all of the emotional trauma from that experience, from my life before it and from all of my inherited burdens has surfaced. It’s been a really tough journey. I had this idea that once my body had healed I would be able to get on with my life again. Needless to say, I was wrong. The last year has been the most humbling, eye-opening, life changing time of my life.
    Last week I was on the verge of a breakdown after some especially painful emotional memories had surfaced from a dark place I didn’t even know existed. These memories challenged everything I thought I knew about my life, my relationships, my family and myself. Convieniantly, my housemate and several of our friends were also at breaking point (full moon) so we decided to breakdown together rather than suffer alone.. I told my story openly and with honesty. I showed them my shame and my dark places in the hope that by speaking about it I could transform it into something seperate from me, like a coat that I could then remove. I spoke, fearing that they could judge me, fearing that they could see me as shameful, pitiable.. But they didn’t. They showed me nothing but love and hope and I am now much further down the path to healing than I was before. I have accepted the darkest parts of myself and showed them to the world in the hope that by shining a light there, that place will cease to be dark. I showed myself, naked and vulnerable to my friends and to myself in the hope that I may grow.

    • Sophie. That is stunningly powerful. I am fist pumping for you on my side of the screen. Vulnerabilty takes a whole lot of guts. But now you’ve seen how powerfully healing it is, I’m sure you’ll have a lot more strength to open up in the future. Thanks for sharing lovely! xxx

  19. Caitlin says:

    Becoming a mother…beginning with childbirth…has definitely stripped me bare.
    Vulnerale yet strong.
    Something totally unknown yet completely empowering.

    And long before my mothering days, getting the entire pub out on Straddie to all go skinny dipping…was hilarious…until we saw everyone back at the pub the next day…then it was just a bit awkward!

  20. Felicia says:

    Hi Meg, great giveaway! Such a generous soul you are. I must say, I love the whole concept of being ‘naked’ you’ve brought to light. xx

    I was actually wandering around my house Naked earlier on cleaning, writing + watching tv. Hehe.
    The most memorable time I was naked would have to be a year ago when I was feeling stuck and unsatisfied with life (unfulfilled job, still getting over an old relationship etc) and I was fed up with the feeling so I quit my job, packed my bags and set off on an adventure of a life-time.

    First time living away from home, met some amazing people, opened my eyes to a world full of adventure + experience, discovered so much about myself and what I want in my life and even found my soul mate.

    Oh, and while I was gone I hiked to the highest point in Australia and did the whole back to the camera shirtless photo ;)

    • Felicia! Doing chores in the nude is awesome. So damn liberating.

      So much love to you for having the awareness and strength to choose a more satsifying path. And woot woot for finding your soul mate! xxx

  21. Sophie says:

    The most memorable time I was naked was a few years ago when I had everything I knew and loved stripped away. In the space of a few days I found myself homeless, friendless, completely broke and with no where to turn. I had nothing, yet in those following months, having nothing taught me everything that I really had, beneath the surface. It taught me that I could survive without the material, that I didn’t need a single other person to still love and care for myself. It taught me that there was more to life than being miserable and it taught me that I could go through terrible things and still come out stronger, happier and more confident than ever. Getting naked allowed me to find my true self and that was such a beautiful thing. I wouldn’t even be writing this right now if I hadn’t have been broken open and reborn and I am so proud of myself for that.
    Beautiful giveaway, I love how you included things from across the spectrum xx

    • B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Sophie! Such an empowering story of yours and that you have recognised the breaking open was an integral part of your growth…Powerful stuff! xxx

  22. Bronte says:

    My most memorable naked experience began when I was given the amazing chance to buy a horse, and I chose the neglected, lifeless ex-racehorse hiding from the herd in the corner of the paddock. There were so many other prettier, more well-trained, and healthier horses out there, but something drew me to him when I saw how miserable and fearful he was. I saw myself in his empty eyes, in the way he hung his head and looked as if he was trying to turn his body so far in on itself that it would simply disappear, After years of bullying from others, and eventually the ruthless voice in my own head, I had learned to associate myself with all things negative to the point where I had buried my true self so far down, under so many layers of guilt and disapproval, I know longer knew who I truly was.
    My horse improved in leaps and bounds (pun intended ;) ), his coat began to gleam, he would gallop up to me when he saw me and he had a spark in his eyes. Although something still wasn’t right. I know this may sound clichéd but it wasn’t until we hit a wall that I was forced to look inside myself. How could I expect such an intuitive animal place his trust in me when I couldn’t even trust myself? I tried to fake it, I tried to tell myself everything was okay, this is normal, that I was happy! Of course that didn’t last long. It wasn’t until Christmas eve that year when I arrived to find him unconscious and moments from death due to a horrible accident that I was given no choice but to ask for help, something I had never done before. I asked for help from a friend, from my parents, and from people I barely knew so that I could move him closer to me and away from the herd. Putting myself out there made me realise that not all people are inherently evil, and that it’s okay to not be okay. That experience sparked something within me that has led me, slowly but surely, to shed my attachments, my guilt, my inability to accept love, and to know that I am enough. I am so enough it’s not even funny! While I may still be in the process of getting naked (I’m a slow and often clumsy beginner), I’m already setting fire to clothes I’ve shed.

    Thank you so much for your book, Meg. It couldn’t have come to me at a better time. It’s a work of art, figuratively and literally, you should be incredibly proud of yourself! I can’t wait to watch your empire grow. Much love, Bronte xxx

    • Oh Bronte! That story was captivating. You sounds like one special little soul. And hell yeah to already setting fire to your clothes. That’s the way girlfriend! xxx

  23. jody buhagiar says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I have been pondering this question for some time, and I cant seem to put down in words, what I want to say. I will try though because sometimes it also helps to have a blank page and be open.
    Suffering depression, I feel now that I am naked an open to see all the glory life has to offer. Before, I felt doom and gloom, misery had taken over and it was very hard to scratch to the surface and finally breathe the freshest air, which is life! Literally I never want to feel the clothes that made my life hell!! Naked is what I want and will keep striving to feel the beauty of whats around me. This was a very hard question for me, I hope I answered it ok :)

  24. Cheryl Moulton says:

    I was enthralled with your story, thank you so much for sharing :-)

    My most naked (read vulnerable) moment was when I was suffering deep clinical depression, to the extent of taking a whole swag of sleeping pills, when my husband of 28yrs decided he couldn’t cope and didn’t love me anymore and he left!

    I found myself alone, my children were adults and living interstate, my mum & siblings living in other states, and it was sink or swim for me. I thought that I was going to sink for a very long while, but guess what? I am now stronger, happier and healthier.

    • Yes Cheryl! Thanks for sharing such a deep and powerful story. Such a strong message for others that even when you think it’s the end, it’s DEFINITELY not. xxx

  25. Narelle Rock says:

    the first time I held my baby son on my chest just after he was born, that skin to skin contact and warmth that generated the most indescribable love I have ever experienced.

  26. Lisa says:

    I’ve loved reading the other stories here. They’re positive and uplifting tales of getting naked because you want to and feeling liberated because of it. My tale, alas, is distressing.

    I tried to claim WorkCover from my employers. I’d been stressed for 11 years and finally, I just couldn’t take any more. I had used up all my sick leave and needed a break. The WorkCover application gave me that – and a whole lot of bullying. I had to get naked – emotionally stripped to my essence – in front of impersonal lawyers, doctors not worthy of their certificate, and most of all, in front of work colleagues. The last I thought were my friends, my buddies, They took my pain and honesty and nakedness and used it to subjugate and humiliate me. They shoved me in a hole filled with isolation, doubt, debasement and left me there, shivering, cold and bleeding with wounds that, a year later, are still not scabbed over.

    I don’t know quite what I’ve learned from this. Certainly that I can find strength in myself even when I’m staring at the depths of depression, hell. And the strength friends offer is truly god-given. Being naked, I found compassion for those people just doing their jobs, and the friends who threw me away in order to keep their jobs. And joy. I found while devastation continued around me, I clung to the joy of a pretty flower or a lovely sunset. When a dog approached me, wanting to play, or a cat sprung onto my lap, I felt my soul wasn’t so ugly and worthless.

    Being naked is so d*mn hard. I congratulate those who do it willingly.

    • Lisa. My heart is so full after hearing your story. You have such strength and no matter what you think, your soul is never ugly or worthless. You’re a bright, white light of love!
      Stay Naked Beautiful. It’s where the magic happens! xxx

  27. Em says:

    Hi Meg,
    This is a tough one. I would say the most Naked I have ever felt was during the divorce from my husband and best friend. Taking the step towards being on my own for the first time (I went straight from home to his arms) not knowing if I could make it, financially, emotionally and physically without crumbling under the pressure,
    For the first time, claiming what I needed, not what everyone else wanted from me. Naked and Alone.
    For the record, 6 years later, I am ok. I did it. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? (to discover who I actually was, Naked) Absolutely.
    Big love x

    • Em! Power to you Sista. A story I’m sure a whole lot of women would benefit from. Thank you. Thank you .THank you for being here and sharing. Big love to you. xxx

  28. Amanda says:

    Wow, this is a tough one!
    A time in my life that I was physically and metaphorically naked was during the ending of my marriage.
    My partner abused me in every way possible, subsequently stripping me of everything that made me who I was. It culminated in me finding myself naked on the bathroom floor at 3 in the morning wondering how I had got to this point and trying to think of a reason to wake up the next morning. It was a complete unravelling of my soul, a hitting of rock bottom and knowing that something had to change. And it did. I found the strength and courage to leave my husband, move to another city and build my life from the ground up. I am still in that process and journey, and fight for who I am every day.

  29. Kate miller says:

    On a yacht sailing to Darwin crossing The Gulf of Carpentaria – Hot sun,little wind and butt naked with no land in sight The ocean was like a milk pond so still and peaceful – i felt truly naked!

  30. Katie says:

    Hey Meg :)

    It’s been awesome seeing your blog grow right from the beginning – wow, amazing! thanks for your wisdom and realness.

    I have felt most naked throughout the past 3 years, having been metaphorically shot down with numerous health conditions that have seen me to be reliant completely at times on others (my Mum is an angel for that), being unable to do basic things. It has brought immense confusion, fear but also TIME to really look at life in a different way, to appreciate the smallest things, to delve deeper into what it really means to live… so for that I am forever grateful and I see my illness as a major blessing for slowing me down. I would not have learnt or ‘realised’ all the things I have, had I not gotten sick. I’m getting better all the time, so its all a big wonderful learning journey.

    Wooooo! this giveaway looks incredible.

    • Katie. I’m so happy to have had you along for the ride over the past 6 months. You are such a beautiful soul. You radiate so much compassion in person and online. So much love to you. xxx

  31. Anika says:

    Okay, this is looking at life from a different perspective – feeling naked/ being naked – and what it all means. I’m loving the posts so far.

    I was literally naked.

    And I was naked – right through the heart, to the mind and to the soul.

    My presence was encapsulated by my openness. I was empowered. I was a woman releasing her fears – overcoming trauma, and a woman who was experiencing the very best day of her life so far.

    I am talking about the birth of my daughter. I experienced the complete and utterly amazing physical sensation of my body opening with my every breath releasing my baby girl closer into the world and into my arms.

    I was overcoming the odds – but none of that mattered. Not right then, not in that moment. The only thing that mattered was that my daughter and I were peacefully working together. Working together to give Olivia the birth we had been waiting for.

    Olivia was the ultimate treatment to the trauma I had experienced with my first child. Having Olivia in my arms, the very first hold, the feel of her skin, the glance in her eye, took my very breath away. And I was naked.

    I was naked, and wide open – one chapter closed and another one opened. Life was to never be the same again.

  32. Kate miller says:

    When i was sailing to Darwin crossing the Gulf Of Carpentaria – t’was a hot day with little wind the ocean was like a milk pond so calm and peaceful and me literally butt naked keeping an eye out for passing vessels daydreaming of what adventures await on this journey into the unknown.

  33. Leanne says:

    I am coming through my first major transition and I must be honest and say I feel I am naked right now. I have launched my website, had friendship breakdowns and questioned my whole being, but in that nakedness I am feeling an expanding growth I wasn’t expecting. I can’t wait to devour your book and get into even more

  34. Jax Sherlock says:

    Literally, I get naked as much as I can! Metaphorically speaking though, I’ve just separated from my husband and I’m finally discovering who I am at 34 years of age. I feel like I’m exposing the real me to the world for the very first time so I’m feeling very ‘naked’ but also very excited! I’ve rediscovered surfing, found yoga and have now started looking at starting a life in learning how to strengthen my inner peace and contentment. This would certainly get me on my way

  35. Max Brocktanski says:

    Naked at the Beaudesert B & S recovery. A charity “race” required another contestant. I thought , “Well it is for Charity” and stripped off to line up on the start line. The starter fired the gun, and we were off ! I took a few big strides and let the competent competitor race off to the finish. I turned around and headed back to the start , just in time to see the locals throwing my clothes onto the roof of the toilet building. Good times … Good times

  36. Jess says:

    I think my most metaphysically ‘naked’ time I have ever experienced is once my children were born. Becoming a mother started a shifting process for me that I cannot put into words. For the first time in my life, I was pushed (from the inside) to listen and FEEL my way rather than rationalising my actions/choices in life. Since then I have seen things very differently and can’t switch it off (not that I have any interest in doing that anyway.) I look forward to reading your book!! Off to purchase it now. :)

  37. Jaden says:

    The most memorable time that I was naked, metaphorically, was when I decided to fundraise for an organisation close to my heart.

    I had gone to my first ever Heartkids teen Camp (a camp for children born with a Congenital heart defect, like myself). When I came home, I so desperately wanted to do something to give back to this totally rad organisation that had provided me with so many new friends who knew what it was/is like to have a heart condition at 19!

    So, one month later I decided to have a garage sale-I was able to cleanse myself of all these clothes and material objects and raise money for a wonderful organisation at the same time. That same year, I decided to have my first “Cuppa for Heartkids”. My idea for a theme for the “Cuppa” was dubbed as the National Theme by the CEO of the organisation because they loved my idea so much-you can only imagine my excitement when I learnt that “being vulnerable and being naked” resulted in such an amazing outcome!

    Four years later I fundraise for heartkids as often as I possibly can. I feel like going on this camp has allowed me to become vulnerable, to undress emotionally in front of strangers and in front of friends and say “hey, I have a medical condition but you don’t have to treat me differently.” So I became naked on my first camp, at my first fundraising event and at every camp, event and day, since then.


  38. Sharyn says:

    I have had a quite a few memorable naked moments in my life with probably the most recent being the strongest. Over the past few years I have suffered from some medical conditions (with still symptoms that are worrying/stressful but only partial diagnosis). I am a mother to 2 young children and the fear of not being here for them has been so intense and overwhelming to the degree that I have had a huge physical, emotional and mental struggle going on. To help myself I have sought professional help and opened up about my past (not realizing things in the past had affected me so much as it was buried deep within me – before I had children I used to drink alcohol a lot to not think about things but since having children I rarely drink and overtime all the emotions of life built up till it exploded) as well as telling friends/family what I have been going through, my thoughts etc (usually I keep it to myself and suffer in silence). The journey I am currently on is a long process but one I am determined to continue – at the moment I am still naked as I have everything on the table and fear, worry, anxiety is a companion that I am learning to live with but not let it control me. The ironic thing is that I am actually loving the journey I am on now though as I feel I am getting to know who I really truly am , what I believe in etc and I know that through learning/understanding more about myself and getting in touch with “who am I” I will also become a better mother and wife. It is amazing how motherhood has so many strong emotions attached to becoming a mother and the intense feelings of love for my children (but with that also goes intense feelings of fear, worry etc should anything happen to them or me or my husband). If I had never had children I would most likely not be on this extremely intense naked journey now (which is a struggle everyday for me) so I am just following my heart and soul and opening up to new possibilities to see where it all takes me. Thank you for letting me share my story.

  39. Carmen says:

    Sometimes in life you lose part of yourself or you don’t know who you are anymore because of the pressures that life puts on you. You have got to keep on moving forward. I’ve had many times in my life when I have felt like I haven’t been able to continue on this journey in life because of many obstacles put in my way. Now I’ve realised that it’s because I have let myself get into those situations by being too trusting and felt like I needed a lot of friends to feel like I’m worthy of something in actual fact you don’t need a lot of friends in your life you just need your family and yourself. I guess I have been naked a few times and never realised by listening to music which I felt represented my life and the positive empowering messages in some songs have got me through some of the darkest hours in my life. You are who you are and sometimes you have to experience these challenges to make you a stronger person. Anyways by this package I believe it will give back to me what I lost years ago and it will teach me to learn more about myself.

  40. For me to answer this, I need to go deep. And it needs to be in poetry form so I can just let it flow and let go. That way feels most natural to my soul right now…

    When was I most naked? Right. Now.

    I’ve never felt beautiful, grounded or whole,
    leers and jeers stole that truth from me – the years of bullying crushing me internally,
    as did that ‘man’ who lured me and my best friend,
    we were 7 years old, still babies, but that didn’t stop him unleashing
    a fury of darkness with him,
    and when the first boy looked at me more than just dirt on the ground,
    i gave myself to him, hoping that i’d soon be found,
    but he was like the rest, they only led me further astray,
    to them i was their property, a toy for their play,
    i decided to fix this and boy did i try,
    putting bandaids on deep set wounds, ignoring my inner child cry.
    oh, how she cried.
    i wanted to become invisible, that way i could never be hurt again,
    home became my prison and my fears were my only friends,
    then 3 years ago, i was ripped apart,
    life through me a health curveball and screamed at me to start,
    start looking at everything i had buried so deep inside,
    start changing how i reacted, my beliefs and how to think,
    i’ve learnt that i hold strength and that i’m the creator of my world,
    i’m learning to love myself and how to hold myself tall,
    I’m finally finding my way back home. <3

    Thank you xx Rachel

  41. Natasha says:

    Oh Meg – you just light me up and this space you have created is truly incredible. You allow us to peel back the layers and get NAKED, and feel completely safe to do so.

    A couple of moments that spring to mind when I have felt most naked are…

    – Forgetting the choreography in a dance competition and running off stage feeling like a complete idiot…only to get coaxed back on stage and do it all again.
    – Saying I love you and revealing my feelings to the one I love, completely unsure as to whether that love would be returned
    – Anytime I get up on stage and sing….I feel exposed, naked – because people get to bear witness to my soul.
    – The odd boogie slip when the bathers fall down at the pool/beach haha!

    The list is endless! xx

  42. Jessica says:

    The most memorable time I was naked was when I met my (now) husband. Not THAT kind of naked, metaphorically naked. From the moment we started to really get to know one another I felt naked – putting it all on the line, vulnerable and free. He has allowed me to be myself – the smooth and exfoliated and the ‘flabby, bumpy’ bits and it has got me through the challenges we have faced together. There have been many times when I have wanted to run and put my oldest baggiest trackies and fave tee-shirt on, but being in that real, baring all place is exhilarating and what makes our love special. I want to live happily and nakedly ever after with him!

  43. Deanna Byrne says:

    My most naked (metaphorically) moment would hands down be, at the ripe age of 22, waking up to find my second child had succumbed to SIDS.

    I was living in outback Queensland on a remote sheep station, had until that morning 2 babies under the age of 18 mths old. I was struggling with post natal depression….. isolated, and feeling overwhelmed with life in general.

    I will never forget seeing my (then) husband and father in law, get in the car and drive to the hospital in the hope they could revive his little body. I had to stay at home and look after my other baby….. Raw, naked and numb don’t quite quantify that moment in time.

  44. Lucy says:

    24.08.2014 – Springbrook Mountain – Skinny dipping in a natural srping.
    During the last year I have been getting naked a LOT. 2014 has been teaching me to flow with the constant flux of the universe and to really LOVE myself. On Saturday, for the first time I felt fully accepted in natures beauty and surrendered to the rawness all around me, stripping bare and letting the water wash over me distilling me down to my essence ~ pure, feminine, sacred. I could literally feel my energy buzzing and had to remove EVERYTHING, including the rings adorning my fingers as I felt they were blocking my meridians. WOW who would have thought a simple act like taking off my clothes could be so powerful!!!

  45. Lucy says:

    24.08.2014 – Springbrook Mountain – Skinny dipping in a natural spring.
    During the last year I have been getting naked a LOT. 2014 has been teaching me to flow with the constant flux of the universe and to really LOVE myself. On Saturday, for the first time I felt fully accepted in natures beauty and surrendered to the rawness all around me, stripping bare and letting the water wash over me distilling me down to my essence ~ pure, feminine, sacred. I could literally feel my energy buzzing and had to remove EVERYTHING, including the rings adorning my fingers as I felt they were blocking my meridians. WOW who would have thought a simple act like taking off my clothes could be so powerful!!!

  46. Amy says:

    My wedding day 1/06/13
    To stand totally & utterly vulnerable asking the
    person i love the most to love me forever was the most naked I’ve ever been in my life, it was also the most beautiful I’ve felt too.

    Our wedding was also a surprise wedding ( we knew it was happening haha) all of our guests thought they were coming to celebrate our engagement & instead got a full blown wedding… So I felt pretty naked waiting to see
    everyone’s reactions. Thankful that it was a happy surprise & one of the best days of my life

  47. Amy says:

    Keeps cutting off… Sorry

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